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New Year, New You - without sacrificing your bank. But while you may be full of motivation now, you could regret locking yourself in to a costly year-long gym contract once January is over.


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We've all been there, ing up to a new gym filled with good intentions and notions of visible abs and biceps. Yet most of us never actually go to the gym and find that contracts are hard to break.

Plus, learn what to watch out for with contracts, and what to do when membership goes wrong. Whether it's feeling the urge to undo Christmas overindulgence, or thinking about your 'beach bod' in spring, many of us suddenly feel the need to a gym at certain times of the year. However, ing on a whim can often mean you end up in a lengthy contract with a gym membership you don't use. First things first, never think of a gym membership in terms of its monthly cost but a yearly expenditure instead.

And don't forget to factor in any administration or ing fees to the monthly charge. If you're throwing away cash on an unused membership each month and are out of contract, cancel, otherwise the only thing you'll be keeping trim is your wallet as these gymfail tweets show:. Before you the gym or a fitness group, grab a free trial to test whether the new fitness regime's for you.

Our memberships

You can also ask a mate whether their gym gives them free guest passes, and work out with them for free. Sadly there's not many free gym passes available at the moment, due to coronavirus safety measures, but we've rounded up what you can still get below. Fusion Lifestyle has nearly branches 71 of which are participating in this offermostly in London and south-west England. Fill in the form to get your free 1-day class pass if you're new to the gym.

Some locations are excluded, see Fusion Lifestyle for more info. Get a free one-day gym pass for you and a friend by filling in your details on the Q-Hotels website. Find your nearest health club. MoveGB has told us that you're able to cancel your membership online at anytime, if you choose.

MoveGB doesn't have its own clubs, but rather gives you access to selected gyms, yoga studios, climbing walls, swimming pools, leisure centres etc. You can attend each venue once, and most venues will refresh their pass every months so you can attend again.

You'll feel the biggest benefit of services like MoveGB if you like your workouts to have a bit of variety. However, if you prefer to stick to the same gym nearest your house or place of work, MoveGB recommends you up with that particular venue directly. Before the pandemic, free gym passes were more widely available.

Below is a list of passes we've seen before — we've kept them here for reference so you can look out for them in the future. It usually offers a free 1-day pass, but if you fill in this form you can currently get a free 5-day pass. The pass is available to new customers, over the age of The pass can only be used on consecutive days and will expire after 14 days. You'll receive an with a barcode which you can use straight away.

The four-day pass has to be used on consecutive days and cannot be split up. Overs only. You can get a free one-day pass by going to the Better website - find your nearest leisure centre. Once you've ed up, you'll be able to print your voucher or show it on your smartphone to redeem. The free pass is only available to non-members, and you'll need to book an introductory session before you can use the gym.

Free gym passes

The pass has to be used on the day of your introductory session. To get to the form, select your chosen club, scroll down Virgin gym free trial 'Get a Day Pass', click 'Find out more' and fill in the form. You'll then be ed your day pass which you'll need to print and take with you. The day pass will enable you to access all facilities that your chosen club has to offer, which could include gym, classes, pool, sauna etc. It's one day pass per person and it can be used at any time. Freedom Leisure has 82 leisure centres 77 of which are offering this free 1-day pass across England and Wales.

Fill in the form and your chosen centre will contact you to arrange what day you'd like to use the pass. Once you've collected your pass, you can use the facilities for the day. The pass will get you access to everything that the centre you've chosen offers, including gym, swimming pool and classes. However, facilities do vary between centres.

You can get a free one-day pass at selected gyms by filling in the form on the Nuffield website - check if your nearest club is participating, as those promoting the offer can vary. It's one pass per person and you must book an appointment at your local Nuffield Health gym in order to take up the offer. Paying as you go can work out more expensive.

Yet if you've used up free passes or you're new to gyms, it can be worth paying a little more for a few months until you're sure you'll continue. In some cases, it's cheaper to buy a day pass via Hussle than to go direct.

How to get free gym passes all over the country - without being locked in to a costly contract

Just postcode to browse nearby gyms, which each have Virgin gym free trial star rating from other users. Then register and load your to buy passes. It sends an and text message - flash either at reception within 30 days of buying. What's good about Hussle is if you change your mind or can't make a session, you can cancel for a refund. For full details on how to cancel, see its Help section. Call the gym to check it's not cheaper direct. If you use Hussle, please tell us your experiences. The Gym has around branches in England, Scotland and Wales. Gyms are open 24 hours a day and MoneySavers say equipment is plentiful and high quality.

You can also buy no-contract, monthly rolling memberships on Hussle, which give you access to multiples centres depending on how much you pay per month. So, you've decided a gym membership is for you. Here's a comprehensive set of tips to ensure you pay as little as possible. Swanky gyms want you to think contract prices are fixed. They're not. The gym sector is fiercely competitive, so there are tons of ways to slim down the price such as:. Most gyms employ a commission-driven sales team to you up, making them a prime candidate for haggling. Even phoning up to find out the costs of membership, we were asked our name,if we'd visited before and what our fitness goals were - the sale was on even for a quick enquiry.

Don't settle for the standard package. With a bit of chutzpah you should be able to slice a wedge off the cost, especially towards the end of the month, when sales staff need to meet targets. Once you've got the price down as far as you think it'll go, ask for some free guest passes on top.

Day free trial of online+ membership at virgin active

MoneySavers say Fitness First is the easiest gym to haggle with but Virgin Active can also be flexible. If you go for a gym tour and they won't agree to a deal that day, go home without ing up. The phone often rings a few days later with a new offer. For top phrases to grease the wheels, read the full High Street Haggling guide. Check if your employer offers subsidised gym membership or has a relationship with a gym, which can be at silly prices.

If not, speak to your HR department and suggest they set up a deal. Some clubs have 'refer-a-friend' offers featuring gifts such as towels, padlocks or even holidays. So if you've already decided tosee if you know someone who belongs already before ing on the dotted line.

New gyms often offer cheap 'founder' memberships to drum up custom. To find new gyms, scour industry publications such as Club Solutions and Health Club Managementas well as gyms' own sites. Most gyms provide cheaper membership during 'off-peak' hours.

If it's possible for you to visit the gym during the daytime, work lunchtimes or at weekends, you could slash the cost. You can usually cancel any time and MoneySavers' feedback is hugely positive. More are opening every month, so if you can't find one near you, check again later.