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It takes lo of planning, work and thinking to start a phone sex operator business.


See Our Full List of Industries. Allison Eilhardt 10 min read. Your information will not be distributed. There are many different styles of adult phone operator companies such as single actress self-promotion, multi-actor businesses, and even dispatching operators.

I worked at a phone sex hotline. this is what it’s really like

For this reason it can be difficult to see which type of phone sex operator company you may want to start from home. But luckily, a s in any market within the adult entertainment industry, when done correctly your business will see success quickly. Answer these basic questions to get an idea of where you would best fit when starting in the phone sex operator market. If this is a no, then you would be a better fit for operating a multi-actor business in which you hire other PSOs or a dispatching company that gets the clients on the phone but offlo the talking to others.

But if this is a yes, then consider if you want to have a go at it alone or by starting to hire other phone sex line operators. If you have worked in the adult video production industry and have a name for yourself, this is a great opportunity to expand your brand and create a deeper connection with your admirers. Without an established name, you may find it easier to lean on a diverse set of operators that can help you get more clients through the door and increase your profits. Depending on your business plan, this can be a huge help or it may diminish your brand.

Lots of actors in the adult industry are turning to promotions other than porn to strengthen their name. So if this is you, consider adding onto your own website an option for clients call, text, and chat directly with you.

For the most part though, starting a phone sex line operator from home means sharing the stage or the phone line with other actors and actresses. And if you are planning on simply running the business, then this answer is a required yes. You will need to search for people that are both willing and able to do the job.

Start your own phone sex operator business from home

By already having the site built out you can add on the phone sex info and s easily. But if not, this is something that you want to get up and running quickly. This way you can begin creating content, curating y0ur look and How to set up a sex line, and begin to reach out to clients and employees that you may need to help you run the business. The avenues of this market can broadly be split into two fields:. There is no real archetype when it comes to the individuals who become phone sex operators.

While some utilize the business to help subsidize the expenses of college, others are full-time within the business. Depending on the site, many of the clients who call in want to play out an intimate scenario. As an operator, it is vital to pick the right call center that fits your needs and expertise. In addition to a lot of research, some self-realization to assess skill-level will help in this process. There is a certain lingo and pre-existing knowledge the operator must have in order to facilitate the vast of kinks and fetishes.

Depending on your past work and experiences, this might not come to you easily. Do your research and familiarize yourself with all types of sexual interests and verbal foreplay. You will find that there are all types of clients calling in. Some of them will be the boy-next-door type who want companionship more than anything.

Whereas on the other hand, you may get clients that want to talk about the most obscure kink they have and have those actions verbalized comfortably. Either way, know what you are able to talk about easily and work to research and understand the rest. Also, be upfront with yourself. With these skills, learning how to be a phone sex operator from home will come much easier.

Luckily, many of these things can be worked on and developed over time. Not everyone who starts a job opportunity in phone sex line services knows how to successfully speak with clients. While they may have a general understanding of dirty talkthere is a definite gap between being naughty and facilitating a conversation full of elaborate kinks and fetishes. This is where PSO educator businesses factor into the mix. These programs can look different depending on the services offered. In a general overview, the educating is mainly on a self-reflective basis, with instructors putting the emphasis on different aspects of the delivery.

The world of phone sex services can be a confusing one. This is why businesses that specialize in profile enhancing exist. Having a polished internet profile can lead to more calls and better clients. For whatever privacy reason, this means external images must be utilized. However, if you thought this was an easy trip to google images, think again!

Due to copyright and privacy laws, using a random stock image of a model can get you into some legal trouble pretty quickly. To circumnavigate this problem, there are websites that specifically cater to supplying images that are stipulation-free. While there is little information for a potential client to access before making that call, a bio can mean the difference between a 2-hour conversation and a minute one.

The higher-end clients know what they like and are willing to spend ificant money exploring it with a PSO. Profile enhancers can make this happen with extensive expertise and knowledge on the subject. The most obvious market left in the support role would be owning the business itself.

While traditional call centers used to have physical locations, today they can be found online. This makes it much easier to operate how to be a phone sex operator from home. Accompanied by the right management, there is a lot of potential for this market to grow. You may want a specific type of phone sex operator at your business or you may want a variety of different people with different levels of experience.

This will depend on your business structure. Keep in mind that the one consideration that you need to make while hiring is their PSOs age. The actor or actress needs to be older than This means that it is your responsibility to get digital copies of their government-issued identification cards to verify. Other considerations you should make include that the operator must have a phone line, great service connection, and few qualms about talking to new people.

This should be a secure solution that shows the aliases, photo, and availability of each phone sex operator on your payroll. If you are setting up your phone sex operator business to target a particular niche, make sure your site addresses that. Some sites target older men while others prefer certain fetishes. Whatever yours may be, look into your direct competitors sites and see how they secure clients and replicate that.

There should be no way for your clients to contact them outside of the line you set up through the phone sex operator website you are running. In addition to that, never allow your PSOs use their real names or any real information about them.

They should be protected from being searchable online other than their alias on your site. And lastly, the use of violent speech is prohibited by the FCC in the policies governing pay-per-call services. So, be sure that your actors are aware of this and know how to steer the direction of the call or end it when necessary. Ethical handling of operators as well as clients is a major issue in the space. There have been past discrepancies with businesses that have undercut operators by substantially underpaying them. Clients and operators alike want to have a platform that fosters a safe and private location for communicating.

Phone sex is expensive enough, ridiculous upcharges and unfair rates strip operators from having consistent clients. Unfair rates breed lower-quality talent.

How to create a phone sex line with boleyn models

Consequently, this is a deterrent for callers to become repeat customers. First, be sure that you are not undercutting your phone sex actors. This will lead to lower customer satisfaction and high turnover which can ruin your new business. Then be sure to diversify your income. There are more ways to start to monetize your phone sex line than just a per-minute fee.

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You can also try:. In addition to that, you need to be able to take customer payments online through your site or an app.

To do this you need to find an adult payment processor that knows what your business does and can support you as you grow. This is no small task considering your at home phone sex operator business is high risk. Figure out your business plan and get your website up and running before you secure a payment partner. They will have questions and you need to be prepared to answer them. But once you find a high risk merchant that is able to support you, you will have a much better chance at starting your phone sex line business.

Allison Eilhardt.

Start a phone sex line

Allison is a writer based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been writing professionally for over five years, covering topics ranging from charities and social events to intricate finance spotlights. Allison is currently the Director of Content at PaymentCloud, a merchant services provider that offers hard-to-place solutions for business owners across the nation.

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Extortionate student accommodation prices pushed me into working two jobs throughout my first year to get by.


My intention with this article is to show existing cammodels, clip makers and of course members on the Boleyn Models team how to setup a phone sex line as well as texting using services within our network.