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Rachel Reinert has amassed enormous fame and fortune as a singer.


One would be hard pressed to find another industry that is as insular, antiquated, and downright embarrassing as the one that is in charge of managing the affairs of mainstream country radio. The two were the opening acts for a Brad Paisley concert later that evening. Despite the station promoting the appearance ly, at the last minute she was uninvited. What was the reason? First off, who knew that Bobby Bones had any game and could land and lady like Lindsay Ell? And apparently this is the second artist Bones has dated.

He also briefly was seeing Rachel Reinert of the group Gloriana. Just last week, Emily Yahr of The Washington Post published an in-depth look into just what kind of sacrifices and commitments up-and-coming country artists must make on these early career radio tours, and how important they can be to their success. Wonder why someone like Sturgill Simpson has never had a radio hit, and someone like Chris Stapleton struggles despite huge awards and massive album sales?

Writer Emily Yahr used the test case of new mainstream artist Carly Pearce to prove just how tough the task of a radio tour can be. In fact at the moment, singles from females such as industry stalwart Miranda Lambert, and Grammy-winning Maren Morris are struggling mightily on the charts. In fact apparently Lindsay Ell has been dealing with this systematical repression from non iHeartMedia stations for a while now.

The radio station has asked me not to come bc of my personal life.

Early life, family, and education

Sorry guys. The bigger concern is that this incident is just the tip of the iceberg of what happens all of the time in country radio. Not just rival stations or labels or booking agencies using artists like unwitting pawns or chattel in inner-industry fights, but all of the malfeasance that goes on behind closed doors, yet remains unspoken among professionals in fear they might be the next to receive retribution for stepping out of line somehow.

This was the risk Lindsay Ell took by taking to Twitter about her canceled appearance. But what is anybody going to do about all of these conflicts of interest and seedy practices? Where is the CMA, whose supposed to be supporting the artists and have the best interest of the industry in mind?

Are they so worried about the ratings for their CMA Fest TV special in August that their duties of governing country radio have lapsed? How country radio will look in the future is something we need to start dealing with right now before more artists who are unwilling to kiss the ring have their careers ended because they did not adhere to unspoken rules, becoming victims of an antiquated system and mindset. INDK June 19, am. Raymond June 19, pm. So she deserves to be penalized for her personal life?

That is just stupid if you ask me. Radio should leave her personal life out of it. Saving Bro Country Music June 19, am. It seems thoroughly problematic that his show can so publicly serve as a platform for Kelsea Ballerini, the flagship artist on that record label. Corncaster June 19, am. He was considering a run for governor of Arkansas early this year. DJ June 19, am.

Thank you Democrats and Republicans. Clint June 19, am. Seak05 June 19, am. As to on the verge, every few months iheart country programmers get polled and vote for a song.

Adios Amigo June 19, pm. Stringbuzz June 19, am.

All these people know the game. CountryKnight June 20, am. I hate to be cynical but I agree with you on this. If Bones was a DJ in my rural county, there is no way in hell that she would be dating him. Spoony June 19, am.

Who is bobby bones’ girlfriend?

Holy fucking clickbait title, Triggerman. Trigger June 19, am. If so, why is nobody clicking on it? But the message is important. Kevin Davis June 19, pm.

Trigger June 19, pm. The of gatekeepers to commercial radio play is too small. Meantime, we have SCM to alert us to good stuff, festivals to go to, streaming services to consider, youtube and other media, and probably new subscription VR systems on the horizon.

There may always be a place for it morning and evening commute? Erica June 19, pm. I have some questions: 1. Do you think this problem will ease up when iHeartRadio and the like implode under their own weight?

Was it like this before the advent of these programming conglomerates? If not, what was the game like then? I, for one, would be interested in a post detailing the nitty gritty of how musicians got radio play when the independent DJs were in charge. Finally, and most importantly, 4.

Convict charlie June 19, pm. Perhaps some older stories I can think off of the top of my head to fit your criteria. Brenda Lee was really young when she started out. Her moniker was little miss dynamite.

Her manager came up with a story that she was a 30 year old midget to get her played. Scotty J June 20, am. Seak05 June 19, pm. The Senator June 19, pm. That list saddens me.

It should be inverted, but we all know the game. Planned obsolescence is alive and well in the music industry. How much of that is conditioning, both for the audience and for the artists?

Really good country music makes me stop, think, feel…. Urban is the cool thing right now.

Career as a professional singer

That is why country music has embraced its sounds and not vice versa. Some serious substantive music to go with the fluff which has always been there. Jeff June 19, pm. So well put, Mate! Perhaps I was in denial, but it sort-of took yourself and Trigger to spell out that airplay relies so much on kissing ass to a chosen few radio execs.


No wonder the field of view in mainstream country radio is so narrow — and the product so damned disposable. Heidi June 20, am. Those two smooch radios ass all their careers. Must be great to. E a white male in country. Even when they were selling singles they still got 1s on the radio for years before making it big.

Something no female ever gets. RD June 19, pm. Or, was that just a one-night stand? ScruffyCity June 19, pm. I feel like the whole thing was really unfair and in my opinion it made the radio station look kind of petty. JohnS June 19, pm.

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Still it all, Bones, who has rachel on-air and on social media with Kacey Musgraves, Aaron Watson and, most recently, Florida Georgia Line the duo jabbed at Bones for a billboard publicity stunt has remained humble.