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With ammunition prices sky-high and availability inconsistent at bestit is important to have a good working knowledge of the various types and quality of. The variety of. To keep this article simple and easy to follow, I will only discuss.

Even among long rifle ammunition there are different bullet types and various grades of ammunition. With our shortage of ammunition, an argument could be made that beggars cannot be choosers. Get what you can and be happy with it.

After all, in a pinch, most types of. However, if you want to do some competitive shooting or serious small-game hunting, your shopping should be done in search of higher-end ammunition.

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The quality of the higher end, slightly more expensive ammunition will give you more consistent accuracy and far fewer misfires. When I am teaching someone new to shoot, I always begin with a. For beginners or informal plinking, match-grade ammo is not necessary.

In this case, less expensive bulk ammunition serves well. Just be aware that often inexpensive, bulk ammo is a bit dirtier and requires more cleaning of your rifle or pistol to avoid jams and misfires. So, keep that in mind as you shoot! The match grade or higher quality ammunition can, of course, be used for target shooting. In fact, I would encourage shooters to practice with some of the high-end stuff, if only to be sure your rifle or pistol fires it well.

Sight-in with your hunting or match grade ammunition and fire a few magazines with it, and know you are proficient with it. Then know you can go to the competition line or the squirrel or varmint woods with confidence in your ammunition. When it comes to. At one end of the spectrum you will find lead round nose bullets.

At the others you will find copper-coated hollowpoints; in between, you can find variations of those in a variety of bullet weights measured in grains. There are some subsonic rounds that weigh 20 grains and some heavy bullets that weigh as much as 60 grains. Whether or not you should use a.

Hollowpoints will work very well on small game and are highly sought after and commonly available in both higher quality rounds and bulk rounds. I have regularly purchased buckets of hollow points by a major ammunition maker and used them as both practice and in hunting situations knowing I will get a few misfires in the process.

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The accuracy is very acceptable for me with shots taken on squirrels out to yards at times with a scoped rifle. However, if I were shooting competitively or trying to see what my rifle was capable of, I would look for a round nosed lead bullet in a box of Such ammunition is carefully made with higher quality control standards in place. Talking to your gun shop owner about the most accurate ammunition they carry will get you headed in the right direction. Keep in mind that lead bullets will require a bit more scrubbing of the bore of your gun than copper coated bullets.

In general, the. Shoot safely and have fun!

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Bray Memorial Scholarship Marion P. Grades of Ammunition With our shortage of ammunition, an argument could be made that beggars cannot be choosers. Bullet Types When it comes to.

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