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A couple of years ago I wrote a post on falling in love with yourselfand it got a lot of positive feedback. One of the ways you can start loving yourself more is by taking yourself out on dates—solo dates, if you will. Specifically, I spent a year living and studying in Florence, Italy.


A list of solo date ideas and fun activities to treat yourself when you are bored, or single, or a little bit of both.

Most of us would spend time to plan for a date. This is one of the biggest benefits of being single. It pushes you to date yourself and to come up with creative ideas to make yourself happy. It can be the best self-exploration day. There is so much more to do than sinking in your couch watching Netflix all day. Take yourself on a date and who knows, you may fall in love with flying solo.

Your self date wish-list

Here are the best ways to date yourself that will change how you feel about being single. Yes, you will be surrounded by the crazy-in-love couples but if the movie is good enough, who cares anyway? If you are more of a homebody, stay at home and binge on Netflix then. Popcorn and soda sound like a cute date, right? Throw your diet out of the window for a day:. Arrange a cheat meal or cheat day for yourself once a week and allow yourself to have all the good things in life: chocolate, fries, cookies, donuts…you name it.

The 25 best solo date ideas for this weekend (or really, any day you want)

You will be amazed at how fresh you look and how happy you are with just being you. Meditation is a good way to relieve the stress from work and it is said to be helpful for insomnia, headache and ADHD. If you have time, take 20 minutes, put yourself in a lotus position and try meditating. You may fall in love with this self-exploratory practice. A hot bath will warm your body and calm your soul. Take Ideas for dating yourself long you want until you soak all your blues in the water.

Grab your favorite read, a drink, light up some candles, put them on a bathing tray and enjoy some me-time in your own spa. Hire a photographer to take a new profile photo for you. When you look good, you will feel good. It simply means to do something good for strangers, abandoned animals or anybody out of no reason. By helping those in need, your mood will be elevated and you will feel happier.

If you have any clothes or accessories, donate them to local charities. Or spend some time volunteering. The place we live in has so much to do with our emotional and physical well-being. Living in an artistically appealing home is a joy.

26 solo date ideas that’ll make you enjoy the time alone

So why not take some time to make your room the way you want? Get some paint to recolor the walls.

Or get a new set of gorgeous and comfy bed sheets. Small changes can make a huge difference. Do you have playlists for every emotion? Pick one, shuffle the songs and sing along! Studies have Ideas for dating yourself that singing help to relieve stress and loneliness. If you are super bumped out of being single, you can actually use some endorphins.

And honestly what can be better than sweating your way to a perfect body and pure joy! Find your hygge in a good read plus beer. Go back to one of your favorite books and read it again. And it may do so for you too! Woods, sunshine, and streams are powerful natural mood lifters.

Go on a hike in the nearest trail or a solo picnic by the lake. Let the soothing breeze be your best companion. Try a new recipe or simply create one. Light up some candles and treat yourself just like a formal table-for-two. A tattoo can be a self-motivation, a motto, a statement and so much more.

Immerse yourself in the gorgeous view of the city. Take the time you need to recharge both mentally and physically. Feel the gentle light scatter on your skin and the breeze touching your face. Happiness is a choice, and you are capable of living in the moment.

30 self date ideas

Your body deserves the best thing on earth. And the best gift you can give yourself is a healthy body. Instead, start with replacing all the processed food with whole and fresh ingredients. So what about the ice-cream in the fridge and the cookies on the shelf? Should you finish them all at once so you can start eating clean?

Absolutely not. Give the snacks to a fake friend or an annoying neighbor. And fill your fridge with fresh ingredients and you are good to go. Time to rediscover your shining spots. Observe yourself from a third-person perspective and list all the things you love about you.

Arrange a day free from Instagram feeds, Facebook lives or anything that is not really important. Detach from your phone and bring the paper back. Bullet journaling, reading books, coloring s…pick one to your liking. Leave the Internet chaos behind and enjoy a day of self-exploratory.

35 fun solo date ideas for the self-partnered girls

Call your bestie and make plans together. Visit a place you have never been to. Do something crazy like skydiving. You will have a day beyond memorable. Download a simulation game of any kind, such as Episode. Choose a story and type in the name of your secret crush.

And Do Whatever You Want. To recharge our soul with positive vibes, we need to empty our emotional baggage first. Take out your bullet journal or use this free template to do a brain dump. Then you can start prioritizing the items instead of carrying them everywhere you go.

With plenty of tutorials available, you can easily turn yourself into the next origami master. How about an iris to begin with? Here are all the fun things to do by yourself when you are alone. Give these solo date ideas a try. Leave a comment and share with us.

I felt excited when you said that you can chill out if you want to enjoy a lazy and cozy day at your favorite cafe. Actually, my fiance and I broke up.

30 self date ideas: solo dates to get stuck into

What I want is to find a way to enjoy things on my own. I live this. Unfortunately t oo many people neglect themselves and forget that they need to work on a self relationship. They lose themselves in others, depending on them for their happiness.

12 solo date ideas – fun things to do on your own

We need to and maintain a relationship with ourselves, just like any other relationship we have in our lives. Fun ways to date yourself. Netflix binge. Treat yourself.

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