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Often, and understandably, the romantic part of a relationship gets put on the back burner as parents focus on their newborn and getting used to having a third member of their family. It just means that the scale of romance might shift a little bit as parents do baby damage control. So how should new parents get through their first year of parenting? Here are 17 pieces of relationship advice for new parents who have been through or are going through their first year of parenting on how to make it through still liking your spouse. Alex Ippoliti and his wifewho have been married for 14 years and now have six kids, began to use time management apps more typically associated with the workplace to make sure they were making time for each other. We also try not to get into a rut, do the same thing, and go to the same restaurant.


Five ways to stay strong together when your world is rocked

New parents must also bear in mind that their relationship needs their attentiontoo. Without that upkeep, things fall apart.

So, what marriage advice should new parents keep in mind? These 17 tips, offered by psychologists, relationship experts, and parents, themselves are a good place to start. Raising kids is tough, exhausting work that often goes unrewarded. One of the easiest things new parents can do for one another is show appreciation and gratitude for their partner.

Did they nail that bedtime routine?

Some tricks of the trade, according to parents who've been there.

Tell them. Did they expertly handle a tantrum or cry-fest?

But this can create problems if routines are set and you feel like co-workers instead of a couple. Can you wrap your arms around your partner when they walk in the door? Can you slip them tongue when you say goodbye in the morning?

Or could you take 30 seconds to hold them, smell them, and feel their skin against yours when you wake up in the morning? Remember what you were like before kids came along?

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Work to maintain that foundation. Having a strong friendship and a healthy emotional connection are hugely important in the ability to regulate conflict. When you and your spouse are at the center, then the kids and everything else will fall into place.

If, every time you and your family watch a movie, go see a school play, or even out to eat, the kids are between you and your spouse, that can negatively impact your relationship. Even something as simple as sitting in the backseat with your child while your partner drives can be a problem. Jocelyn Markowicz, a Michigan-based psychologist. He no longer expects to have hand-holding or adult conversation with his wife.

Intimacy has changed. This takes work and focus but it is critical to the health of your relationship. This le to serious problems because assumptions are made. The best advice? Her advice is something all couples should keep mind.

People have other obligations and other things that will result in it being a fluid split. Parenting often comes with a biggie-sized side order of identity crisis. Couples must be sure to take measures to recognize this side. About every two weeks, she would go through this cycle of feeling like she needed to get away. This calls for: Not talking. Not saying how you did it or would do it.

And, and, and not giving unsolicited advice. Tina B. Tessina, and can prevent those pesky red wire-blue wire communication breakdowns that stress you both out and cause infighting in the bunker. Setting boundaries with in-laws and relatives from the start will save you a lot of grief.

The key to doing so lies intact. This will build trust and commitment, which are two important pillars of any marriage.

Families come in all shapes and sizes

But everyone benefits from them; you, your partner, and your. A wide-scale psychological study published in April, explored how expectations influence marriages. The couples were surveyed every six months about their expectations for their marriages and whether their marriages lived up to those expectations.

In that same period of time, the couples participated in recorded interviews where researchers observed their behavior and how they communicated with each other. McNulty found that expectations affected couples differently. For couples capable of providing mutual care, support, and independence, high standards improved marital satisfaction.

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When members of weaker marriages had high expectations, tension arose between their demands from their marriages and what they were capable of attaining. Ultimately, those expectations eroded the already vulnerable relationships. He advised spouses to ask of their marriages only as much as their marriages are able to give them. This can lead to disagreements and arguments, which is fine and natural. But parents need to keep in mind that how they talk to one another can have a great deal of impact on feeling respected — a barometer of marital happiness and success.

But we wrote down our parent vows to each other.

How your relationship can survive baby’s first year

Partners who respect one another work better. This is both simple and not. Because when it comes to building respect equity in their relationship, couples need to focus on being responsible for how their actions affect the other. Shaffer, MSE, a therapist and coach specializing in parenting, told us.

In other words, basic human consideration. But it also means taking responsibility for your own triggers or needs and having a talk with your partner as needed. Please try again.

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If the transition to parenthood took a toll on your relationship, here's help.

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No money, no sex, and no time.


Everyone says that having a baby changes everything, and perhaps nowhere is that more true than in your relationship with your partner.


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Becoming a parent is a joyous, wondrous, tiring, and at times difficult experience.