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But what happens when things do progress past the first date? Many people can tolerate two so-so dates, but three underwhelming dates? On the second date, you get a sense for how comfortable the two of you are together. The third and fourth dates are opportunities to express more than your drinking and dining decorum and really get to know each other. You want to make sure that they really like you for you, and you for them, or else, why continue?


The “3 date rule” is bs

You feel ready for a lasting relationship. You are tired of guys disappearing after you become intimate.

Savvy friends tell you there is an understanding that date 3 is the appropriate time to give it up. In fact, sometimes he just gets busier and has even less time to hang out with you, afterward.

Do you have to wait until the third date to have sex?

TIP: If you believe you need to sleep with a man in order to hold his interest STOP, think, and slow down. You may be tumbling into an entanglementinstead of advancing a real relationship.

It can be hard to trust your intuition and instincts when so much of popular culture implies that sex is Level 1 in the mating game, a stepping stone toward commitment and bonding. But what if I offered you scientific proof that, in fact, the opposite is true? Listen up, girlfriend, because science is on your side when you wait.

The importance of the third date

Here are a few facts to help you commit to saying no until you are sure Prince Charming is all that he seems:. Chemicals like dopamine feed the buzz of infatuation in our brains.

When you daydream about your crush, the anticipation of being together produces lots of dopamine, which further increases your feeling of infatuation. Completion of the sex act.

The “3 date rule” is bs

Interestingly, researchers have found that men with high self-esteem are even more likely to experience this post-sex emotional detachment than their less-secure brothers. We also know that oxytocin is released in men during sex, as well as through other forms of physical affection and pleasurable experiences.

However, unless a man is already emotionally bonded with his partner —a process that requires time and a healthy stock of shared experiences— the effects of oxytocin release in men is unclear. TIP: I define casual sex as physical intimacy that is offered to a man before he has emotionally bonded with you.

Why the third date matters and what you should know by the end of it

There is no scientific evidence that oxytocin released during casual sex—where an emotional attachment has not yet developed—will result in a man becoming further bonded with his partner. So which would you rather experience with your dream guy: the slow build-up of desire… or the letdown of simply reaching the finish line?

They will wait until you are ready.

All primary research by Dr. David M. Need advice about your own relationship? Consider booking a private consultation with Robyn. Never miss a new blog post: subscribe to our FREE newsletter.

Here are a few facts to help you commit to saying no until you are sure Prince Charming is all that he seems: Dopamine: From Crush to Crash Chemicals like dopamine feed the buzz of infatuation in our brains. Casual sex is more likely to prevent the growth of emotional bonding than to foster it.

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With all these changes, how do we navigate the third-date rule?


Dating and relationships aren't easy to navigate.