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Texas is home to some of the hottest spots to be a single ladyaccording to NerdWallet's recent ranking of the Best Cities for Singles. To determine the most heterosexual singles-friendly locales, the site looked at ratios of unmarried men and women in each city, the per-capita s of likely places one might meet a mate like bars and gymsand the Walk Score of each area. Other factors included the unemployment rates and average "cheap date" costs. It should be noted that NerdWallet's version of a "cheap date" is a movie ticket, a inch Pizza Hut pizza and six-pack of Heineken. About Dallas, the survey says:. Dallas has a high ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women, a low cost of living and a low unemployment rate, making it a great city for single women.


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Updated: Sep 21, Dating in Dallas is not an easy task. You run into the same people at the same places, and you slowly realize that most of the boys are easily categorized. First and foremost, Dallas is home to the thirty thousand dollar millionaire.

This one looks very promising, and as you get to the first date he seems like someone you very well might be able to take home to mom. This one is an enigma. Hates beer, sports, or anything remotely masculine, which gives you an illusion of safety, but be careful ladies.

Something has to be off, right?

This one is a true tragedy. He has a good job, drives a good car, has a solid group of friends, a good family life, a strong social media presence, and shows no s of being a serial killer.

The 10 most eligible men in dallas

He even has a dog that he loves and cares for and takes him for walks on the Katy Trail every weekend. All of that is the issue.

He is simply existing. He lives a simple life, not forming any strong opinions on real-world matters. When you ask him anything remotely personal, he deflects like a pro.

These are the men we know and love. You responded to his text after 2 hours because you were busy grabbing lunch with an old friend.

He will purposefully wait three hours to respond to your message and sit there twiddling his thumbs until the clock hits that three-hour mark. They treat you well, open doors, take you out to nice dinners, and typically do a whole lot of drugs. Plus if they ever get caught, daddy probably knows a politician who will get them off the hook easily.

Something I have found to be very unique about Dallas is that people seem to be eternally young. These men are charming, and can often be found in packs. As midnight comes, the drinks hit hard and the wedding rings come off. Dallas loves to party.

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Nightlife is a large form of validation in Dallas culture. Who you know, where you go, it all seems to matter way more since Dallas is small for a big city. This gives the club owners in Dallas a lot of social leverage and they know it. Hey, good for them!

He seems to be having a severe identity crisis, which he is trying to correct by dating someone who shares the same ethnic background you. You almost think you can handle it, and then you see pictures of him in a MAGA hat. See ya.

Where dallas’ most eligible men are — 5 surprising spots to meet a potential date

Like I said, dating in Dallas is not an easy task. At some point or another, we've all ran into one of these ten men while searching for love in the Big D. But have no fear, because it's officially cuffing season and Uproar is here to help. Stay tuned for our tips and tricks, trials and errors, and so much more.

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I was recently seated at a very formal dinner — hint hint: it was at a museum celebrating its much-awaited fashion exhibition — and somehow the topic of where to meet eligible men came up.