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Ah, pregnancy : such a magical yet totally confusing and overwhelming time for so many women. Apart from the baby of course. I thought it meant I had to quit — but he had other ideas. Turns out, there are some men who find pregnant women really hot. One even wanted to give me a massage in return so he could feel my new curves. He was a nice guy and was surprisingly good with his hands.


Believe me: I did not start out my pregnancy intending to go to an orgy. But I did sometimes go to kissing parties.

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Yes, there are parties where the express purpose is to kiss people. I loved how I looked with my baby bump when I took my long hair down, and I felt sexy as hell. So my friend Didi and I found ourselves at a kissing party in the upstairs area of a trendy downtown bar chatting up a guy wearing Virgin Mary pants.

Pablo was sexy and a good kisser and owned a string of hotels in Argentina or something. Cut to the end of the kissing party.

The bar is closing down. Pablo, Didi and I have both made out with a lot of people by this point. Pregnant women are not supposed to go in hot tubs. I did not know that.

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How could I turn down such an auspicious invitation? It was huge even by non-New York City standards, exquisitely decorated, everything was automated and so on.

And yes, there was a hot tub on the roof. It was cold. This was in March or something.

Didi and I were awestruck. Look at this place!

Pablo thought I looked so nice with my pregnant belly in my red dress, he asked if he could take my picture, and I said yes. Everything in it is soft. The floor is basically one big mattress. So Pablo, Didi and I all started kissing. But Rob and I ended up in a corner of our own, where he went down on me for about a year. Rob was good at what he did. Like, he might have been a sex robot. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, but it was a sizable .

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Every now and then I looked over at our cohorts: Pablo doing Didi from behind or Cassie doing Emma with a strap-on. They were beautifully lit up by the fireplace and obviously having a wonderful time, but Rob and I were in our own little world.

Eventually, he decided that was the end of that, and after I gave him the thank-you kiss to end all thank-you kisses, went to go check on Emma. I was honestly a bit sad about that. I wanted to pay this guy back like it was my job — or, you know, at least cuddle.

I went out to the soft room and saw to my relief that Didi was starting to get dressed.

So I got dressed with her. I lied.

And Didi and I got into his elevator and left. Even though it was kind of icky to have my body fetishized like that and even though my interaction with Rob left me a little lonely, I am so glad that I went to an orgy while I was pregnant. It was incredibly important to me to keep being who I was and living my life, even as another life grew inside of me. To keep experiencing pleasure as my body underwent transformations, to keep exploring the world in all its strangeness and beauty. Notify me of follow-up comments by .

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