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Below is a list of tips and tricks on similarities I've noticed from artists who are famous. You can either incorporate all of them or a few of them. This list is a rewritten version of a similar post on RapGenius by MonsterIslander. This list doesn't include the obvious things such as practice and using RapPad.


So you want to know how to become a rapper huh?

This article on how to become a rapper is for beginner to mid level rappers. More importantly, as a rapper, I have done So I have made the mistakes and personally experienced what I should have done better when on the rise as a rap artist. If you already have some basics down, then move on to the further steps on how to become a rapper. Is it directed at a female talking about how you feel about her, how she feels or even sexually driven lyrics? Is it just witty lines that are entertaining that use metaphors and punchlines to pull the listener in?

Such as writing metaphors and punchlines or rhyme schemes, internal rhyming, multi syllable rhyming and forms of word play. But once you understand the importance of song structure, everything you write will seem to come together better.

Here is an outline of different parts of songs that you can be focusing on learning that is also the basic structure for most rap songs. Now this varies in many many many ways.

Sometimes there is a pre chorus, sometimes the song starts with the chorus, sometimes there are 3 verses etc. I cannot possibly stress enough how massively important, vital, critical, essential and paramount knowing how to write rap choruses is to your career. If you have a good chorus, you have a good song.

As long as the rest of the song carries every other part. The chorus is what sticks in the listeners head. Then you just have to write verses that carry the bars between the choruses and you have a great song. I even have a 20 minute demo of the how to write choruses course on that if you wanna check it out after this article. A lot of people just write randomly and make songs to be making songs when they first start rapping.

It was important to bring this up now because when you are becoming a rapper you need to know what you stand for and start focusing on one specific sound and type of music that people can associate with you. Now that you have learned some of all of those things on how to become a rapper, you need to practice so that you can start getting closer to mastery in your craft.

Because I try to put in as much practice as I possibly can to not only stay a great writer but become a better rapper and songwriter. Think about your writing skills as a I wanna be a famous rapper. Your mind is a muscle just like your biceps and triceps are muscles. In most articles that I write on Smart Rapper I always mention how important practice is and how I do it daily even at my level and how every time you practice you are getting. You will realize that when you want to become a rapper, understanding how and why things are important to society and culture is going to give you a HUGE advantage over other rappers when you are learning how to become a rapper.

What he is saying is that he as a person is an actual business.

A brand that is worth half a billion dollars and more. Your business is everything that makes you who you are. All of these things matter and add up so that people see you, like you, connect with you and then connect their friends with you so you gain fans. Branding is a massive part learning how to become a rapper. Learn it as early as you can so that you can start now only growing a fan base, but keeping that fan base for life.

I purposefully said to learn branding first when becoming a rapper before I said to choose your rapper name for the simple fact that, once you understand branding, you will understand the massive importance of your rapper name.

So make sure that it is the right name that you are going to want to have 10 years down the road in any music industry circumstance. Check out this article on how to choose your rapper name.

Start your social media profiles with your rap name as soon as possible. Now that you know a bit more about branding and I wanna be a famous rapper have chosen a smart rapper name for yourself, you need to create your online presence. Locking them down also detours anyone who may try to come in and take your rapper name before you really got to build you name on it. I recommend that you go and lock down every single social media site possible with the same rapper screen name you chose.

This way no one can impersonate you. After that, it is best to focus your efforts towards learning the top 3 social media platforms you will be using to promote your music. If you want to be able to release songs anytime you want, be able to constantly make music and get better through practice, make friends who want to come over to your house and rap and a slew of other benefits, than you need a home recording studio in your journey on becoming a rapper.

You need to get your hands on a DAW Digital Audio Workstation such as Pro Tools and also get the equipment you need microphone and preamp to start recording your music from home. I also have this article that shows you everything you will need all wrapped up into one article that branches out to the other specific articles I just mentioned. Everything you will need is right here.

The Truth About Both. You are over here trying to learn how to build yourself into a brand, learn to write songs, learn how to record yourself, market yourself and all other aspects of the music industry that are really a requirement nowadays. In that time you could be mastering how to become a rapper instead of how to become a mix engineer.

🥇 we are #1 for a reason 💪

The left side is clearly unmastered. Yes… that is how drastic of a difference it is to your rap songs. Now that you area well on your way to learning how to become a rapper with the songwriting, branding and everything else, you need to start learning the business. The entertainment industry movies and music are the toughest industries on the planet to succeed in.

And not only business but also business etiquette and what is actually acceptable in certain circumstances and conditions. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes that in turn made me look stupid. I learned the hard way but now I understand how to act, speak and do things in business situations. You sooner you learn these things, the sooner you will become a more successful rapper and music artist. Learn how to train your mind — mind matters first and foremost to keep going as a rapper. There is a reason I try to mention books in a lot of my Smart Rapper articles.

I used to think reading was stupid and lame. There is so much knowledge out there that you can be applying to your career and life that will make you a super human. Imagine all of the knowledge and principles for succeeding in my music career and life I have built up! Now, I mention learn how to train your mind not only because I have personally learned how important it is in becoming a rapper and successful music artist but also because a book I started reading today reminded me why it is so essential to train your mind.

Imagine the massive amount of mental toughness it takes to be a top performing player in any sport or industry. Relentless unstoppable animals that are the best at what they do. I mention this book because when It comes to wanting to become great at anything, especially how to become a rapper, you need to understand that your mind set and mental toughness is more important than anything.

I have known this for a long time, hence why when I started Smart Rapper a few months back, one of the main sections of the site is called Mind Set. Mind set is everything. Your ability to focus and not worry about anything but being great. Avoiding drama, avoiding problems and issues, avoiding negative people and negative thoughts.

These things are so critical to your success.

Do you think that Michael Jordan could have become Michael Jordan without having the mental strength and drive he had? This is so important. We just want to do what we love!

The thing is though is that if you do what you love and create the music and then you just release it without a plan… no one hears it. People need to hear your music in order to become a fan so you need to learn how to get people to hear you music.

This is why you will see super wack rappers actually blowing up. Their stuff got marketing or spread in a way that made them famous and because they were gaining attention, everyone else looked and suddenly became amused and then they shared it with their friends. Just know that you need to be marketing your music in your journey of how to become a rapper. To hiring Music PR Firms to promote your music. Social media game is just as important as the product nowadays because you need to stand out in peoples news feeds.

People can like you for who you are and then realize you do music and be impressed and become an even bigger fan. I could have added a lot more to this list on how to become a rapper but I kept it to the basics. There are tons more articles on Smart Rapper that you can go check out that will teach you a ton more!

There is also nearly videos on the YouTube. The fact that you read this far into the article lets me know that you are smart enough to grab that guide for free and check it out. Get Access.

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