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Sometimes going to sleep can seem boring.


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At our place, a typical date night in consists of eating dinner and watching a movie. Can anyone relate? No judgment here. But not long ago, my hubby had just about all he could take of movies. And in brainstorming, I came up with this list of creative date night ideas at home mostly. Did we accomplish it all? But we had fun trying, both in learning new skills and new things about each other. This post is one of the most popular on this blog. Thank you for that! So looking for something to do with your boyfriend? Roommate hang out time? Your next double date?

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I know many of us at this point in time November are figuring out what to do together in these long hours at home. Date nights at home can still happen! Date nights in are a great way to surprise your spouse with a fun and encouraging evening to get their minds off of the stress and uncertainty going on these days. Also this post contains affiliate links — legal info here.

Thank you for your support! Browse through old fashioned items, puzzle over what they all were used for, try on clothes, look through books. Share one of your favorite childhood treasures with the other — tell the story of how you got it and why it was so important to you. Do that one thing you saw on Pinterest that you thought would look really cool in your apartment that one time that you pinned but never made happen.

Have a virtual dinner date. Make the same recipe and eat it together, over FaceTime or Skype.

1. have a games night

Do your own wine tasting at home. Be sure to pair them well! Here are my wine tips. Grab another couple and have a competition! Or host a pizza party. Enjoy one of many free concertsoperasmusicalsor other events being streamed for free online. You can also try art exhibits or national park tours.

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Do a virtual dive in the ocean instead. Pop on your favorite apron and try a new recipe.

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Take it to another level by dropping off the baked goods at a friends house to surprise them! Spend the day supporting local businesses, enjoying bands, and amazing food. Yeah, the only one I can come up with is holding your own film festival. I know, I know — movies. Maybe a food festival? Take your pet to the dog park or play in the backyard. Again, visit a museum virtually from home.

Find local farmers to support online, through ordering items for pick-up or delivery. Find a topic you both can get into — maybe sci-fi? Maybe plan for upcoming birthdays or holidays. Not a cocktail pro? DIY kits like this make it easy — Moscow mulemargarita or more!

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Maybe just the two of you. Put a little extra effort into it by researching the best spot nearby and bringing a picnic dinner or snacks. Extend your time by doing research online together for the kinds of couple or family photos you would like to take. I love my Rebel. It makes it easy to take semi-professional-looking photos. Ask questions — why do they love it?

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How do they go about it? How will they continue to learn about it? Do they have any formal training? Order, get your drink in your to-go mugand then take a walk. Or pack your bags for your next trip. Lace up your boots and walk through the woods — so much the better if you have a beautiful overlook nearby.

Splash a little water at each other.

Grab a couple water guns and have a blast. Hey, easy clean-up! Volunteer at a food bank, sew face maskssee what is needed locally. I love your list! Especially the dance lessons… I doubt I could talk Aaron into them though! I can't believe you managed to come up with 50 things!

2. watch a movie together

Well done! Enjoyed your post! Thanks for sharing! I hope you don't mind that I just shared some of my favorites from your list on my blog. I gave you complete credit for the list!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

My fiance and I always do the same thing over and over and over, and I always pick a fight about how boring we are when I already know he is just tired from working all day, being a middle school teacher and all but these are realistic and affordable ideas on how to bond without breaking the bank!

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Some of these sound really nice! He's the type that likes to read out loud even if he's alone so I would cuddle up to him while he read to me. It makes for really nice memories, I would definitely suggest it. I know at first it can be uncomfortable to read out loud but it ends up being a really nice thing to share together, it's better and more romantic that watching a movie.

I love this list! My absolute favorite is 2 because you can date your mate without having to spend a bunch of money. It also allows you the opportunity to just have one on one, which never happens when you are in a crowded room of other strangers doing the same thing. Love this list! I can't wait to do some with my hubs! Found you though the VA Bloggers link up today! Love the animal shelter idea. It's such a selfless act. Helping the animals that are homeless! Sometimes we forget all these things we use to do … Simple yet enjoyable!

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Thanks for the reminder! I love this list. It is so important to take time for each other in a fun way!! You showed great ways even without having to spend any money!! I appreciate that!

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As much as I pride myself in being creative, I am always looking for more fun things to do! I think that going on a picnic sounds super nice!

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I remember that I used to go mini-golfing quite often, so perhaps I can carry on the tradition with my kids! Mini golfing is so fun!

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