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Recent studies have shown that it does, and is completely natural. Read to find out more. What is it?


Most people are, too. There are multiple genres of porn devoted to semen or being covered in ithumanity is obsessed with figuring out how to increase the volume of cum that comes out of a dick, and as a species, we find it so celebratory and important that in most cases, sex ends when it appears.

Is it normal for girls to release fluid during an orgasm?

It has several important jobsincluding cleaning the vagina, keeping it moist and fighting infections. There are lots of factors that can change how much of it there is, what its consistency is like and when we have the most or least of it, though. After ovulation — under the influence of progesterone — it can be clumpier and white.

Physical symptoms accompanying a change in discharge — like the itching that can happen during a yeast infection — can tip us off to infection though, not all infections are symptomatic. Among the most common infections when our vaginal pH is off is bacterial vaginosis.

Getting wet: discharge vs. cervical fluid vs. arousal fluid

Another common infection is yeast, which can be caused by our diet, stress, birth control and dumb shit like sitting too long in a wet bathing suit. All of which is to say that vaginas are sensitive beings, and these many factors plus hormones, and once more, where a person is in their menstrual cycle can affect their discharge. Because of its relation to estrogen, its volume and consistency can also vary depending on where someone is on their menstrual cycle are you sensing a theme, here?

Also, estrogen levels decrease with age, so how old a person is might also affect how wet they can get though, individual may vary. Bodies vary wildly in terms of how much lubrication they produce and when — someone can be soaking wet and not turned on at all, or horny as fuck and still kinda dry. Not everyone squirts, though.

S ome people can, some people are still figuring it out and some people never will. But even if all the conditions are ripe for squirting, Rebecca says she can still only do it about two-thirds of the time.

Toward the end of the period, it can be very dark and is simply older blood finally exiting through the vagina. In addition to providing extra lubrication, period sex can feel wonderful to some vulva-havers and can even help alleviate cramps! Breast milk, in short, is pretty awesome. Besides tasting good, apparently, it ensures a baby gets adequate nutrition.

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If your baby is sick, it literally changes its chemical composition to give your baby what it needs to get better and boost their immunity. How cool is that?!

A common misconception is milk comes out from a single hole in the nipple, but it actually comes from a collection of small holes, ducts, that can pool milk like little droplets at first. These ducts can often clog with hard deposits in the milk. Another misconception?

A division of peer heath advisers, princeton university @princeton_pha

Milk production stops the moment a baby is old enough to eat solid food. In fact, to the body, nipple stimulation of any kind tricks it into thinking a baby is nursing, which releases prolactin, a hormone that stimulates milk production.

Dana Hamilton writes essays inspired by her very weird life, most notably surrounding travel, sexual health, cannabis, dating, relationship advice, body image and eating disorder recovery. Just like that!

The truth about female ejaculation

Not so much. Breast Milk Breast milk, in short, is pretty awesome. Dana Hamilton Dana Hamilton writes essays inspired by her very weird life, most notably surrounding travel, sexual health, cannabis, dating, relationship advice, body image and eating disorder recovery. More Stories from MEL.

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Vaginal discharge is a normal, healthy occurrence.


Basically, my boyfriend and I were in bed.


For males, an orgasm involves semen the fluid that carries sperm being ejaculated from the penis.


From time to time, women may notice the secretion of vaginal fluids.