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The more he tries to keep it from happening, the harder his cock gets! I take it as a compliment that he finds me attractive. On several occasions I've met a guy at a nude beach who wasn't erect, but after chatting for a while, I'd steer the conversation to the issue of erections and guess what?

He'd get erect. Mission Accomplished! It's not your imagination. I have spoken with some women who have told me it's fun to see a guy with an erection. Lots of young women hanging out in groups. I found a sort of alcove blocked by some driftwood logs and set up my towel and refreshments next to three attractive women who were taking a nap. One of them had her legs slightly spread and this, combined with my sense of nakedness and the gentle breeze LOL was having a predictable effect.

I sat up cross legged to hide my excitement, and after about 10 minutes I figured I was calm enough to head down to the water about half a kilometer away for a swim, which should also help the "problem". But down by the seashore was group of several gorgeous women, cavorting in the water, posing on the sand, wiggling around, looking over their shoulder at the camera. They were teasing each other and of course, me.

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I stepped back a few Nude beach erection stories and sat down to watch, waiting for my hardon to subside. I was so embarrassed! Of course, this made my erection even harder. The women, and a few "innocent" bystanders were very interested in my predicament! I prayed for my cock to relax, but it could have etched diamond. And my towel was half a klick away! After ten minutes, I realized that my cock was never going to wilt, so I was steeling myself up LOL for what was going to be the hardest walk of my life.

The embarrassment alone was extremely arousing, so I made my way back to the alcove, my cock bouncing in front of me, pointing the way. My cock was glistening with pre-cum as I approached my towel, and my neighbors' eyes were locked on my bobbing erection. They had little wry smiles, and one of them winked at me.

My face was a red as my OK, it was red! I was so excited that I decided to break a taboo, and started to run my fingers up and down my shaft, as the prelude to masturbation. The women whispered to each other, and then they faced me, spread their legs and put on a show, smiling as I stroked my rigid penis! Within a minute I arched my back, groaned, and spurted rope after rope of cum.

God it felt good! The women were grinning from ear to ear.

Last edited: Jan 15, OldGuycestodaCount Hind and 32 others like this. ed: Nov 18, Messages: Likes Received: Pl keep it up.

ed: Jul 10, Messages: 27, Likes Received: 43, Don't turn around. Oh oh. I was following two pretty girls down to the beach, and knew they aware of me because I saw one whisper to the other, and then their walk became sort of exagerated.

You know what I mean, when they know they are being watched and want to throw off some sexy energy. It was working, and much too well, I thought. They both glanced down at my telegraphic friend, and seemed to be quite delighted. I honestly can't remember any of the subjects that came up, except one.

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Since my penis kept bobbing along in front of us, obviously the topic of erections came up. So thanks! God, I was truly a man of steel! I asked them whether they tried to get us hard on purpose.

They looked at me like I was an idiot. Then I give him a big smile. Erections are beautiful. I like looking at erections.

It makes me feel incredibly sexy. Sometimes I just have to look at his cock and smile. That's all it takes. It's like I have this power, and shooting out of my eyes are these invisible Erecto-Beams! We had reached a playing field and they each took one of my hands and dragged me over to see two of their friends, one a cute girl-next-door type. A nude cute girl-next-door type.

The other one wasn't very next-door-ish. Still cute though.

Seeing a man with an erection is fun, and we like having fun! I started to twitch. If he stops to talk to me, and isn't hard yet, usually all I have to do is bring up the issue of erections, and guess what? He gets erect!

Women smiling at your erection at the nude beach - open thread

I love that, it's so hot! She actually hadn't needed to bring up the issue. The other one said, "And sometimes I'll spread my legs and open myself up with my fingers, act like I'm putting lotion on my pussy but open my lips so they can see inside. Lots of the guys around me get hard when I do that. Or I'll pretend to give a sort of public service announcement, and tell the guy that if he does get excited, he has to hide it, or risk getting thrown off the beach.

Which is true, by the way! You should think about hiding that away somewhere. She then spread out a towel on the ground in a shady area, smoothing it while on her hand and knees, all the while smiling at me and my bobbing erection. Last edited: Jan 13, Teasing on nude beaches: "Erections that are unwanted by the guys! And most ladies are no help lol. I've gone to the nude beach with girls that have caught guys looking, who have shifted a bit to spread open to give a better Nude beach erection stories lol.

I know it has happened to me more than a few times. Then when they see you becoming erect, they always give you that knowing smirk.

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I usually stay calm when visiting a nude beach.


Here is an true of an actual experience at a private clothing-optional beach, which is on the coast in San Mateo county.


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