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Here's how to do it. Girls love when you ask us questions. But it can also be more complicated than that. Online dating is a little like gaming.


It's easy to create messages which get responses on Plentyoffish.

If you want to know how to start conversations with women on POF, the key is to comment on something in their profile to show you're interested in them beyond their photos. There are plenty of ways to do this, but OkCupid has found some useful phrases which help boost the chances of a woman replying. If you need a little help, keep reading, and I'll share with you how to start conversations on POF, so you can finally get responses to your messages.

The reason men don't get responses to messages is because of zero effort.

Too many guys send boring, lazy, non-engaging opening messages like this:. You can't expect to do well on any dating site when you send messages such as "hello," "hey," or "how's your weekend? Also, you need to have a good dating profile. If a woman looks at your profile and doesn't send you a message, your profile needs work.

As I covered in a blog post about OkCupid, 3 Good Conversation Starters for Online Dating Messages To Womenyou can use 3 phrases in your message which increase the likelihood of a response. OkCupid analyzed overs and discovered 3 phrases got the most responses from women. The 3 phrases that got the most replies are:.

The reason these phrases work with women is that they show you made an effort to read their profile. Funny how that works; reading women's profiles helps your chances for a response? Go figure! It's easy to get replies to messages on Plentyoffish; read a woman's profile and create an open-ended message about something Don't ask something that can be answered with a "yes" or "no.

It's your job to choose something and ask them about it. Let me show you how to do it. In this example, this woman shared a variety of interests on her profile, but I zeroed in on her use of the word "foodie.

5 tips to sending messages that get replies

I wrote this message using one of the phrases, "you mention": " You mention you're a foodie. Does that mean you can cook too? Or more of a restaurant type of person? I got a response. In this example, the women shared a lot about herself, and I focused on one of her interests, "Breweries.

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I was able to whip out this message using the phrase "noticed that":. Care to recommend one? Belching Beaver up in Vista is amazing.

The patio area is great and the beer is divine. The message shows I read her profile and I engage her by asking for a recommendation of a brewery while also sharing a favorite of mine. The result? I got a response:. Do these phrases help start conversations with women on POF? Do they ever:.

The three phrases above show how important it is to read a woman's profile. You don't necessarily have to use the three phrases, just ask questions about something in her profile. This woman shares she likes doing "anything active" which you can see here:. In this example, I use the phrase "I see" which shows I read her profile:.

Are you more of a land loving hiker or a water person?

How to start conversations with women on pof

The phrase "I see" is essentially the same thing as saying "I noticed that. How do you start conversations with women on POF who have a blank profile? Easy, choose something in her settings or photo. In the example below, the woman wrote nothing about herself except "ask.

I focused on her "basics" section and zeroed in on her answer to Pets.

Get a girl on plenty of fish using the best copy and paste messages for pof

The end result was that I got a response and was able to start a conversation with her. Starting conversations with women on POF is easy. Read their profile and ask questions. It's not hard. The more you use this approach, the better you'll get at it. When you comment on something on a woman's profile, your message stands out which is a good thing because it shows you're interested in her beyond photos.

You took the time to read her profile and ask something about her.

Whatever you do, don't comment on a woman's looks. Leave your thoughts below.

Back to the basics: how to craft a great first message to someone you’re interested in

Feel free to share tips you have for how to start conversations on POF. Please log in again. The will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this. Your privacy is protected. Yes, Send Me Message Tips! Why you don't get responses on POF. Here are a few tips to help you put up a good POF profile: 1. What are good conversation starters on POF. The 3 phrases that got the most replies are: "You Mention" "Good Taste" "Noticed That" The reason these phrases work with women is that they show you made an effort to read their profile.

How to get responses to messages on POF. I was able to whip out this message using the phrase "noticed that": "I noticed that you enjoy breweries. Just show women you read their profile! In this example, I use the phrase "I see" which shows I read her profile: "I see you like doing anything active.

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