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The main reason why many men have Asian brides to be is because Asia has definitely recently been regarded as one of the most romantic put in place the world. Dissimilar to other parts on the planet, where a lot more tough and the crime level is huge, the people in Asia are comparatively more secure and they contain a low crime rate. Narrow models look great there are a lot of Asian girls who are after a foreign guy.


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But there also are a lot of guys out there who have learned their lesson and have a broader definition as to what makes a woman attractive. Believe it or not, there are plenty of guys in the world who are interested in the complete package.

Being comfortable in her own skin is a huge factor when it comes to being attractive. Out of a relationship, out of her career, and out of life in general.

Being indecisive, always going with the flow, or just generally not giving a shit about anything … not so attractive. Not just in bed. She can go on for hours about why Nina Simone is the best singer of all time, or give you a detailed list of everything that sucked about Batman v Superman. She volunteers at a dog rescue in her spare time, or takes part in marches to support equal rights. Basically, she has strong feelings for something other than her smartphone.

Spontaneity, fearlessness, and the willingness to try new things are a huge turn on. Girls who dig sports are sexy.

Even if she loves a team you hate, watching her get psyched up for a game is a lot of fun. But at the right level, this is a surprising quality that raises the attraction meter. As long as they keep their grubby fingers off our plates. In fact, a guy might not even realize he finds you sexy until you make a move on him. Positivity and possessing a generally sunny outlook on life can be infectious. Guys lose interest in mean girls at about the same time women get over their thing for bad boys. Well, guess what?

Guys like to laugh, too. Men want women to be capable, but they also like to feel useful every once in a while.

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She stands up for herself. She knows how to argue. She has a brain.

She can play pool. View Deal.

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