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If you believe in eternal unbreakable union, you're going to find the Paris love lock bridge story very romantic. The 'lock bridge' is a sort of tradition or ritual that is practiced on the bridges of the Seine River in Paris. Couples inscribe their names on padlocks, lock it on the bridge and throw the keys into the river.


Bridges such as the Pont des Arts, the famous Love Lock Bridge in Paris, complement the views of the river and the city at night.

Why do people put locks on this bridge?

No visit to Paris is complete without taking a stroll along with one of its many bridges. Here is a list of some of our favorite bridges in Paris including the stories behind them! The city of Paris did not always have bridges crossing the Seine River.

This strategy proved effective during the Siege of Paris in A. Yes, people would build bridges with the goal of charging a toll to cross the bridge and make a profit. I first watched it in and remember being particularly struck by a scene where two lovers write their name on a lock and attach it to Ponte Milvoa bridge in Rome, before throwing the key in the river. Pont des Arts is right near the Louvre which makes it a very convenient destination for lovers of all ages to visit during their trip!

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Again, while the tradition was not born in Paris, it is definitely the most famous love lock destination. Sometimes the most amazing moments happen by chance. Other times, they are orchestrated by professionals. Our Eiffel tower tour cruises by the famed monument as it lights up and you drink champagne. Embark on a culinary journey in Le Marais, one of the hippest neighborhoods in Paris.

The eiffel tower can be seen from the passerelle and connects the bridge to the louvre courtyard

There are now thirty-seven bridges crossing the Seine River within the city limits of Paris. Of these 37, only five are pedestrian bridges. Here are some of the most iconic bridges in Paris. Visiting bridges instead of a museums is a pretty alternative way of visiting a city and a great way to feel part of its fabric.

This dual-level bridge hosts one level for pedestrians and motor vehicles and another level with a railway viaduct. The Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir is named for French philosopher and activist Simone de Beauvoir and is the most recently-built bridge in Paris. The modern de of this footbridge boasts a lens-shaped structure that does not touch the water at any section of the bridge. Its supports rest on the banks of the Seine River at each side.

Pont des arts padlocks

The bridge should be the one most famous bridge for a few reasons. First, the statue of Henry IV on horseback, referred to as an equestrian statue, was a very big deal. Also, the raised sidewalk on this bridge was a completely new feature in western-civilization. Prior to this, ro were flat from side to side and often were dirty and, in rainy Paris, muddy.

This bridge offered raised elevated paved sidewalks which got people outside strutting their stuff.

It is part of the reason why fashion became part of the fabric of Paris — pun intended! In the end, love prevails and Pont des Arts has a stronger impression on pop culture. The Louvre is the largest art museum on Earth and the crowning jewel of Paris.

It embodies the French vigor for life. a passionate English speaking guide for a tour of the most famous artwork. Skip the line admissions included. The bridge was originally constructed in during the reign of Napoleon.

It has also been abused by passing boats. There have been numerous collisions with boats before collapsing in after a ship rammed into it.

Bridges in danger?

The Pont des Arts is a popular spot for picnics and open-air art studios. Visitors to the bridge attach personalized padlocks to its railing and throw the keys away in the Seine River.

Despite the government of Paris removing many of the locks inover a million more approximately 45 tons have been placed on the bridge since then. A great hotel at a great price has become the norm in this internet era.

Our article explains what areas are the best in Paris so you can get a great deal on the perfect location! He studied finance and statistics, but that is his "Dr. Jekyll" side! His "Mr. Hyde" is in love with travel, art, history, and culture.

How it all began

Sean has read libraries of historical text and believes that all internet content should come from books. A practice he follows! Love locks were a cute idea but a disaster for the bridge and the keys tossed into the river below were a major pollutant. Find the best places to stay. Where to Stay in Paris. Best Places to stay in Paris.

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A vacation to Paris is often surrounded by a loving reason like an engagement, anniversary, or just two love birds who want to walk the streets of Paris, hand in hand until the many vintage street lights.