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Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. The Ukrainians of the Kiev province. Girl Poltava province for yarn. Woman and girl Poltava People of former Russian Empire.

A Fashionable Ukrainian couple having t heir photo taken in Odessa. Ukraine's only Female Boxing World Champion, good looking blond Alina Shaternikova central poses with her two girl friends at boxing event in Kiev. Portrait of the young couple.

Young couple outdoors. Ukraine Euromaidan Protests: A woman prays by a wooden cross in-front of the riot police during a night vigil in Kiev. Reconstruction of an ethnic old Belarusian wedding. Slavic Belarusian or Ukrainian bride and groom. Woman and man in.

A woman seen with a picture of her grandfather who fight for soviet Union in the world war II. Portrait of an Ukrainian woman dressed in traditional clothing. Outdoor shot in autumn Beautiful woman standing on an architectural monument, Ukrainian mill. Ukrainians mark the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity or the Euromaidan Revolution in which more than hundred anti-government protesters died. A woman holds flowers at the memorial of dead Maidan activists Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred during the anniversary in Kiev.

Portrait of young hugging couple outdoors. Annual Vyshyvanka March. Hundreds of British Ukrainians rally and march dressed in traditional national embroidered dress in celebration of National Vyshyvanka Day. Woman and man in Reconstruction of an ethnic old Belarusian wedding. Ukrainian men and women dressed in traditional clothing. Exclusion Zone, Ukraine Maria Ilchenko, an illegal resident Samoselywho returned after the Chernobyl disaster at her farm in the village Kupovate.

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine.

A self-settler who returned after the Chernobyl disaster at her farm in the village Opachici. A woman plasec a candle to the memorial of dead Maidan activists Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred during the anniversary in Kiev. Ukrainians and Jew people attended the 78th anniversary ceremony of the Nazi mass massacre of Jews at Babiy Yar ravine where 33, Jews were murdered during two days on September A woman holds flowers during the anniversary in Kiev. Young hugging couple outdoors. Sculpture of Ceres, goddess of agriculture, carrying the attributes of the sickle and the spike.

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Facade of the town hall of the city. London, United Kingdom. Ukrainians go out to the streets of West London in act of solidarity with Maidan in Kiev. The pro-Russian separatist group, mostly youths in balaclava, then celebrated their actions by screaming they had smashed 'the fascists'. Une manifestation pacifique en faveur de l'unite de l'Ukraine a Donetsk est brutalement dispersee par des groupes separatistes pro-russes armes de batons et, pour certains, d'armes blanches et de pistolets. Il s'agit de la derniere tentative des partisans de l'unite ukrainienne de defile April 28, - Donetsk, Ukraine: A prro-Russia woman takes part in the attack on Ukrainians who demonstrated peacefully for the preservation of the unity of their country.

Kyiv, Ukraine - July 1, Ukrainians protest against selective justice. A woman lays flowers on the Minora monument during the anniversary in Kiev. Ukrainians mark the 86th anniversary of the Great famine or the Holodomor of The Holodomor was a famine in Soviet Ukraine in and that killed millions of Ukrainians. Sincethe Holodomor has been recognized by Ukraine and 15 other countries as a genocide of the Ukrainian people carried out by the Soviet government. An Ukrainian woman crying during the event. Ukraine women pictures museum has 25 plot compositions, where each installation is accompanied by interactive audio and video content, smells, virtual reality devices, which allows the visitor to feel the atmosphere of the era in which he is.

Also in the Museum 'The Formation of the Ukrainian Nation' you can see figures of prominent Ukrainians from Princess Olga to the modern famous personalities of our state. All historical plots in the museum are recreated according to the des A woman seen taking photos at the museum during the opening of the innovative museum, The Formation of the Ukrainian Nation in Kiev. Head and shoulders in room portrait of senior woman with brown hair in dark blue sweater that is rested her head on her friend in red jumper shoulder.

A memorial events dedicated to the 32nd anniversary of the end of the Soviet-Afghan war hosted in the western Ukrainian city.

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Woman holds flowers during events commemorating Ukrainians killed during the Soviet-Afghan war. Ukrainian soldiers, veterans of the war conflict in the eastern Ukraine, members of volunteer battalions and relatives of killed Ukrainian soldiers attended the march of veterans marking the Independence Day celebration in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ukrainians mark the Independence Day of Ukraine on 24 August in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of A woman carries a portrait of a Ukrainian soldier who died at the eastern Ukrainian conflict, during the march of veterans in downtown of Kiev, Ukraine.

A woman seen next to flowers paying her respects during the event.

Ukrainians turn out to pay their respects to the protesters who were killed during the Ukrainian Revolution in Maidan Square. The majority of the perpetrators of the murders are reported to have been snipers positioned on rooftops around Maidan Square, most of whom have escaped any punishment or justice. Ukrainians mark the 28th anniversary of Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union since Ukrainian woman waves the Ukrainian flag during the March of defenders to mark the 28th anniversary of the Ukraine's Independence day in downtown Kiev.

Ukrainians mark the 6th anniversary of the Maidan revolution or Euromaidan Revolution, in which at least protestors were killed. A woman prays at the memorial of the EuroMaidan activists or 'Heroes of Heavenly' who were killed during the anti-government protests ofin central Kiev. During a festival Ukrainian people in traditional costumes serving beer from Eastern Europe behind a beverage stand.

Belarusian Slavic national dances. She is a self settler Samoselyone of the babushkas who refused to leave the Zone. In the summer after the evacuation following the Chernobyl disaster she and her family turned back to their farm. Starvation does.