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Trends reappear as quickly as they disappear, and nostalgia remains our one true love. I dread the return of low-rise flared jeans, but those '90s on 9 throwback jams keep me alive. One thing we'll never give up: the same television shows. TV viewership is more fragmented than ever. With so much to choose from, networks struggle to get more than a few million to watch a single episode. Not counting football, the most popular scripted show from the five major networks during the season was Roseanneousting The Big Bang Theorywhich is finally ending after this season, from the top spot.


This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. The New Year drives many people to set self-improvement goals, the most popular of which include losing weight, drinking less, managing debt and eating better. Each January, millions of Americans put on their gym attire, strap on running shoes and head to the gym, having resolved to get in shape for summer. Others break out their monthly bills, calculators and budgeting software to find areas where they can squirrel away money for a long-awaited vacation.

But, by the time February rolls around, it's easier to find space in the exercise classes that had once been so packed.

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And maybe eating out twice okay, three times a week isn't such a bad thing. Why are New Year's resolutions so difficult to keep? The University of Scranton found that nearly half of Americans usually make resolutions, but only eight percent of those people successfully achieve them.

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Oftentimes, the goals are too broad, unrealistic or unachievable. Other reasons for abandonment include getting discouraged by setbacks and not being held able. Don't despair, however, because we've got five tips to help you stick to your resolutions and even plan ahead for next year. Set measurable goals. Saying "I'd like to lose weight" is too vague a statement. Instead, determine how much weight you'd like to lose and set a reasonable timeline. The same mentality is true for paying down debt or saving money for something specific.

Knowing your exact goals sets you up for success. Create a plan of action. If your goal is to save money, you'll want to create a budget and stick to it. Track your income versus expenditures and determine the areas where you can save some money. For example, going out to lunch instead of packing one is more expensive and adds up over time, so consider limiting the of days you go out to eat each week. Want to lose weight?

Don't just a gym, but commit to taking specific classes and visiting on certain days of the week. Set a goal for the amount of weight you'd like to lose each week and adjust your meal plan to have a set of calories that's conducive to burning more than you're eating. Enlist a buddy.

There's a lot of new tv. why not watch some old tv instead?

Some things are better done with friends. If you commit to exercising with a friend, you can hold each other able for sticking to your goals.

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Saving money doesn't necessarily seem like a group activity, but think about enlisting the services of a financial advisor to help get you on the right track. An unconventional place to look to save money is your auto insurance.

You should ask yourself, are you receiving all of the discounts for which you're eligible? Do you have the right amount of coverage for your car? Companies like Mercury Insurance have local, dedicated agents who could help you uncover hundreds of dollars in savings. Consider them your money-saving buddy.

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Track your progress. We're often better at doing this in our professional lives, but our personal goals shouldn't be neglected. Pick a weekly time to see how you're doing and remember to reach out to your buddy if you need extra motivation. Weight loss apps like My Fitness Pal and budgeting tools like Mint. Don't give up.

Five tips to stick to your new year's resolutions

Just because you have a bad day, week or month, that's no reason to throw in the towel. Acknowledge the setback, think about why it happened and learn from it so you get back on track. And finally, don't give up. The important thing is to keep at it until you've accomplished what you set out to do. Caldwell Insurance. The views expressed in this post are the author's own. Want to post on Patch? Register for a user. Nearby Communities St. These five tips will help you with your goals. Making resolutions is simple; sticking to them is the hard part.

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Let's go! Happy New Year!

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