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But now there is no need to dip into the boys section though you still can if you want. Classic brands like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, and Cartier offer the full gamut of styles that are both incredibly chic and exquisitely crafted. The message is clear: serious watch collecting is no longer a man's domain.


When life hands you lemons, it's often your remote or streaming service that'll help you make lemonade. Doubtfireand Mamma Mia! At the very least, you'll definitely find yourself humming to the songs from Eurovision Song Contest. But what is a feel-good movie, exactly?

A study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics found similarities across movies that participants classified as uplifting, like Love Actually and Pretty Woman. According to the study, "feel-good" movies feature humor and an element of lightness, and don't have upsetting plot twists.

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They also have similar lead characters: "Outsiders in search of true love, who have to prove themselves and fight against adverse circumstances, and who eventually find their role in the community," Keyvan Sarkhosh, study leader and first author, said per a press release. For the full feel-good experience, cozy up with a soft throw blanket and sweatpants.

Not only are these favorites entertaining, but they'll brighten not-so-sunny days the second the opening credits roll. When the movie's done, prolong the good vibes with a book about happinessor a heartwarming TV show. Watch Now. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo, the creators of Bridesmaidsreunited for this exuberant and surreal celebration of friendship and Florida. In Barb and Star Go to Vista Del MarMumolo and Wiig play best friends leaving their small Nebraska town for the first time and find themselves enmeshed in adventure and a villain's plot in Florida.

If Jamie Dornan's beach-set dance break isn't the definition of "feel good," we don't know what is. Watch Moonstruck enough times, and the family in the movie might end up feeling like your family. Cher won an Oscar for playing Loretta Castorini, a woman who believes she's doomed to a life of bad luck. She settles to marry one man, but ends up falling for his brother played by Nicolas Cage. In Queens, no one knows that Akeem Eddie Murphy is actually royalty in his fictional home country of Zamunda. He and his best friend, Semmi Arsenio Halltravel to the United States so he can find a wife that he likes, not one that his father chooses for him.

This comedy satirizes and celebrates the Eurovision Song Contest, what is essentially an annual battle of the bands between representatives from countries around the world. In addition to being funny, the earnest movie is also surprisingly uplifting.

After, you'll play the movie's song, " Jaja Ding Dong," on repeat. In this forever delightful film, Anne Hathaway plays an aspiring writer named Andy, who scores a dream job at a Vogue -esque fashion magazine. The only catch? Her diabolical boss Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep is an absolute nightmare. In this charming comedy, Robin Williams plays a gay Miami drag club owner who, along with his life partner, pretends to be straight in order to appease his son's conservative future in-laws.

Watch It Now. In the first of the series of raunchy, cult-classic movies, Kirsten Dunst is Torrance, the captain of her high school's esteemed cheerleading squad.

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But on their road to the championships, they learn that their routines are exact copies The Clovers', their rival team, led by Gabrielle Union. This Netflix breakout hit is the perfect feel good teen romance to better your day. It follows Lara Jean, a girl whose secret love letters somehow get sent to her five crushes, upending her high school life. The best part? There's a sequel in the works.

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Funnyman Jack Black plays a wannabe rocker who's been kicked out of his band. In need of work, he becomes a substitute music teacher at an elite private school. He teaches his students rock 'n' roll, eventually ing them up to compete in The Battle of the Bands. This beloved film may be a Christmas movie, but it can be watched year-round.

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Its huge ensemble cast makes up makes up eight different couples whose love lives are all intertwined. It all culminates in a story that will always warm your heart—no matter how many times you watch it. Yet another holiday film that can be watched days a year, Will Ferrel is the precocious Buddy the Elf. Born a human, as an adult Buddy leaves the North Pole for New York City in an effort to reconnect with his birth father. Though it tackles the heavy topic of racism and segregation in the s South, The Help 's main characters Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer bring light and heart to the film.

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A young writer played by Emma Stone turns her Mississippi hometown upside down when she decides to interview the Black women who work for the community's most prominent white families. The one lesson we'll aways take away from this film? You is kind. You is important.

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A young Lindsay Lohan shines as twins that were raised without knowing of the other's existence—until fate has them meet at summer camp. They soon hatch a plan, swapping places in order to reunite their divorced parents.

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This beloved fantasy romance follows long-lost loves Westley and Buttercup, who in order to be reunited, must fight through the various obstacles they face in the kingdom of Florin. Anne Hathaway makes this list, again, with this Disney film that follows a teen named Mia.

Her life is disrupted when it's revealed that she's the heir to the throne of Genovia, a small European principality. As a result, she must learn the ways of royalty, whether she wants to or not. Whoopi Goldberg plays a lounge singer who's forced into hiding after witnessing her mobster boyfriend commit murder.

She's hidden for protection at a convent, where she soon brings life to the church by taking the reigns of its sleepy choir. In the comedyWilliams plays Daniel Hillard, the down-on-his-luck father who attempts to win back his wife and kids by working as their female housekeeper.

Hillard's interactions with the family are so adorable, you'll forget about the fact that he's lying to them. In the uplifting flick, Jenna Rink's Jennifer Garner birthday wish to become "thirty, flirty, and thriving" comes true. Though she has the body and career any year-old would kill for, she's still at heart.

Virtually every scene in this biographical drama will make you shed happy tears. The film is based on the true story of a struggling salesman named Chris Gardner Will Smith who is desperate to find his purpose and make a necessary career change. Oh, and if you're wondering why Chris's bond with his son, Christopher Jr. Leave it to the bubbly Elle Woods Reese Witherspoon to get you out of a funk. The rom-com may teach audiences how to "bend and snap" and how to move on from a relationship, but the most important thing we could all take away from the film is to not judge a book by its scented pink cover.

You'll be doubling over in laughter at a restaurant visit gone wrong, and the movie will also make you want to phone your best friend. Though "run, Forrest, run" will always be synonymous with the film, we love it for the titular character's positive mantra and catchphrase: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

As Carrie grapples with a wedding day turned sour, the rest of the squad help her mend a broken heart—not to mention sort through her fabulous closet of deer dresses.

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Adapted from Robert Harling's stage play of the same name, the film will make you cry and want to schedule a boxing class to punch out your frustrations. A pianist Ryan Gosling and actress Emma Stone transport audiences back to the golden days of Hollywood, when musicals and the art of dance were used to encourage viewers to follow their dreams.

The Oscar-winning film is a must-see for theater buffs and, well, anyone who loves bright colors, jazz, and romance. The Flossy Posse reunites in this comedy. But during their getaway, the four ladies find out there's more to life and sisterhood than drunken nights, grapefruit sex, and dance parties. Bill Murray delivers one of his best performances in this classic.

He portrays Phil, a cynical weatherman who hates a certain aspect of his job: covering the annual Groundhog ceremony in Pennsylvania. Due to a time warp and weird supernatural forces that are never explained, he's destined to live the same day over and over again. The only perk? He gets the chance to right his wrongs and fall deeper in love with Rita Andie MacDowell. As if Cher is a dim-witted and stylish girl who uses her charm and not necessarily her smarts to get what she wants, including the popular guys and good grades.

Cue this one up when you want to feel less guilty about shopping splurges or when you're in need of entertainment that's purposefully mindless. Tom Hanks stars as the teenager Josh in this body-switch film. Similar to the premise of 13 Going on 30Josh dreams of becoming, well, big.

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His wish gets granted and he wakes up one morning in the body of a grown man. In addition to the punch lines, it's beloved for encouraging adults to view the world with the innocence and wonder of. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are the ultimate power couple in this rock musical. The leather-clad Danny Zuko Travolta and good girl Sandy Olsson Newton-John have a summer fling, but when the fall semester kicks off, things take a dramatically different turn.

As a result, the sparks and the dance s soon fly. Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search.

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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Watch Now Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumulo, the creators of Bridesmaidsreunited for this exuberant and surreal celebration of friendship and Florida. Watch Now Watch Moonstruck enough times, and the family in the movie might end up feeling like your family.

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Paramount Pictures. Coming to America. Watch Now This comedy satirizes and celebrates the Eurovision Song Contest, what is essentially an annual battle of the bands between representatives from countries around the world. The Devil Wears Prada.