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If you've grown up in church, you've probably heard the phrase "unequally yoked" from 2 Corinthians but now you're wondering what this actually means. Actually, yes.


I know, because it almost ruined mine. The first time I heard the term unequally yoked in the context of marriage at church, I thought it meant I had to like the same type of eggs as my husband. Did I have to give up my eggs over easy for his ham and cheese omelet? Then I soon realized there is a big difference between egg yolk and the word yoke.

What it means to be 'equally yoked'

One, they are spelled differently. That should have been my first clue, but sometimes English is hard. But the real question is, what does a wooden cross piece have to do with marriage? The Bible says it this way:.

When the animals are not equally yoked, they are not working together to get the task done but working at odds with each other. God makes it pretty clear. If you want to have a great marriage, you need to be equally yoked.

I understand this might sound dramatic, or you might even not believe it to be true. You might think not being equally yoked will be a nonissue in your marriage. You might have had a fairy tale wedding and even a good marriage, but eventually, it will come up and can destroy your marriage. It was there but just buried for a while. The funny thing is we had a huge church wedding. Pretty ironic, right? Where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay.

Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be ever so severely, if even death separates you and me. Instead of leaving and going back to her home, Ruth made the bold decision to yoke herself to Naomi when she Unequally yoked dating definition the declaration your God is my God. While Ruth and Naomi is not a marriage relationship, it does show what it means to be equally yoked spiritually. Unlike Ruth and Naomi, Doug and I were on different s, and our marriage struggled.

We were not working together as a team, but working against each other, causing stress and anger in our marriage.

Unequally yoked relationships: a risky dating compromise?

We had different thoughts on how to raise our children—from if and when they should go to preschool to how to discipline them. He kept hisand I kept mine. When I finally got the nerve to go to a church, it was out of desperation of wanting something to change in my life because I was so miserable. So I kept it a secret, and I was able to keep it a secret for six months while he worked 3rd shift and was sleeping when the kids and I went to church.

Meaning of equally or unequally yoked

But one morning, we were getting ready to walk out the door, and he asked us where we were going. Instead of lying, I finally told him the truth, and that day Doug came to church with us. That day is when Doug stopped being an atheist and started believing in God. That day is when our marriage went from being unequally yoked to being equally yoked.

We were no longer working against each other but working together as a united team—Team Bryant. Yes, we still get in fights, and yes, we still have to work hard at our marriage. But when you have the same goal, when you are equally yoked, it makes fighting a whole lot easier.

I have to say, I know what a miracle it is that our relationship changed. He wants a great marriage for you. Process, journal or discuss the themes of this article - here's a few questions to get the ball rolling What stands out to you most about this article? Noticing what strikes you can be the beginning of hearing from God. Lean into it. The foundation of believing God is trusting him—trusting that he is good and that his commands are always for our best.

Q&a: can a christian date a non-christian? your guide to what it means to be equally yoked—and why it matters!

Ask Him to show up miraculously in your relationship so you can experience marriage the way he deed it to be. This stuff helps us figure out how many fruitcakes to make come December. You must include at least one person. Got it! Enjoy your discussion. I am an amazing wife and a hip mother of 3. Who am I kidding, I'm I can no longer be hip but husband assures me I'm still cool.

My talents include being able to catch puke with just my hands from 3 feet away with three kids it happens. Full-time worker and part-time blogger. Series: This Week's Special Guest.

What it means to be “unequally yoked”

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Kacie Bryant 7 mins. The Bible says it this way: Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. Wherever you are, I want you to know that God is for you too.

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If you lean in, I believe He will show up with mercy and miracles for you too. How does reading this feel? Submit Group Size. This stuff helps us figure out how many fruitcakes to make come December You must include at least one person.

What does it mean to be unequally yoked?

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Why being unequally yoked is more dangerous than you think

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On your walk though life, how important is it that your partner shares your beliefs?


In the thirteen chapters of Second Corinthians, Paul exhorts the Church in Corinth with an epistle laced with beauty and glory.


Relationships cover a broad range of human experiences.


Unequally yoked.