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Drama Romance Fantasy. I have been transferred to this small city in Eastern India, some months back. I am around 40, working in a fairly good organization in a managerial position.


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Tuesday, July 20, Tall Girls Stories. Welcome back part 1 Tall Girl Story. By admin.

February 8, An elderly couple is taking a walk on the street of a residential locality, when they spot a young man of around 24 years walking in carrying luggage. The old man recognises the young man. Hey that is Armaan! Our neighbours son. It looks like he has completed his engineering studies has returning back to our town. Hello uncleArmaan greets them with a smileI packed up all things from my college hostel, and came back to stay with my parents, he says. So did you pass your engineering? The old man asks.

Yes uncleArmaan says. I passed with distinction, he says proudly. The old man says. Anyways you go home and take restwe shall meet you at evening he says. Why are you Tall girl carry The old man laughs. Armaan reaches homehis little sister Ayesha has gone for tuitions.

His father has gone for work and his mother is only there at home. You are finally back after 4 years!

All you did was make video calls and chat. And finally after 4 years you show yourself in person. His mother says. You take bath and get fresh, I will go to market and get vegetables to make your favourite dish for lunch, his mom says and leaves. Armaan takes bath and wears clothesthe door bell rings.

He then opens the door and is surprised to see a tall girl standing there eating a big bar of chocolate wearing a college bag. Who is it? Armaan asks looking up and unable to recognise her face as she has covered it with the chocolate bar. Oh my god Armaan bhaiyya! It is you! The girl says and stands directly in front of him in happiness.

Armaan is trying to identify who the girl is, looking high abovethe girl suddenly hugs him tightly with warmth and love. Armaan is almost crushed under her arms and is also slightly lifted up by her.

Hey… how can you hug a stranger like me just like that. Armaan saysunable to break free of her strong hugThe girl now leaves him and stands back and holds his hands and looks down. Oh my godit has been 4 years since I saw my big brother in person. I missed you so much! She says. Armaan then realizes in shock that it his little sister Ayesha!

Ayesha that is you? He exclaims in shock.

Welcome back part 1 (tall girl story)

You have grown so tall… you are so much taller than me now! He says. Ya I think i have actually grown tall. Oh my god Armaan, you look so short than me! You were 5. How come you became short? Ayesha asks. Armaan is completely feeling humiliated and embarrassed to realize that his little sister who is just 19, is now taller than him by atleast 6 inches! How is this possible? He thinks.

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Armaan, what happened to you? Come on Ayeshahow can anyone become short like that? Armaan asks. I think you have grown taller. Armaan says.

But how can i grow taller than my older brother like that? Ayesha says. This is not good Ayesha exclaims with a frown. She now stands behind armaan looking at the mirror and realizes she towers over him easily. Because I became tallerall boys are speaking towards me nervously, Ayesha says sadly.

Arey it is good na, being tall has advantages. Here Now I am embarrassed because my little sister who is younger than me by 5 yearstowers over me by almost 6 inches. Do you know how embarassing it will be for a older brother? I am sorry brotherI never wanted this to happen, Ayesha says and hugs him from behindno matter whatyou will still be my elder brother. She says and hugs him tightly while bending forward. To be continued….

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