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Posted to: Legal WritesEdgewood. A police internal investigation has concluded that three city cops broke the rules when they failed to arrest a suspected serial rapist during a traffic stop. They let the alleged rapist go free though a woman at the scene said she had just been assaulted at gunpoint. Even though the man had a bb gun under his seat. Even though there was a warrant out for his arrest. The officers also turned off their body cameras during part of the encounter.


Posted to: Legal Writes. Police Chief Otoniel Reyes has ordered an internal use-of-force investigation after a social-media video showed an officer punching a man in the head during an altercation inside a downtown office tower. Officers responded to a call about a man named Shawn Marshall, whom management sought to evict from an office on the 19th floor. More than an hour of discussion and negotiation ensued. In the end the police moved to arrest the man. A scuffle ensued. Three officers eventually wrestled the man to the ground.

At one point an officer punched the man three times in the head. The officer, Justin Cole, then deployed pepper spray. A security guard named Jolisha Troutman recorded nine minutes of the confrontation, including the punches to the head.

Ia report: cops ignored victim, stopped bodycams, let alleged serial rapist go free

Another person posted the video on Facebook, where it was shared times as of Tuesday afternoon. After watching it, she conveyed concern to Chief Reyes. Chief Reyes told the Independent Tuesday that the department plans to release body camera footage promptly. He said he intends to release the full video. We have posted a video of the key nine minutes at the top of this story. Immediately above is the full one-hour minute body cam video of the call as captured by one of the officers present.

Two of the officers, Cole and Ashley Rose McKernan, tell a different story in reports they filed about the incident. They were accompanied on the call by an officer in training, David DeRubeis.

They wrote that they responded to a harassment complaint on the 19th floor last Friday at p. They went to the office Marshall had been renting, where he ran a business called Letar Consulting. The officers wrote that management allowed Marshall to retrieve his belongings, and he was refusing to leave.

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Extensive discussion ensued about whether this was a criminal lockout, and whether Marshall was being harassed. Marshall agreed to go to his office with myself and Donna, one of the staff members.

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I informed Mr. Marshall this would be a property retrieval and therefore he would be allotted 15 minutes to grab his belongings. Marshall understood. We proceeded to office which was packed with clothing and suits. Marshall had been discussing a document management had sent to him.

Update: police release body cam video; head punches prompt internal cop probe

This document stated he was to immediately vacate the premises. While gathering his belongings, Mr. Marshall showed me that this document was not on his desk, underneath his clothes. He believed this meant that he had never received such notice and therefore never had to leave.

I advised Mr. Marshall that he only had 15 minutes to get his belongings and should not waste such time on arguing a civil matter. Marshall had set up a computer and had sticky notes and pieces of paper neatly spread on the tables. Marshall packed up his computer in the computer bag he had, and insisted we take a car full of clothing of his that was in the room. Marshall did not assist in carrying most of the items and instead instructed officers to carry them for him.

Marshall continually talked about topics completely unrelated, including a moment we met in passing before my police interview two years ago. He went on to tell me how he believes he should run for mayor and that Chief Reyes should be his running mate.

He continually told me how important he was and how great his advice to me was the day we met. He yelled at officers in the 19th floor lobby, then had pleasant conversation with me and allowed me to be present during the retrieval, and then became upset whenever I tried to keep him on track. Marshall continually got off track from the main focus which was retrieving his belongings.

Officers helped carry belongings to the lobby, McKernan wrote.

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Marshall began to tell Officer Cole about exchanges between him and the staff, creating the contract that he eventually ed, and what he was planning to do. Officer Cole encouraged Mr. Marshall to get to the root of his complaint. Once Mr. Marshall finally finished his complaint, Mr.

Marshall screamed at officers to get the ID of a staff member upstairs because the staff member supposedly harassed Mr. The call had now run more than an hour, according to McKernan. The police body cam video at the top of the story shows two key moments at issue in this case: Marshall kicking at ; Cole punching at The video also shows repeated efforts by McKernan to defuse the conflict.

Marshall in handcuffs and advised that he was arrested. Marshall immediately panicked and jerked away from officers, trying to flee. Officers Cole and Derubeis gave Mr. Marshall repeated instruction to put his hands behind his back and stop resisting officers.

Marshall continued screaming at officers to stop touching him and attempted to get away from him. Marshall fell to the ground and immediately began attempting to kick officers. I managed to avoid getting kicked. Officers Cole and Derubeis were on top of Mr. Marshall, attempting to get control of his arms while Mr. Marshall actively resisted officers. I Live webcam sex local in New haven free to gain control of Mr. In getting into this position, my camera was kicked off of my body by Mr.

Marshall commands to which he continuously refused to obey. Officer Cole deployed his OC spray, and shortly after this Mr. Marshall stopped fighting. She thanked McKernan for intervening to stop the punches. Troutman declined to speak further about the incident on the record for this story. That is visible in the video as well. We pushed him up against the wall to be handcuffed but he swung away from us.

Marshall continued to swing his arms away from us and again tried to run away. We then took Marshall to the ground. As I attempted to try and control Marshall, he violently kicked me in the area of my thighs. This action caused me to fall several feet backwards and also caused my department-issued camera to fall off of my jacket.

Officer DeRubeis tried to handcuff Marshall but he continued to yell and kick. Marshall made a spitting noise and I attempted to get my hand near his face to prevent him from doing so. Marshall continued to refuse to be handcuffed or to roll over onto his back.

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Marshall was again instructed to give us his hands to be handcuffed or to roll over onto his back. For several seconds, Marshall kept his hands clenched to his chest and would swing away his arms when Officer DeRubeis attempted to place him in handcuffs. Marshall then attempted to get back up on his feet and run away.

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I grabbed Marshall in the shoulder area and threw him back onto the ground. Officer McKernan attempted to sit on his legs to prevent him trying to flee again. Marshall continued to refuse to be handcuffed as Officer DeRubeis kept trying to place his hands in a frontal position to be cuffed.

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I stretched my hands wide like Jesus. I hope he broke his jaw. The police body cam video shows Marshall kicking the officers at the mark, adn the punches at the mark. Go ahead on arrest me! Marshall was taken to 1 Union Ave. He was subsequently released. The Financial Center management employee who dealt with Marshall and police during the incident declined comment. Your :.

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Message: Sent: Jul 20, am. What has happened to the Civilian Review Board? Marshall further.

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