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Serves: Updated.


I started using this pie crust recipe, so many years ago. Use a pastry blender to blend all the dry ingredients with the shortening. This is a major key in making sure your crust turns out perfect.

Keep blending until the shortening is the size of small peas. For the cold water, I add an ice cube to a bowl of water. Measure out 5 Tablespoons of cold water and add to the dough. Add in the 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 1 beaten egg. Then mix everything well with your hands. Lightly flour your counter or board and moving the rolling pin around, try keeping the dough in a circle. If you find your dough is sticking to the counter or board, carefully flip it over, add a bit more flour and roll again. Carefully loosen the edges all around the rolled-out dough, using a table knife.

Sylvia’s perfect pie crust

Transfer the dough to the pie dish. You can also just use a table fork and press it down around the edges. If you have extra dough leftover, you can either freeze it or make a cinnamon and sugar roll from it. Spread cinnamon and sugar over the top and starting at the top or bottom, roll it up. Moisten the edges with water and place it on a piece of foil and bake it when the pie goes into the oven. These are the parties I link to. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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Moments With Molly — Really Mom?? Comments Well this looks like a nice receipe. I've been using olive oil in my pie crusts till now, Time to try something new. Thanks for the tip Carol.

Why do you put vinegar in pie crust?

I'm going to pin it. Olive oil sounds healthier, Mary; but I don't make pies everyday so I'm thinking this recipe of mine is a real keeper. Thank you for the perfect crust recipe. I have a pretty good one, but I am trying yours.

Hugs and happy week ahead. You made my day, thanks for the sweet visit. Thanks Fabby!

The best, no-fail perfect pie crust

Let me know if and when you make it and how it turns out. Scratch pie crusts and I have not had a great relationship and I am anxious to try this one. Sandra, As a former home economist, the key is to cut your shortening into the flour until they're pea size. I'll definitely have to try your recipe.

ALthough I have a hard time finding shortening - any possible substitute?

Ann, for this recipe you really need shortening! I'm always on the hunt for another good pie crust. Carol, I'm actually thinking about making one of these apple desserts for Thanksgiving, along with my fresh pumpkin pies. Hi Carol.

We eat gluten free here so pie crusts remain elusive. This one is worth a try with a gluten free flour I think. I'll let you know how I go. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou last week. Mimi xxx. I met someone the other day that told me I could substitute gluten free baking mix for flour and make a pie crust with the same recipe. I am going to try this, this recipe looks great! And it comes highly recommended, doesn't it?


With the holidays around the corner, this will be perfect. When we were young my mom would make the leftovers into a snack for us, she rolled it out thin like you did and topped with cinnamon and sugar, but she bake it flat and we kids would split it. It was so good!! Maybe I'll have to make sure I have left-overs?

Like I mentioned, Nikki, if it's good enough for the Pioneer Woman to swear by it and I've been using it longer than her I just dated myself you know it's a good one! Greetings Carol! My grandmother was a master pie baker and its a skill I've struggled with since My recipe is very similar to yours, but without the vinegar. Thanks for the recipe. Hugs, Lynn. Lynn, I think the real secret is the cutting of the shortening into the flour until everything looks like peas.

And don't handle it too much or use more flour than necessary. I've been making great pie crust since I was in college and mine were always better than my mothers. This is so useful!

I will give this a go and see if it works for me : xx. Charlotte, Like I mentioned in my blog posting, cutting the shortening into the flour correctly, has a lot to do with it.

Make sure every bit is cut in to the size of a pea. Looks pretty Simple. I'll be saving this recipe for Thanksgiving! Thank you. Thank you, Jamie! It's so flaky and tender. I'm going to have to pin and try this.

I've been making pie crust for 50 years, but I've never tried making it with egg or vinegar! I'll try anything once, though! My family loves pie, and if I can make a better pie crust I'm all in!!!

Have a great weekend! Alycia, Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment!

This recipe always works like a charm for me. Just remember to make sure the shortening and flour are pea size before adding the liquid. I don't care how easy someone says a pie crust recipe is or a biscuit recipemine NEVER turn out right. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, so I just don't do it at all. Florence, I should probably write another blog post on steps to take to make sure your pie crust turns out perfect. I know you won't do it, but when using a pastry blender to cut in the shortening and flour, this is a huge step that must be perfect.

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