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Many people think that to "forgive and forget" means we have to selectively delete the offense from our memories and pretend it didn't happen.


I have been in and around church my entire life. If a person has hurt you so that forgiveness is necessitated, then what are you to do when you remember the pain? Is it as simple as forgiving and forgetting? How would God call me to process a remembered pain? However, Scripture does say that love keeps no record of wrongs and that love conquers a multitude of sins. But does this mean you simply forget the sin committed against you? You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.

Humans are not able to do this perfectly like God does, and this is why regular reminders of the gospel are so important. So any pain you have dealt with in the past, are dealing with in the present, or will deal with in the future is perfectly cared for by Jesus.

The gospel frees you up!

Is it possible to forgive and forget?

You have been forgiven so you are able to forgive Col. No, it is not. But God perfectly models what forgiveness entails through Christ. You are called to walk in the power that is extended to you through his mercy.

To let the pain from a past hurt or offense keep you from walking in healing is to misunderstand the all-encompassing work of the gospel to save, sanctify, and glorify us. This question assumes that a person has forgiven an offense or is humble and open with the process of forgiveness.

Neither le to life and joy in Christ. There are those times when God takes memories of heartache and pain away. Scripture simply does not couple forgiving and forgetting.

Does the bible say to forgive and forget?

In 2 Corinthians Paul comments on the pain and sorrow. First, there is a worldly grief that is horizontal in focus. This is a remembering of pain and sorrow that is shallow, consumed by bitterness, and filled with self-pity. With worldly grief, the filter for processing the remembered pain is not the gospel.

Second, there is a godly grief expressed in earnestness, eagerness, longing, and concern 2 Corinthians This le to salvation!

This is where you see this part of the gospel erupt on your behalf. When memories of pain and sorrow caused by others come up, you have this promise at hand: Through Christ you are freed up to remember the pain endured and not to be determined by the memory.

The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. What do you think hinders people the most in moving beyond past hurts?

Is forgiving forgetting? what to do when you remember pain

What ways have you used to help people grasp the ificance of forgiveness in such cases? He ly served as a pastor at The Village Church for nearly 10 years and is a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors. We appreciate your support! Book Reviews.

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How do you process remembered pain in light of forgiveness? Look vertically first. There are so many things that can quickly provoke a memory. Not too long ago I was thumbing through a book I was given before I went to college. Immediately my mind went back to several painful memories associated with that period. I found myself critiquing my current living in light of the disappointment and pain I had experienced all those years ago.

God reminded me of His faithfulness during that season of my life. The painful memory quickly became a point of praise and gratitude to the Lord. When old sorrows come beckoning, the tendency is to remember the hurt as if you were alone. In bringing memories of pain under Christ you acknowledge that you have not been left alone.

Your story of pain becomes His story of redemption. It is laid down for His glory! Be teachable before the Lord. Honestly and humbly ask the Lord to reveal anything He might want to teach you in light of the memories. In my own life the Lord has taught me about His faithfulness and my deep need for him over and over again.

Worship God! As he disarms your heart and gently pours Truth over the memories, you should allow the gratitude and worship to flow towards Christ. the conversation What do you think hinders people the most in moving beyond past hurts? Stay Connected!

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