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When you think about circumstances that could lead you to lose trust in your partner, infidelity may come to mind right away. To start, it might be helpful to think of trust as a choice that someone has to make. You may not mind sharing this information, especially in case of an emergency. You have faith in them and feel able to talk about any concerns you might have. Having someone break your trust can leave you feeling hurt, shocked, and even physically sick. It might prompt you to consider your relationship — and your partner — in a different way.


But before diving into that huge emotional undertaking of mental and emotional strength, awareness, and work, know that building trust isn't easy. It requires a lot of time, commitment, and, most importantly, vulnerability.

You are holding your heart in your hands, offering it to someone else, and essentially saying, "Here is this gushy, sensitive organ of mine—please don't mess with it. And that's tough to get over.

How to overcome trust issues in a relationship (and learn to love again)

And yet, since you likely do want to enjoy love in your life, knowing how to get over trust issues is key. Below, get actionable advice about how to actually accomplish this, whether you're working to trust a new partner or rebuild your trust for a long-term one. While you may not want to disclose all the details of how you've been hurt in past situations as a result of a breach of trust, communication is always key for setting up a healthy foundation in a new relationship.

That's especially true when it comes to handling trust issues because you want your new partner to be aware of what actions might be triggering for you in a relationship. However, talking about your experience is likely to make you feel a lot better.

And that doesn't need require every detail all at once, if it's painful for you: "Use some discrimination. If red flags pop up, ask those who want the best for you and will give honest answers whether you're overreacting.

This is something to consider if your trust was broken in a ly relationship and you haven't systematically burned every picture of your awful ex. If the relationship is cordial enough to seek clarity about what happened, it could be worth meeting with your trust-breaking former beau to have a post-mortem. Just, you know, approach the situation with caution. Sometimes, it really is only a matter of time before your sense of trust feels restored.

Usually, though, the time component is more so in regards to strengthening the relationship in front of you than moving past the one you left. Let's say your long-term partner broke your trust.

Overcoming trust issues with your partner isn’t easy, but experts say it’s possible

Getting over it isn't about punishing or playing the blame game. It is, however, about accurately conveying that you've been hurt, whether by them or anyone else, and providing context as to why that is.

Being able to get over trust issues starts with a tough and ongoing dialogue—not by trying to move forward by burying your feelings. There are many reasons that might explain why someone in a long-term relationship has developed trust issues. And one of those reasons is infidelity. When this happens, it's key to know that the process of getting over the trust issues has no set time frame. It takes as long as it takes.

Working to be honest with each other and open and perhaps getting help such as therapy can make it move faster. Rebuilding your confidence and self-worth goes hand-in-hand with rebuilding trust. So, make sure to surround yourself with activities and people who make you feel good about yourself. If your trust is still shaky with your partner, make sure you have love and support from someone you do trust. This is a person who won't judge you if you go back into that relationship—someone with whom you can openly share your feelings and concerns.

It is important you get support to help you navigate through them. Now that you know how to get over trust issues, here are seven strategies for saving a struggling relationship.

Trust issues

And if you're wondering if a cheater can really change, it usually depends on one key factor. Become an Insider.

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T rust is like a mirror. Depending on how badly it's broken, you can fix it to an extent, but you're always going to at least see cracks in the reflection. When someone shatters your trust in a relationship that's new or old, it can really smash your emotional looking glass and make seeing anything clearly a tough challenge to overcome, no matter how diligently you try. And if you notice your fixation on those cracks hurting your current relationship—even if your issues are deeply rooted and have nothing directly to do with your current relationship—you might be wondering how to get over trust issues.

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