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When Emma Watson spoke to Vogue in November about the societal pressures leading up to her 30th birthday, she coined the now-viral term "self-partnered. I call it being self-partnered. But the British star isn't the only celebrity who's made it clear they love the single life. Emilia ClarkeHalle Berry and Chelsea Handler have all discussed how empowering it is to stand on your own and focus on one's own personal desires and achievements. And while fans are speculating on an imminent rekindling of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's relationship following their SAG Awards catch-up, Aniston has repeatedly said in interviews that she's happily single. So for the single men and women out there who need some inspiration, Insider has rounded up 17 A-listers who have said they're living their best single life.


Dating is rough. Even in big cities, the s of singles start to diminish as you age. Luckily for you, many people have done studies on the best places for singles.

From the best towns for younger singles to the highest ranked dating spot based on votes from actual single women, there are so many factors to consider. InWallet Hub did a few calculations to figure out the best city for women to date in.

They compared not just the of singles within certain cities. From those scores, they figured out an average. According to them, the best city for dating was Atlanta, GA which had an average or above average score in each of the three fields.

San Francisco came in third, but has an incredibly low economics score because cost of living is so expensive.

Atlanta, GA 2. Denver, CO 3.

Young, attractive, educated, female — and single

San Francisco, CA 4. San Diego, CA 5.

Portland, OR. Austin, TX 2. Colorado Springs, CO 3. San Diego, CA 4. Seattle, WA. s are great.

17 celebrities who are happily single, thank you very much

But, maybe the best way to go about finding your new dating scene is to consider what the locals are saying. Apartment List asked about 11, people how satisfied they were with the dating scene in their cities. According to actual residents surveyed, these are the five cities with the happiest singles:. Provo, Utah 2.

Richmond, VA 3. Raleigh, NC 4. Bridgeport, CT 5. Knoxville, TN. Apartment List actually went a step further in their research, though.

1. a profile of single americans

While the cities are a list of cities both men and women are satisfied in, a female-only survey skews things another directions. When they compared the answers of only single womenthe list looked like this:. Minneapolis, MN 3. Columbus, OH 4. Charlotte, NC 5. Denver, CO. As an extra tidbit, the place where women were least happy with the dating scene is Kansas City, MO. Nerdwallet jumped into the game by conducting their own analysis of the best places single women can spread their dating wings, albeit, they only considered heterosexual women, which leaves much to be desired.

They took into the availability of single men, dating affordability, and the dating scene, concluding that the following ten cities are the top spots single women should consider. Luckily, Shape magazine considered those factors as well when they listed the following cities as top contenders.

Financial advisory firm SmartAsset threw its hat in the game with their third annual study on the best cities for young professionals, to some surprising result. More specifically, they consider cost of living, entertainment, job diversity and income, along with the unemployment rate for those between 25 and You may rethink your expensive rent in whatever overpriced city you may currently be living in. Luckily, Business Insider has the low down on the best cities for remote working.

Best cities for single ladies looking to date and work — based on actual data

Per the Bureau of Labor Statisticsnearly 24 percent of Americans worked remotely inthe last year the data was available for — that figure no doubt jumped exponentially in as COVID made it necessary for so many to work from home. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Many single adults in the U.


Many single adults in the U.


Professional differences aside, these young women have a lot in common.