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Ping-pong in Bangkok shows are sex shows; strip shows, in other words, exhibited by women wearing either bikinis or bras and inserting objects, inflating or ejecting them using their vaginas. These objects can vary from being ping-pong balls, chopsticks and darts to razors, candles and cigarettes. Some might beg to differ.


Megsy Fun. See the Ping pong show in Bangkok. The seediest side of Bangkok.

Should you go to a ping pong show in thailand?

A local attraction that is actually more frequented by couples and groups of friends than weirdo old men, and one that has women patrons sitting firmly cross legged for some time after the experience. Ping pong shows have become a Bangkok institution and way back in December we wrote an article on our first experience visiting a ping pong show. Recently some friends of ours travelled with us for a couple of weeks. They asked if we would take them to the Ping Pong Show whilst we were in Bangkok.

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The district is still the same: The Patpong Market in Silom. I actually had to explain to my friend why they made that noise at us, LOL. If you also are not certain, have a bit of a think about it. There are also plenty of guys offering ping pong shows on and around the streets of Khao San Rdthe main tourist area of Bangkok. Take a metered taxi to Patpong Market first and then start haggling with the local touts. Looking for More things to do in Bangkok…. Sadly for these women, they are not beauty queens, nor are they even young or fit, which is probably, and quite depressingly, how they have fallen into this line of work.

In our we arranged to get in for Baht plus the compulsory purchase of a beer baht. This time around March prices were same same.

Much more civil. However, other readers have reported that the scams are still very much alive. So it is essential you read how the scams work, later in this article, so you can be prepared to deal with them. Before entering we made sure that, unlike inwe were not going to be charged extra for each individual show, but that the baht was total for all the shows.

They assured us we would not be charged BUT tips are expected after every short show.

Ping pong shows in bangkok - all you need to know

Some staff even want baht just for collecting the tips or collecting the used ping pong balls off the floor — admittedly an unpleasant job. Politely tell the collection lady that you will only tip for the showgirl.

A Thai guy we were sitting next to told us to only pay for the shows we liked and that he was only tipping 20 baht about. They will persist for tips, let your conscience decide. At this point one of our friends got really uncomfortable and we decided to leave.

We had seen all of the above mentioned, and also had lubed up, sloppy ping pong balls projected at our he — we had experienced enough. Looking for somewhere to stay in Bangkok? Tommo and I told our friends to get ready to run as we were going to have a fight on our hands. The ladies had grouped around us demanding the money until we finally just had to make a dash for the door and hope like hell there were no security guards to block our way. This time round it was very different. We grabbed our half full beers and headed towards the door expecting a fight the lady on the door said good night, and we were down the stairs and out into the humid Bangkok night before we knew it.

It was so nice not to be harassed by a bunch of partially clothed women, drooping boobies swinging as they tried to squeeze every last baht from our wallets.

Where can i see ping pong shows in bangkok? update

Most of the clubs likely still do. Pick pocketing is pretty common, losing your passport, drivers licence, bank cards etc. If someone steals your laptop from your hotel room while you are out for the night, that could be even worse! So, baht per person.

You must also leave a tip for each showgirl who performs. You sit down.

Ping pong show

The show starts. You get heavily guilt tripped for extra tips — as described above.

You watch a few shows, get the general gist and decide to pay and leave. Now comes the scam. They even become quite verbally aggressive.

You get intimidated and pay. If you are up for an argument, you get a price drop but still pay over the agreed price. Handed them baht per person and walked out. Although they shouted at us, there was never any feeling of it turning into a fist fight.

That time i went to a ping pong show in bangkoks red light district

There were no big bouncers, the whole operation was run by women. That said, as a disclaimer, who knows. They know that intimidation is a successful way of making more people pay. Here are our tips to help you based on how we avoided the exit scam. Save yourself a bunch of time by having our huge list of Bangkok highlights instantly at your fingertips. Get The Bangkok Tourist Map. Waiting their turn to disrobe completely and fling some random objects from their nether regions at a gawking audience.

It was only that our friend wanted to go, that we agreed to go along and help haggle. And we get it, we did it. Twice now.

What to do in thailand: ping pong show in bangkok

But it is an experience that leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. No wonder they are so miserable. Looking for More Information about Thailand?

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