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There is an ancient rock near Cork, Ireland at Blarney Castle and they say that anyone who kisses the stone will have the gift of gab.


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I have now been in a relationship with an Irish Man for almost seven years, married for four, and during those years I have laughed, cried and loved. Irish men had never appealed to me before, as somewhat naively, all I could think of were alcoholic, freckly red he.

Oh how wrong was I? Since living in Ireland I have met countless Irish men and discovered many common character traits. So here are 5 Irish Man Character Traits which can be both charming and frustrating! I believe Irish men will cry only for things they really truly love or loved, for example my husband shed a tear one Christmas when I gave him a football album containing all tickets of football matches he ever attended. As you can see these are things that my husband absolutely loves and feels passionately about which made him weepy.

Come to think of it, I think football is the love of his life! Sadly more often than not you will find your average Irishman displaying all his passion towards 11 men kicking a ball at the weekends or 15 if they support Gaelic games.

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I can almost guarantee that any Irish man you ask, if they watch The Simpsons? It may seem like ish cartoon to the outside onlooker but my husband assures me that it is an accurate and realistic reflection of modern life. Subtle jokes lie throughout each episode and both children and adults can enjoy them.

The Irish Censorship of Publications Board was not obliged to reveal its reason for its censoring but it is believed that it was rejected for its critique of Irish republicanism and the Catholic Church, and its depiction of adolescent sexuality.

Shows like The Simpsons and other animations such as Family Guy are a far cry from those days with frequent jokes about the church and sexuality commonplace, moreover they are a gentle kick in the teeth to the PC brigade of today who feel the need to whinge and complain about trivial things in life. As I am becoming more familiar with the cartoons I am slowly starting to get the humour which is quite different to Polish humour.

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For many Irishmen Mammy is the world and she will continue to buy the socks, do the laundry and feed them when needed. Well of course they are, they see a beautiful girl and just feel the need to chat her up! In Ireland you can also walk into a pub or shop and immediately be involved in a full-blown conversation with a total stranger. They say woman are the chatty and gossiping ones, but honestly this is debatable, Irish men gossip just as much, if not even more, especially when there is a few pints in front of them!

An Irish man can live in pain on a daily basis and still refuse to admit there is something wrong.

On the flip side once you force them to the doctor and they admit they are sick be sure to have a dying man on your hands! Overall this strength to persevere is admirable but it does have a negative side.

My husband tells me that years ago Irishmen were very closed about their health and as a result many died from illnesses which may have been cured if they only visited a health professional sooner. Maybe they see illness as a of weakness and this viewpoint still persists among many Irish males today.

It is sad to see such a high-rise of male suicide in this country with mental health a taboo subject until recent years. Maybe most, if not all these character traits could be attributed for males from all over the world, not just Ireland.

The irish character – some opinions.

If you do fall for an Irishman be warned, you may not be serenaded with poetry everyday but their tough exterior disguises a big heart. The old days of the hard-drinking and fashion unconscious Irishman seems to be dying out, judging by over priced craft beer drinking, salad munching, hipsters of post Celtic Tiger Ireland, but never fear that Irish spirit is still there under those tight skinny jeans and loafers! Haha very true in many cases, thankfully not mine but fortunately my mother seems to like my wife!!

I was debating if my Irish man really loves me but that was before I knew that he is really Irish, yes I knew that his ancestors were Irish and he is more American than Irish, but after reading this blog I started meditating everything and which seems he is completely Irish, but I think he has not noticed yet, anyway I feel more confident and chill about all this at the beginning of thinking why he never wrote me a love letter or declare his love for me poetic way now all that makes sense, thousand thanks to the author! Thank you for your comment Josseline. Maybe he shows you in his own little way.

Glad you enjoyed the blog and keep following.

Other traits include love of language, kindness and tolerance of human frailties, love of a drink and a good yarn, a great sense of humour and a strong sense of justice. Thank you Paul for your comment.

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Hope you are healthy and have a great The Loveable Leprechauns! Are You Kidding Me! After some years married to an Irishman here are some distinctive character traits I have noticed from the loveable leprechauns.

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Choose wisely this Valentines and consider these points before you agree or disagree to a date with the rare breed that is Irish men.


There a of misconceptions about our lovely little island when people around the world think of Ireland with a of stereotypes that are just plain ridiculous we don't have leprechauns running riot across the land but then there are the Irish stereotypes that are actually very true and quite spot on about us Irish.


Are you proud to have Irish heritage?


Mowbray died recently at age 78, and will be missed among today's St.