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The Bengal is a domestic cat that has physical features distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wildcats, and with the loving, dependable temperament of a family pet.


We have been breeding Bengal cats since This is our life passion. Buying from us means buying from Bengal cat breeders who will be by your side for the lifetime of your cat. Bengal cats are what brought our lives together ; they will be in our lives until we leave this earth. Consistent quality draws people to our cattery. We specialize in retaining wild essence - the look of tree-dwelling small wildcats - combined with confident, intelligent, outgoing personalities resulting from selective breeding and intensive socialization from being raised underfoot in our home with our family - including dogs.

H eart testing since has resulted in multiple generations of cats whose hearts are disease-free. You will not find two people more dedicated to the health, welfare, and betterment of the Bengal breed.

Please read Purchasing a Bengal for more information about how the Waitlist works. Anytime you send us money, you receive a digital, legally binding contract to assure you we are not a scam. While we do not ship our kittens, people fly to us to pick up their Bengal kittens. Look around; our Bengal cats are different. We are different. We encourage you to look elsewhere. We challenge you to find wilder looking SBT Bengals and more thoughtful, experienced Bengal cat breeders in any other program - worldwide. Those who spot the difference choose us.

View our published Waitlist for Bengal kittens.

We do not have any available kittens. Due to COVID, more people are working from home, and more people have discovered they will be able to work from home in the future. This has increased the demand for pets all across the globe. The length of your wait will depend on the specificity of your request for a Bengal kitten, how hard it is to produce what you want, and how many people above you on the list want the same thing.

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Our Bengal kitten Waitlist is publicso you can do your own predictions of how long you think the wait will be. Due to cats' natural breeding cycle, our largest groupings of kittens go to their new homes in June and November. That does not mean we don't send kittens home in other months.

It means those are the two months in which the largest of Bengal kittens go to their new homes.

Not all breeders are equal in the way they treat their cats or their customers. If you seek a pedigree pet, you must do your research to determine that you are buying from a legitimate breeder who wants the best for their cats. Our website, our involvement with the breed, our history of health testing, and our customer service are evidence of our authenticity. If you wish to get a kitten before the timeframe in which we have one available, we recommend that you look through our website and use what we offer as a standard upon which to measure other breeders to avoid a scam.

Below is an assortment of kittens we have bred in the past. You can see all of the kittens we have produced since on our Facebook by looking through the photo albums. You do not need a Facebook to access the Facebook .

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Read about our experience with three different wheels in our article on Cat Wheels to find out why we think Ferris Cat Wheels are the best. If you decide to purchase a Ferris Cat Wheel by Ziggy Doo, we would appreciate it if you'd purchase through our link. The price is exactly the same through our link as it is if you were to purchase directly from the Ziggy Doo website, but if we are able to get ten purchases via our link, the cats at Quality Bengal Kittens will get another wheel.

Wheels are in high demand here, so we would appreciate the help! Preparing for Your Quality Bengal Kitten.

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Why Buy from Quality Bengal Kittens. The Differences between Male and Female Bengal cats. How to pick a Bengal Kitten for Newbie Breeders. Available Kittens. Calendar of Events.

Are you looking for more information on Bengal cats? Please read our BLOG. Are you new to Quality Bengal Kittens?

Find out what makes us different - and check out our unsolicited reviews on Facebook. Are you unsure of how the Waiting List works? Read about Buying a Bengal Kitten. Are you ready to our Waitlist? Please complete a Kitten Application.

Saturday, July 24 Sat, Jul Kitten Selection Weekend - Kaida and Raya kittens. Saturday, August 7 Sat, Aug 7. Kitten Picture Weekend. Saturday, August 21 Sat, Aug Kaida and Raya Kitten Departure Weekend.

Kitten Picture Weekend - New Kittens. Saturday, August 28 Sat, Aug Kitten Selection Weekend.

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Saturday, September 11 Sat, Sep Saturday, September 18 Sat, Sep Saturday, October 2 Sat, Oct 2. Saturday, October 16 Sat, Oct Kitten Departure Weekend. Saturday, October 23 Sat, Oct Saturday, November 13 Sat, Nov

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Rising Sun Farm is recognized globally for producing some of the finest Bengal kittens in the world.


And there are many factors that go into this price.


A Wild N Sweet Bengal kitten has received lots of love and will seduce you, as much by his endearing and affectionate behavior as by his legendary beauty!