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Just bought it to train a Japanese crew and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it is to play this little tank!


Jump to content. And yes, a very nice tank indeed.

The gun is good, tank is mobile enough but not especially fast and small enough to do some scouting when needed. Just take camo net and binocs and go sit in a bush or two. Harabeishio, on 27 December - AM, said:. IsoA, on 27 December - AM, said:.

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I have only encountered tier 6 at the top, not any tier 7 or 8 at all, can you confirm its scout matchmaking? Tbh they ought to make all the other T4 scouts like this now we have higher level light tanks in the game. But this is actually a legit LT by statistics alone and its not getting scout matchmaking which is awesome!

The Ke-Ho really stands as an example of how fun a LT can be when its not getting overlooked due to its matchmaking. It had scout MM at first in the test server and then was changed to normal MM so I doubt that they would change it back. Juniper7, on 27 December - PM, said:. Well I have no doubt WG will monitor it's performance and decide on it at a later date, that's how it works with all tanks It is a great tank.

Once I ve learned the way of jap light tanks with Ke-Ni, I think we are gonna be friends. The only thing that concerns me is, what gun do you use?

You have 2 options: 47 and 57mm. I dont think its worth to sacrifice 30 shells for 6 more penetrations and 5 more dmg.

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What do you think? Considering that I've thusfar never ran out of shells with the 57mm gun? I'll take the higher damage and pen. Also, high caliber has it's own advantages in that it will lose less pen over distance.

Can't say I've ever run out of shells so far so the extra pen and damage is a no brainer for me. This is the reason I also will keep it, bought it yesterday and dayum, it is so fun with the depression and punchy gun combo. Kinda wish it could have some turret upgrade that do not look like crapand gave it a bit more view range, but appart from that it is a great tier 4 to play.

Also agree that most tier 4 lights do not have any tools to be effective scouts in tier 8 games, some don't even work in tier 7. Community Ke ho matchmaking Software by IP. Type 5 Ke-Ho Amazing! Started by BloodstainerDec 27 AM. I'm just so impressed, I went into this thinking I was going to suffer through yet another tier IV Light Tank scout and I was really impressed with the fact that this Tank got both a decent gun and speed and with great acceleration and mobility, it was actually more fun than the tier IV medium tank in my opinion which was something I did not foresee.


Was I just having several good matches and insane luck or can anyone confirm that this tank is not being matched as a scout? Or is this really one of the best tier IV Light Tanks so far? It does have regular tier 4 LT scout MM.

With all the tier 6 grinding the mission and generally low-tier players grinding the jap line, i think its a great time to play this tank. Not true.

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It has normal tier 4 MM so you see tier 6s but no higher. It has normal MM. Although I have taken mine into higher matches through Platooning because with skills and equipment it can work perfectly fine as a scout. I like it a lot and never once got anything over tier 6 in it. It doesn't get scout matchmaking at all in my experience. It's a keeper!

Definitely my favorite japanese tank so far. The 57mm is godly on a tier4 light. The T5 and T6 tanks on the other hand are a huge letdown.

Pretty sure sooner or later it will get the scout MM and it will be just a tank you used to love unless you are a good scouter. The Ke-Ni and Ke-Ho or, as I nicknamed them, Nezumiand Nezumi-Kai are excellent machines, packing effective guns and excellent mobility with small size.

The Ke-Ni also has a relatively tough turret which can be useful when facing Pz. Juniper7, on 27 December - PM, said: It had scout MM at first in the test server and then was changed to normal MM so I doubt that they would change it back.

Just adding my voice to the waves of love for this tank. Haven't had a bad game in it yet, it's great fun to play. GrandelSvK, on 29 December - PM, said: I dont think its worth to sacrifice 30 shells for 6 more penetrations and 5 more dmg.

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