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Home Forum. Okay, I know what you're thinking.

Just wait. This foreword is preparation for what you are about to read. Actually, that's exactly what this book is about--waiting and preparation. The ideas in these s are really quite revolutionary. I'm so glad this book is in your hands; it could save you from a lot of needless agony.

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It has the potential to change the mindset of our generation. It has already affected my life. Let me explain. You see, for a long time, I have held the same kind of opinions on dating as Josh the writer of this book and a friend of mine.

I mean, as someone said to me recently, "Why shop if you're not gonna buy? Why date if you can't marry yet? I'm nineteen, and even though I've never dated, I've had plenty of years to watch some of my friends at the game. And believe me, it is a game. And it doesn't look fun. It looks agonizing and painful.

That's part of the reason I haven't dated. Second, I know it's not God's timing for me right now. I would just be distracted by having a boyfriend.

Distracted from the work God wants me to do during these years. I've also had the philosophy that groups and 3friendships are much more fun than one-on-one relationships at my age anyway.

That's when I read this book and really felt God encouraging me through Josh's words. He tackles the hard issues, the tough questions on this confusing topic of "to date or not to date. Joshua Harris has a powerful way of sharing from his experience. And since he's our age just out of the teen years himselfhe knows what he's talking about.

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One of the things I like the most about Josh's writing is that he brings it all back to the Bible and how we can really live what it says. And after knowing him for the last couple of years, I can truly say that he "walks his talk. Thanks for sticking with me and. Stay strong! James Reading a book is a lot like a dating relationship. Granted, the analogy isn't perfect you'd never take a book out to a moviebut when you read a book you do spend time alone.

You hold it, stare into its face, and give it your undivided attention. Like a dating relationship, reading Kiss dating goodbye ebook book can carry you to the peaks and valleys of emotional experience--it can make you laugh or even make you angry. I hope that you're not one of those "love "em and leave "em" types who read to the third chapter of a book and then dump it. If you are, you probably won't get much out of this one. As with a meaningful relationship, reading this book requires a certain level of commitment--a commitment to think hard and wrestle with ideas that will challenge your present views of dating.

Many wise people say that honesty is the best policy in any relationship. So before you "get serious" with this book, you need to understand one thing. This book isnt like other books on dating. Most other books will tell 4you how to fix dating to make it work for you.

This book tells you how to "break up" with dating so your life works for God. I Kissed Dating Goodbye is about the reasons and ways to leave behind the world's lifestyle of dating. Still want to go out?

Why would anyone choose not to date? How do you get married if you don't date? What about friendships? Get a life, buddy! But before we go any further, I want to state clearly what I'm not going to say about dating.

I don't want you to spend your time worrying about what I might be implying. If you do, you'll miss the positive points and principles I intend to present. I know this can happen because I've done it myself. I was immediately suspicious. First, because my mom gave it to me. Giving me a book is my mom's not-so-subtle way of telling me I have a problem. Besides that, I was worried about the implications of the subtitle which read, "Bringing your love life under the authority of God. So what did I do?

Joshua harris

I determined before I had even cracked the cover that I would disagree with everything the book had to say. As my mom likes to joke, I read all the "passion" but skipped all the "purity. Not long ago I reread Passion cVery Purity and realized that, had I been more open-minded at the time, I could have benefited greatly from its message in the midst of my high school dating relationship.

Why had it seemed so irrelevant? Why didn't I learn from it at that time?

Because I had decided from the beginning that I wouldn't listen. I hope you won't make the same mistake with this book. If you can remain open to this book's message, it may be exactly what you need to hear right now. To help you let down some of the defenses you may already have put up, let me make a couple of statements that should dispel two of the most common fears people 5have when I talk about giving up typical dating. I do not believe that dating is sinful. Some people havesinned as a result of dating, but I don't think anyone can accurately say that dating in and of itself is a sinful activity.

I view dating in a similar Kiss dating goodbye ebook as I view fast-food restaurants--it's not wrong to eat there, but something far better is available. As we'll see, God wants us to seek the best in everything, including our romantic relationships.

As Christians, we're too often guilty of making do with the worlds model for relationships and missing God's best. Rejecting typical dating does not mean that you'll never spendtime alone with a guy or girl There's a difference between the act of going on a date and dating as a way of thinking about and approaching romantic relationships.

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If dating were merely a guy and girl going out for coffee, we wouldn't need to spend a whole book talking about it, would we? But dating is more than that. It's a lifestyle that involves our attitudes and values. And I want to encourage you to reexamine these patterns of thinking and acting.

I won't say that it's never appropriate to spend time alone with someone. At the right time in a relationship, if the motive is clear and the setting avoids temptation, going on a date can be healthy.

In short, dating isn't really the point. But, you ask, isn't this book about dating? And I can understand the question.

After all to extend the analogy between reading books and datingyou might have felt "attracted" to this book for any of reasons--I'll list four: 1. You just got out of a bad relationship, and you don't want to be hurt again. Not dating sounds like a great idea. You just haven't felt comfortable with dating, and y'relooking for alternatives.

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