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us on the dancefloor for the 20 greatest disco tracks of all time. As a producer, Moroder had been mucking about with Moog synthesisers — at that time, a cutting edge new tool. For that, Moroder called on the services of drummer Keith Forsey. While recording in Berlin with David Bowie, Brian Eno happened upon the song, by German-speaker Summer, and ran into the studio waving a copy. This single is going to change the sound of club music for the next fifteen years.


The 30 best disco songs that every millennial should know

By earlymost U. But gay dancers still wanted more of the speedy, otherworldly Eurodisco that took them to another planet, a safe one far away from Anita Bryant, Harvey Milk assassin Dan White, and all the other homophobes of the era. Italian arranger Celso Valli packs the track with undulating bass, snake-charmer synths, bongos aplenty, hard-rock guitar power chords, and choirs evoking the Munchkins of Oz.

The silvery synths and deliberate pacing echoes in much of the largely Scandinavian wing of vista-ridden neo-disco as well. Even without tears, he cries always, oh. The third release on the short-lived Fuzz Dance label, the track paired sing-songy chants and fluttery funk synthesizers with a crisp machine groove halfway between Kraftwerk and Cybotron.

In both its instrumentation and its cadence, it has as much to do with electro-funk as disco, and its wriggly line anticipates Chicago acid, then just around the corner. But arriving just as Italo disco was becoming a recognized thing, it also represents a crucial moment in the way disco mutated as it traveled, reaching Europe as its stateside popularity waned, and then boomeranging back to our shores in a newly streamlined, mechanized format.

Disco was effectively over by the time Jimmy Carter left office. They were less and less formulaic. This is the sound of sleaze, the early morning, the lower BPM soul groove with which disco-era DJs would send dancers home. The near-falsetto vocal trill, slippery hi-hats, lean claps, and burbling synthesizers of this roller-funk forerunner to Italo disco made it both a great novelty and an example of solid craftsmanship — not to mention a hit, both with DJs it was a favorite at the Paradise Garage and on black radio, going to No. Born in Oskaloosa, Iowa, downtown Manhattan-based cellist Arthur Russell routinely chose paths that had the most left turns.

Francois K. Chants that might have scanned as nostalgic, in another context, come off as urgent, almost angry. How much mileage can you get out of two chords?

Salsoul released the record to the public in a die-cut sleeve and pressed at 45 RPM, avoiding the gaping empty space that would have resulted from just one cut pressed at 33 on a single side of vinyl. The inch — and the remix — were here to stay. Has there ever been a more perfect marriage of lyrics and music than this single from Patrick Adams?

But when David Mancuso of the foundational New York after-hours party the Loft discovered the track in a Brooklyn record bin inhe accidentally transformed it into something else entirely. If anyone could make getting locked up in a Turkish prison sound appealing, it would be Giorgio Moroder. That the two tracks should appear within five months of each other is surely one of the greatest, most mysterious instances of mind-meld synchronicity in the history of pop.

This B-side includes instrumental grooves that could alter the temperature of any post-disco dance floor. It sounded equally fresh in the milieu of s post-punk redux. Credit: Getty.

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