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With a couple quick tweaks, any guy can easily become more attractive to women. This is the biggest thing all women find attractive in men and it is damn near impossible for any guy to have success with women without it. In order to build up your confidence with women there are a few things you can do. The first involves building your confidence from the outside. That means focus on having confident, positive body language. Keep your head up and back straight imagine theirs a rope from the base of your spine pulling up through the crown of your head and let your shoulders roll back and relax.


in. When it comes to understanding and attracting women, many men of today are having a hard time. But how come men are having trouble in this particular area? They are all trying to be perfect gentlemen or white knights, but still are looking very poor. What do they look for in a man?

She is trying to make clear what the man of her dreams looks like and how men should behave. The guy on the other hand is getting frustrated, cause he thought that he was doing al the right things. So where is this information coming from? The answer is everywhere. First of all, as young boys, men are given advice by their well-meaning mothers. They want their sons to become the perfect husbands for their future wives. Also, attraction mainly happens on a subconcious level. Women know when they are attracted to somebody, but they usually cannot put their finger on the reason why.

At the same the time, the gentleman, just around the corner, who has been nothing but nice to her, is often left behind. Mothers all over the world are telling their sons to be sweet and nice to women. They tell them that they have to become perfect gentlemen and that women should be treated like princesses and placed on a pedestal. Being disrespectful to women, will not make you a better man. Nice guys always finish last. Not only women unpurposelybut also popular media is to blame for this. All you see in romantic hollywood movies, is guys doing the wrong things for 90 minutes long, and eventually getting the girl!

When it comes to women, many men take on the wrong role. He puts her on an imaginary pedestal. Actually it should be the other way around:. The man is the stimulus. The man has the power and when he gives off the right triggers, a woman will respond with attraction for that man.

Sadly, most men have forgotten that they own this power; because society dictates that women are sex symbols and men are chasers. Plus every time she has sex, she has to think about her reputation.

She will not risk hurting her social status over a man who seems to have low value. For her to have sex with you, you have to be worth te risk. Stop buying her gifts.

#1 women want you to be a great leader

Stop calling and texting her all of the time. Stop chasing her. Stop spending your money on expensive dinners. Stop smothering her with unneccessary and undeserved compliments. Stop these behaviours instantly, cause they are all validation and attention seeking behaviours, giving her all of the power and reducing your value to nothing. Your giving her the impression that you need something from her instead of offering her value.

This can create immense pressure for her and these behaviours are attraction killers:. If something is for free, people will assume it has no value at all. Because when it is worth something, you usually have to work for it. Translation: A woman will only see you as a valuable male, if she has to work for it. Your attention and company is not for free and is to be deserved. Do you think a man with real high value who can get lots of women, would be chasing her? Do you think he would be buying her gifts? She would feel lucky to just be a part of it.

So what makes a man attractive to a woman? What makes a woman chase you? There are certain qualities a man can posses to create attraction: They are called attraction switches. They show that you are a man of high value and that you are a prize to be pursued. If you can demonstrate enough that you own these qualities and put on these switches one by one, she will have no choice other than to feel attraction for you. For example: a married woman might be totally swept away by you, but still choose to stay faithful to her husband.

Plus, attraction is only stage one; you will have to learn how seduce her, build comfort, how to escalate physically and close the deal. But through all of these stages you will need to keep attraction going. If she loses it, you run the risk of being cheated on or getting divorced.

She deserves a real man.

10 ways to be irresistible to women

Here are the most important attraction switches:. There you have it. As you can see, attraction for a women differs a lot from what attracts a man. This gives you the chance to improve yourself on many levels. At this blog I advocate improving yourself on every level. Try to become the best version possible of yourself, but do it for you, and only you.

But do it to create a better and more interesting life. After all, when you become the best version of yourself, women will come naturally. This article was first shown on: www. Get started.

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How to become more attractive to women

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As guys, we want success, respect, and sex.