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On a recent weekend night, I spent some time on the receiving end of a typical shift with two seasoned dancers of a Denver strip club.


Vegas Message Board. Welcome to VegasMessageBoard It appears you are visiting our community as a guest. In order to view full-size images, participate in discussions, vote in polls, etc, you will need to Log in or Register. Ok so I'll be going solo on my Vegas trip and I need recommendations for a great strip club experience. Here is what I need to know: 1.

I'm thinking of bringing about 1k Depending on where I go, is this more than enough or does it only get me started? Palomino club is the only full nude club that also serves alcohol. Is this place overrated? And are there other topless bars that are a better experience.

Obviously these places are not brothels. What can I expect to pay on average for a lapdance? If I'm looking for a more intimate strip club experience, which place is best?

And by intimate I mean not completely packed with a other dudes. Does the same rule apply to stay away from the clubs during the day or is that just a dumb myth?

Which strip clubs should I absolutely stay away from? Yay or nay to strip club hopping?

Like bar hopping, going from one bar to another in one night And yes I have been to strip clubs before but never in Vegas so I have no idea how they will compare to my own experiences. Wizard43Feb 4, Agree x 1 Wow! Trips to Las Vegas: Agree x 2 Funny x 2. Reading through articles there will answer most of your questions.

Have fun! Agree x 6.

Also, if you write a review on tuscl. So all you have to do is dial up a few paragraphs about a local t, and you'll can read reviews about any strip club they have a listing for, which would be thousands.

Agree x 1. Like x 1 Funny x 1. Only had one bad experience at the rhyno and that was at happy hour - clearly the B team was out - also the only young lady that didn't allow lots of touching For that budget you could stay several hours just hanging on the main floor getting lap dances from several different girls - or a couple of hours of private action where lots of stuff goes on.

Dr NostronFeb 4, Oh man, where to start I like the Palomino because it is fully nude and has booze. The hustle factor there is lower. The other fully nude places don't compare. You will be able to touch the dancers at clubs like the Palomino and Sapphire a LOT if you are tipping and respectful. Seriously, it's a good website, definitely check it out. On VMB there are a lot of referrals to that site, and to jackcolton.

Informative x 2 Like x 1 Agree x 1. Went to Palomino last trip out and wow. Was an awesome time. Looked to be close to girls there and majority were super hot and friendly.

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Will definitely return and the mileage was pretty insane. Sapphire and Crazy Horse 3 are my other favorites. Have fun storming the castle! Slidey1Feb 4, Like x 2 Agree x 1. Informative x 2 Like x 1.

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Thank you to everyone for your input. This is definately a great place to start my research and plan ahead. Wizard43Feb 5, I am surprised to see that people are saying that the lapdances are usually around 20 bucks. I'm from connecticut and the strip clubs here are easily double that for a simple 2 or 3 minute lapdance. Looks like my cash will stretch out quite nicely then.

I will agree with some of the posters above that Palomino is great, and the hustle isn't bad.

I think that the overall girl hotness is lower, but there are some real attractive women there. Palomino is it. As any person who has gone knows, use the stage dance as the audition for the lap dance and lap dance as the audition for the VIP.

I would recommend checking out Palominos Instagram. I have been to Sapphires, Treasures, Cheetahs and Palaminos. These are done a curtained cubicle very private overall It is a much better experience then the single dances out in the open. I did the fantasy suite once and would not recommend it. It also was private and fun.

I have had a few girls ask where I am staying and if I wanted company later but I have never had any extra offers happen at the club itself. Thank you guys again. But its good to get the confirmation that its worth it.

In regards to Sapphire and Rhino. But take this with how many grains of salt you wish. Have not been out there in years. So things may have changed considerably. No, hustle factor is still very high at Rhinos and Sapphire, especially later in the night. But I found the hustle factor to not be as bad during the day at Rhinos.

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Being an "old" man I usually go early and leave right when it starts to get crowded. Show Ignored Content.

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