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Every day you stumble upon some or the other piece of news about an alleged extramarital affair with a single woman. But you might be left wondering why women date married men when there are so many single men out there? The term used by psychologists is mate poaching when single women get interested in married men without thinking of the consequences. When a woman is copying the ways of another woman, who has married this man, then mostly young women end up dating married men. They tend to mark a married man as safer, more attractive, experienced and of course, successful. A friend of mine was shattered when she caught her husband red handed with her best friend who was single.


Women tend to be more attracted to married men than single guys. The reasons for this vary, from the outrageous and weird, to the illogical and silly. Here are some of the reasons women would do anything to bag a married man: Responsibility : Marriage comes with responsibilities.

The man has mouths to feed and bills to pay. He has decisions to make and many more other responsibilities. As such, a married man is socialized to be responsible.

He will not show up at your doorstep with only condoms, but will be thoughtful enough to get you some grocery, maybe milk, some sugar and bread for tea as he settles in. A married man knows that a woman needs to apply some lotion, do her nails, style her hair and once in a while, slip into a gorgeous dress.

And he knows what a facial or French manicure is, after all, he lives with a woman. But God, single guys! These are the most clueless, needy, demanding and selfish species of men.

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He knows every contour and how to navigate the pleasurable spots. Seduction is his second nature and he can make even the ugliest woman feel like she deserves the Miss Universe crown. Besides, nothing beats the thrill of something illicit! The very fact that bedding a married man is frowned upon could trigger your hormones into a raging rush like a waterfall.

Unlike the single guy who will invite you to his place, make you cook to look wifely, bore you with crap and expect you to perform judo in bed; the married man will give you that unexpected call, probably ask you to drop by at his office and then proceed do it with you in his office or in the car!

Spontaneity does magic when it comes to sex. Competition: Women are weird and cunning. Men often fuel this superiority complex by lying to these women about their wives. A man who rubbishes his wife to gain your favour is a fool.

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The truth is the that 90 per cent of these married men will not leave their wives for you. Just take your position and relax. Enjoy it while you can. The strings might be loose, but they sure will be there.

Talk of fewer ties, that is, you do not have to see him every day and he does not get to dictate how you live your life. Technically, you have plenty of time to hang out with your girls and generally do your stuff with minimal interference, unlike the wife who will have to ask for permission before she can visit her mother.

Mko na nani? This is not about whether it is morally wrong or right to date a married man. We have people with very good stepmothers who dated their married fathers, and we have others whose families were ruined by the other woman.

It all depends on individuals and their intentions. At the end of the day, God gave us the gift of choice.

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More unmarried babes are becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for relationships.