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There are vital sex questions you should ask a girl or guy if you would like to turn him or her on for sexual activities.


Dirty questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend

As you flirt with your girl using these questions, remember to work in genuine compliments, add a bit of mystery to the questions, work on your texting in general, and of course, have a sense of humor. Whether your relationship is in its first flushes or not, with these sexual questions to ask your partneryou can keep the flames of your passion from dying out, especially in a long-distance relationship. This should be fun, and the questions can really spice things up in the bedroom.

It is also a great way to learn more about her boundaries and explore important relationship issues.

You can choose which sexual questions to ask your girlfriend or even use them as an inspiration to come up with your own. The idea is to have some fun, flirt, and get the girl comfortable with the idea of you talking about sex with you.

Do you like to sext?

These questions are a little suggestive, and on some level, they imply sexual intent on your part. These questions take the sex talk a notch higher. However, make sure you ask these when you are in a serious relationship to avoid possible backlash.

Here are some of the sexiest questions for a girlfriend to get her in the mood. These questions are more fun than provocative but still a bit dirty. These naughty questions to ask your girlfriend will help you see her fun, wild side. Be warned, these questions are a little serious, and you should ask them when you are sure that sexual intimacy is a given. Actually, these are the questions you ask once you start having sex.

50 sexy questions to ask a girl if you want to know what she’s like in bed

Otherwise, things can get very awkward very fast. Truth or dare is a crowd favorite, and you can enjoy a naughtier version of this game with your girl with the help of these dirty questions. This is a great non-judgmental way to explore her sexual preferences to become a better lover.

Here are really dirty questions to ask your girlfriend and turn her on. Ask these questions to show your caring side while also learning more about the girl and her thoughts on physical intimacy.

If we decided to spend the night naked and talking dirty but not touch each other, do you think we would make it? Some perfectly innocent and nice questions can have a very strong romantic effect on your girl. They might seem innocent, but these questions can drive your girl wild with sexual desire.

If you are wondering what kind of questions make a girl blush, this is a good place to start. Learning how to text is an important aspect of modern relationships.

80 sex questions to find out exactly what your partner likes in bed

You can make your texts exciting by making them a little dirty and suggestive with these questions. Asking your girlfriend questions is a great way to know her better, improve your relationship, and explore issues like sexuality. Above are some of the dirtiest questions to ask a girl, and you can even ask them when texting.

These sexy questions can keep your romance going strong.

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Asking sexy questions is a fantastic way to start with the flirting process, but you have to know just how to do it without sounding too desperate yet still appearing very interested.