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His killing of his entire clan except for his brother is later revealed to have been a calculated effort to protect his sibling and prevent war. Naruto is the orphaned son of Minato Namikaze, a ninja leader. Gaara is the younger brother of both Kankuro and Temari. The three, known as The Sand Siblings, are all ninja from the Sunagakure village.


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Playing quizzes is free! We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Which "Naruto" character are you? Scroll To Start Quiz. Give a pep talk, then lead the charge into battle! You stay behind.

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You will help when others when instructed. You run. Get frustrated with my team because they didn't succeed. Sakura blossoms. Flame tips. Cactus flowers.

Which naruto character are you

Swim, splash, anything to have fun! Collect shells. Read in the shade. Build a sandcastle. Class clown. Teacher's pet.

Which naruto character are you?

Mysterious and attractive. Moody and creepy. Eat a big meal. Study, study, study. Nothing, these exams are too easy for you. Threaten the teacher. Your stamina and determination.

If you were a naruto character, who would you be? time to find out with this epic naruto personality quiz!

Your quick analytical mind. Your speed. Your power. Your cell phone or PDA. Your computer. A copy machine.

Do you know what video games these characters are from?

A coffee brewer. You get shy and awkward.

You're already with them in your mind. They just don't know they like you yet. You act pretty cool. You act shocked. Hair ties. A cool drink. A bag.

An amphibian. An insect. A reptile. You wouldn't. You're powerful enough without aid. Any do it yourself show. Extreme sports. A mess. Very girly - pictures of loved ones, puppies and kittens, and flowers. Nice and Neat. It's empty. You have to pick just one? They all are so important! You're too ambitious.

You tend to focus your attentions more on your love life than important matters. You're arrogant. You are an orphan, but there is one person in the village who has taken you under their wing. You have a normal family, with both parents.

You've been orphaned, but you're considered a golden child so everyone helps you. You were orphaned and everyone has alienated you. Just pass you the entire bag of sugar. Atomic Fireballs. Pixie Stix. Your strained vocal chords. Shoulder problems.

Living out your dreams. Your latest crush. All of your family gathered for a dinner. Lots of blood. A hot spring or spa. A botanic garden. In your study at home. A desert plateau. An animated feature. A romantic comedy. An action movie.

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A horror movie. Negative people. People without compassion. Stupid people. Your use of bold colors. Your use of pastel colors. Your use of cool shades. Your use of neutral tones. Anywhere you can share food. Anywhere that is family owned. Anywhere there are spicy foods on the menu.

You really want to have fun and go on new adventures.

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This amazing quiz will help you find out which Naruto character are you?