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When you don't have to deal with network television standards and practices, the definition of "romance" can range from sweet, chaste conversations to full-out sex scenes. But the perfect romance is, like real life, a mix of all genres — love can happen amid the most tumultuous circumstances or the most cliche of settings.


Admit it or not, every one of us wants to binge on some romantic shows once in a while. Whether it is to soothe our broken heartshed a few tears, or laugh a bit, romantic dramas manage to bring out our hidden emotions. And Netflix has you covered even in this aspect.

Ranging from rom-coms to fantasy series, its catalog is filled with some heart-touching titles. Three women from South Carolina are the best of friends since their school days. Sweet Magnolias is adapted for television based on novels by Sherryl Woods. Her husband, Bill Townsend Chris Kleinand she were high school sweethearts and have three children together. But when Bill cheats on her with another woman, it breaks their family apart.

The first season sees Maddie going through a lot of changes in her life, personally and professionally.


As the title makes it clear, this series deals with the concept of first love. The central characters of this series are five college students, all of whom live in the house of Yoon Tae-oh. Together, these five friends experience love, life, and a sense of freedom all on their own terms.

Naturally, if a of people live together, problems will arise. And this is how the friendships between these characters are tested. They might get into fights, but that never means that their friendship has ceased to exist. The series does offer us a fresh look at the lives of Korean youth, and we understand that no matter how geographically apart countries might be, there are some emotions that always resonate among everyone.

The Indian comedy-drama romance is written and directed by Pushpendra Nath Mishra. The series takes us through different characters and how they experience and perceive love and relationships.

The characters in focus range from middle-aged professor couple and their friends as well as young students at Lucknow University. The series has been lauded for its believable performances by the actors and the weaving of philosophy and poetry in its narration. It is about the sophisticated and high-society resident, Elizabeth Thatcher. When she goes on a classroom asment to the small town of Coal Valley, Western Canada, she witnesses the simple, challenging life there. She also meets Mountie Jack Thornton, with whom she develops an immediate dislike at the first meeting.

But gradually, they become friends and get attracted to each other. You can watch this series here. Feel Good is a semi-autobiographical series of the Canadian stand-up comedian, Mae Martin. From there, the story goes on to more relevant and realistic struggles of George, who has never dated another woman and is still working on how to come out to her friends and family.

All this and bringing out the toxic family influences is not an easy task maintaining the comedy genre of the series. When he announces that he wants to start dating, his father, Doug, is delighted to help out his son with whom he had been struggling to build a proper relationship. Now, as Sam embarks on his journey of independence, we also witness his family making their own self-discoveries.

For example, Elsa, his mom, starts an extra-marital affair, his sister Casey develops romantic feelings for another student, and Julia breaks up with her boyfriend. While struggling to attract patients to her clinic, which proves extremely difficult because of her unpopular city persona among the local residents. When Lemon becomes aware of it, she makes it her mission to force Zoe out of Bluebell. Thus begins a love triangle, with Zoe getting increasingly confused regarding whom to choose between the two.

The show takes us back in bits to the painful past that Mel is trying to move on from, while sparks fly between her and Jack. Jack Sheridan Martin Henderson is an ex-marine who owns the local bar and is also a ificant member of the community in the small town of Virgin River. His own life in Virgin River suddenly changes course when Mel becomes a part of it.

As their lives get more intertwined, Mel struggles to heal from her past in addition to the inevitable changes she sees coming in the future. This 8-episode series premiered internationally on Netflix on January 5, The show focuses on two teenagers: year-old James who believes that he is a psychopath and his rebellious classmate Alyssa who views James as an option to escape from her turbulent family life.

When James gets bored with killing animals, he decides that it is now the perfect time to try murdering a human. And his eyes fall on Alyssa.

20 best romantic series on netflix right now

So when Alyssa proposes that they go on a road trip together, he immediately accepts, planning that along the way, he will find some means to kill Love story tv shows on netflix. However, once they embark on this unusual road trip, they start developing feelings for each other, while facing several mishaps on the way.

When a devastating war threatens the existence of the immortal tribe, they end it by offering the god of war, Mo Yuan as a sacrifice to the ghost lord Qing Cang. The story then takes us to 70, years after this, when we meet Bai Qian, who was sent to the earth as a mortal being — without any of her powers and memories — as part of her test to ascend as a High Goddess. There she meets Ye Hua, with the two deities falling in deep love with each other. What follows is an eternal love that spans across three lifetimes; a love ridden with betrayals, heartbreaks, and tragedies.

However, their paths keep on crossing, irrespective of time, realms, and worlds. This science-fiction meets drama, makes My Holo Love a perfect watch. The Korean series is about a woman Han So-yeon Ko Sung-hee with prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. Because of this condition, she lives a reclusive life. AI Holo gradually starts to become aware of the limitations of artificial intelligence; in the process, Go Nan-do starts falling for Han So-yeon.

AI Holo is friendly and easy to talk to; Go Nan-do is more reserved, and his cold personality is no help when it comes to expressing his feelings. The story is about Elsa, who simply cannot get over her ex. Elsa, however, knows him as schoolteacher Julies. But things take a bitter turn when she discovers that her friends have been hiding many things from here. It explores one of our common fantasies: if someone close to us dies too soon, what if we could go back in time and reverse the past?

Well, this episode show does just that. However, it has a little twist.

Romance programmes

It involves the concept of parallel universes. However, he is stopped by Liz, who explains to him that he can travel to parallel universes and try rewriting the fate of his family. Although this show has several fantasy elements, its main focus is human relationships. It tries to explore the immense love that Eduard and Isabel held for each other and how the former could go to any lengths to bring her back.

This Chinese romantic drama is centered around Chen Qing Qing, a rich, young girl who wants to escape an arranged marriage at all costs and wants to fall in love on her own terms. Her parents had earlier died under mysterious circumstances. One day, on the date of her wedding, she runs away from her town and reaches the same college where her parents had studied. She enrolls there with an aim to find out what really had happened to her mom and dad.

In order to hide her true identity, she also alters her name and looks. She even tries her best to blend in with the rest of her classmates. During her classes, she meets her desk-mate, who is a popular singer named Si Tu Feng.

They had run into each other multiple times in the past and do not start off at the right foot. What issues is both of them getting into repeat arguments and creating problems for each other. However, with time, they realize that maybe, there could be more to this relationship.

Every date is accompanied with some flirtatious moments, awkward encounters, and sometimes, true connections. Giving a real-time view into the world of wooing potential partners, this show is a refreshing take on the romance genre. You can watch this show here. This series offers us a fine blend of romance and technology in a way that we have never seen before.

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Though this app might appear to be helpful, it also has its own drawbacks, which we realize as the story of this series progresses. Here, the central character is a girl who finds herself in the middle of a love triangle because of this app, and the story shows us how she manages to deal with this situation while also taking care of other personal problems. The series offers us a rather sweet romantic tale, but its subtextual content is rather deep and insightful. There are some deep emotions in our hearts which we might not be comfortable in sharing publicly.

But technology has such a far-reaching influence in our lives that even our deepest thoughts are not remaining that personal anymore. The series is based in the city of Chicago where we follow a of characters as they go about living their lives, falling in love, going through heartbreaks, and so on. What we actually do here is that we take a glance at the ever-changing equations between human beings and how sometimes the realities of life push us further apart from our loved ones.

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The series does visit one particular story over the course of its three seasons, which is the story of a married couple Kyle Michael Chernus and Andi Elizabeth Reaser. We are made witnesses of how their relationship changes over a long period of time, and how the decision they take of having an open relationship works out for each of the two characters.

The fact that this series does not linger on any one particular story and gives us a wholesome picture of romantic relationships in an urban space like Chicago, makes it stand apart from the other shows on this list.

Amidst all this, her life takes many interesting turns as she is constantly torn between her long lost love- Francisco Gomez Yon Gonzales and his friend Carlos Cifuentes Martino Rivaswho are both running The Telephone Company and are also brothers-in-law. Her past has hardened her into a pragmatic woman and an opportunist.

But does she truly feel for people or simply use them to get ahead? The intricacies of human relations are beautifully shown in the series in all its vulnerable glory.

It is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls where the young teenager Elena Gilbert loses both her parents in a car accident and falls in love with the year-old vampire Stefan Salvatore. Amidst multiple threats to their town, both the brothers seek to protect Elena from various forms of evil. Updated November 28, Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest .