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By Mike Larkin. There were plenty of jammy Dodgers fans in Los Angeles today. For they got to see sexy Dancing With The Stars favourite Karina Smirnoff take to the pitch to encourage the baseball team before their game against the Saint Louis Cardinals. Karina posed alongside her celebrity dancing partner Apolo Ohno as they larked around before the action began. And they seemed to be having a great time as they pranced around the hallowed turf in their team shirts, which had their names embroidered on the back.


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It was only two years ago that Apolo Anton Ohno was a hero again at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, and now he is going to have to try and prove something again here on the dance floor with a brand-new dance partner. Julianne Hough has since moved on, and has now made a career for herself in both music and film. Claim to fame — Being an Olympic gold medalist in the world of short-track speed skating, and for being one of the most-decorated athletes ever in the sport. Not only was he a strong dancer, but he also had an outgoing personality and knew how to show off his sense of humor.

He has since come back to judge a round of the show, and now he is back to work as a contestant. Strengths — Can we talk enough about how dedicated this guy is? Even though he has a lot on his plate, Apolo may be one of the most dedicated people to ever be on this show.

Apolo ohno blogs: i wish i had time to go on a date!

Weaknesses — Apolo is not someone who necessarily has any major weakness — and the fact that he won probably proves this. The only real thing that he may have to watch out for is that some of these other pros have spent more time in the ballroom as of late than he has, and he will have to play catch-up. Prediction — Overall, we see Apolo as someone who could pretty well on this season — and maybe even win if he is allowed enough time to improve week to week.

How do you think that Apolo and Karina are going to fare this coming season? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!

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If you want to check out some more of our spotlight series related to the show, be sure and read our story here. Tyhita Flair August 28, pm. Karina will train Apolo well! Also, judging from the video I saw of them being interviewed. They have good chemistry as well.

Veronica Hugh You seriously need to get a life! Are they having sex?! Are they having an affair?!

True, Karina and Ralph are close. I heard her say this out of her own mouth. What you said about Karina giving someone an STD was so juvenile.

Even IF Karina was a hoe. The only person we know she slept with was Mario Lopez because she dated him for about 2 yrs!

Almost all of the pros on the show have been rumored to have slept with their partners. Not just Karina! So, until any of the Rumors become a certified Fact! Thank You! Veronica Hugh, calm down. Veronica Hugh August 21, pm. Ralph Macchio must stop this nonsense about telling to the public that Karina Smirnoff is his friend.

There are a couple of evidences that I would like to say about this matter. Karina Smirnoff explained about her first movie with Ralph Macchio. Why is Ralph Macchio involved in making a movie with Karina? Can it be someone else working on her movie?

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This Passionproject which Ralph Macchio mentioned on Twitter is nothing more than being intimacy with each other. What is this a car conversation? He copied word for word. Guys, what would u like to c us dance to?

Last, Ralph Macchio had an interviewed with Boomer and Carton, all of a sudden he got nervous when people ask him about his friendship with Karina Smirnoff. Why was he so nervous?

Without a doubt, there is a relationship going between them. He might get her pregnant or have sexual transmitted disease; she always has sex with her dance partners. She also buys followers on Twitter! Love TV? I think Karina pays for Twitter Followers to but who cares! Not an issue!