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The sheer scale of it can also be overwhelming, with Walking Street alone being about a kilometre long from end to end and containing a dozen nightclubs, 80 go-go bars and countless beer bars. Relating to this world of Pattaya nightlife are terms, expressions and practices which are unique to Thailand and, in some cases, specific just to Pattaya. Through this, we hope to arm you with enough knowledge to ensure that you get the most out of Pattaya after dark, avoiding any nasty surprises and confusion. Bar Girl A girl who works in a bar. This is sometimes broken down into coyote girls who generally work in beer bars and go-go girls. Beer Bar or Bar Beer Two ways of describing the same thing — a simple open-air drinking establishment with low prices for local beers and spirits.


Pattaya has gained an international reputation as the naughty nightlife capital of the world, and it is not undeserving. While it is nowhere near as seedy and sordid as the media likes to make it out to be, it is a place that has thousands of bars filled with beautiful women.

Visitors are here to have fun and enjoy themselves and live the life they could never have back home.

18 tips to survive ladyboys and pattaya crazy nights

The place is a fantasy cloaked in a faint veil of reality that makes it all seem normal. The people that do finally make the trip to Pattaya and experience the nightlife are often changed forever. Spending their time back home just dreaming of the next chance they can get on a plane and return.

If you are ready to have the same experience, have a look through our Pattaya Nightlife Guide and see what awaits. While some people might claim Pattaya itself is one big nightlife area, there are a few places around the city with the major concentration of nightlife establishments. Beer Bars, live music, dance clubs, and gogo bars are all part of the fun you can have in Pattaya at night. Pattaya is notorious for its nightlife scene and at its center is Walking Street.

It is a small stretch of Beach Road that closes to cars at 6 pm till the wee hours of Thailand nightlife tips morning allowing people to roam freely checking out the Go Go bars, beer bars, restaurants, and discos. Of course, there are the sexy Thai girls promoting their bars trying to get you to come inside for a drink or two. Walking Street is bathed in a Neon glow from the s of the hundreds of bars located there.

Combined with the loud thumping music coming out the bars, it makes Walking Street a surreal experience. The beer bars are mainly situated in large beer bar complexes that house dozens of bars under one roof. The nightclubs on Walking Street are a popular after-hours venue to go to when the rest of the bars shut down. You may find the sun is up when you finally leave the disco and decide to back to your hotel. Avoid the touts coming up to you trying to get you into their bar with a list of drinks or a ping-pong show.

There are some really good restaurants, including some great seafood spots, live music venues, and of course people watching.

Thailand nightlife – bars, clubs, dating tips

It is not uncommon to see tour groups wandering up and down Walking Street just checking things out. If you are here to experience some of the naughty nightlife and want some privacy while you enjoy yourself, Walking Street may not be the best option.

There are countless s of tourists taking Thailand nightlife tips and making videos of Walking Street action, most likely destined for Youtube. However, once inside one of the Walking Street Go Go Bars, your privacy is protected as photos are rarely allowed. Soi LK Metro used to be a sleepy little street filled with guest houses, beer bars, and restaurants. Over the last few years the old store fronts have been taken over and now it is one of the main Go Go bar areas in Pattaya, aside from Walking Street.

Many have speculated that Walking Street may eventually be torn down or severely changed and LK Metro will take its place. There are a still a few of the old guest houses on the street, iRovers, Kilkenny Bar, and Billabong bar. They also have a good food and a lively nightlife scene themselves. But the large crowds packing the bars every night. There are a few stands to get some food, Kabobs, Thai food, and the like to soak up some of the alcohol no doubt being consumed in large quantities.

It is easy to get to from most hotels and makes for a great meeting point to start your evening. Even more so than Walking Street. The fun times begin about 1 PM and continue on into the night. There are dozens of bars lining the street with a group of Thai Girls out front sitting and waiting for customers to come down the street.

With the bar girls cat calling and grabbing the passersby into their bar, Soi 6 can shock a first timer or unsuspecting tourist who thought it would be fun to go and have a look. Soi 6 is not for the faint-hearted and can be overwhelming at first.

But it is a wild and fun time if you relax and enjoy yourself. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the attention and choice, just find a bar where you can sit down for a drink while looking out over the street. You can relax for a bit and get your bearings.

Buy a bar girl a drink and have a chat while surveying the other bars and where you want to go next. Then do the same thing at the next bar as you work your way down the street, that is if you can make it that far along before you make a new friend or find your new favorite bar on Soi 6.

It is also known to be where mainly ladyboys sit looking to find customers for their bars. Soi 7 is a fun and lively street to visit that has a lot of beer bars, massage shops, restaurants, and hotels.

During the day it is quiet and subdued, but at night the bars open and things start to get fun. Towards the middle of Soi 7 are a couple of large Pattaya beer bar complexes that have dozens of small bars each. Soi 7 runs from Beach Road to Second. And is right next to our next nightlife area, Soi 8.

This is another street that likes to sleep during the day and awake at night for the party. Soi Buakhao has become an increasingly popular nightlife area in Pattaya as more Thailand nightlife tips more venues move away from Beach Road and Walking Street. Since Soi Buakhao is a very long road that stretches from South Pattaya Road all the way to Central Pattaya Road, trying to categorize the whole thing as one giant nightlife area is probably too broad.

This is a prime spot for nightlife in Pattaya. If you are in this area of Pattaya it is alive with people and the bars and restaurants are jumping.

Staying in this part of Pattaya puts you in party central. There are a few new outdoor bars that have opened right on Soi Buakhao. One plays music at a reasonable level while you relax outside on some comfy chairs chatting with friends. Right next door is one of the Cocktail Buses with outdoor seating. They make a stiff drink. If ladyboys are your thing, there are 3 or for ladyboy bars on the corner of Soi Honey and Soi Buakhao, as well as a few others in Thailand nightlife tips area.

Whether you are looking to meet Pattaya girls, bust out your best moves on the dance floor, or enjoy the pulsating vibe of the earsplitting music, then one of the Pattaya nightclubs maybe for you. The best nightclubs in Pattaya are all on Walking Street. Some of the night clubs are very popular with the Russia tourists who just want to go out dancing, drinking, and having a good time.

Pattaya naughty nightlife guide

Mixx is one of those clubs. These are good places to relax with a cocktail while the sunsets in the distance. It gives you great views of the ocean and has plenty of seating to allow you to take in those views. You need to dress nice, but pants are not required. The Roof Skybar at the [ protected] hotel offers panoramic views of Pattaya. There are a of bars to hear live music in Pattaya.

Pattaya first time guide for men

Live music in Pattaya can be hit or miss. Which is also part of the charm of going to see a band in Pattaya.

If you can find a venue where Lam Morrison is playing he is worth checking out. He used to play at the Pattaya Blues Factory before it closed down and can really rock the guitar. Of course, there are more than the three that we cover here, but these are the important ones for guys checking out the Pattaya nightlife. There are some sources that claim there are over 1, bars in Pattaya.

These types of bars come in a variety of des and can literally be found all over Pattaya. While that is often the case, if you run into one where you are being bothered, pay your check bin and move on. Beer bars are a good place to have a drink, shoot a few games of pool, and chat with the Thai girls.

Some guys have a few regular bars they like to visit and become known to the staff. It makes for a warm welcome whenever you return. Often the wall is replaced with a bar rail to place your drink and a row of stools to sit and watch the action outside or inside the bar. Some of these bars are in a lager beer bar complex and have no walls whatsoever. There are usually several to a dozen bars all located under one roof. These beer bars usually share facilities such as pool tables and bathrooms with the other bars in the complex.

If you are in the mood to watch beautiful Thai girls dance on stage in skimpy clothing, then you want to Thailand nightlife tips out the Pattaya GoGo bars.

Pattaya nightlife: the only guide you need

There are a few other clubs scattered throughout Pattaya, but not very common to come across. All the Go Go bars are enclosed and air-conditioned with a similar layout. The large majority are small clubs with a stage in the middle with some stools, and a row of seating around the outside, sometimes two or three rows deep.

The larger Go Go bars on Walking Street like Alcatraz are much bigger and have some lounge seating as well as an upstairs.

Pattaya nightlife tips – what to do in pattaya at night ?

While a lot of your smaller clubs feature your standard pole dancing some of the bigger venues put on some amazing choreographed shows that are performed several times throughout the night. The athletic ability of displayed by some of the Pattaya Go Go girls is very impressive. Drink prices and bar fines are much higher at these establishments than at beer bars.

The go go dancers can also be pushy for drinks. It is part of their income and most places have a quota of the of drinks a girl must acquire before commissions kick in or worse — lose their jobs.

So their pushiness is understandable but still frustrating. That being said, visiting a Pattaya a-gogo is a lot of fun and some guys spend most of their time and money at these bars while in Pattaya. GoGo bars typically hire a staff of beautiful Thai girls to stand out front with s promoting the bar and trying to bring customers inside for a drink. Coyote Bars in Pattaya are an interesting mix of coyote dancers and gogo girls.

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