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Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and still there are estimatedsex workers, if you include all the freelancers and sideline girls it gets close to a million. There are many reasons why most types of prostitutes are still tolerated e.


There is no place like Pattaya.

Even in Thailand, where young female company is easily available for foreigners at cheap prices in every major or minor tourist town: The once sleepy fishing village and now bustling sex mecca of Pattaya is in a league of its own. No other place in Thailand has nearly as many Thai girls and women looking to hook up with Farangs. Not even Bangkok. There is no shortage of these kind of proverbs. And they are no cliches, but absolutely true! Pattaya has its own vibe that is quite difficult to describe.

Nightlife & thai girls in pattaya

It seems that nowhere in Thailand the girls enjoy their work more than they do it here. Does it have to do with the charm of a beach town and the fresh sea breeze?

Maybe, but there are many other beach towns in Thailand and the bar girls in Phuket for example are a lot more ruff and focussed on business. Everyone has heard about the go go bars, beer bars and happy ending massage salons. There are currently more than 70 Go Go Bars in Pattaya and the majority of them are located all along Walking Street and its little side Sois.

There are huge differences in the quality of girls and the entertainment from place to place, so you might want to have a look at my guide on the 6 Best Go Go Bars on Walking Street.

The biggest and most famous bar is Showgirls A Go Go but my favorite one is called Lady Love that has fun and naughty girls as well as an open shower where the girls are putting lots of soap on their naked bodies while dancing to the music. The draft beer, however, is still incredibly cheap selling for Baht at almost all places.

Bottled beer, spirits etc. Lady Drinks are generally Baht either tequila shots or small glasses of fruit juice.

Paying for bar girls, sex in pattaya

The bar fine will cost you 1, Baht at most places. The girly bars are by far the most prevalent entertainment place in Pattaya. Why are they so popular? The girls in these beer bars are the most entertaining and fun to hang out with. The highest concentration of beer bars can be found on Soi 7, 8 and 9 but there are hundreds more all around town. A special type of beer bars are the so called short time bars on the legendary Soi 6 Pattaya. Prices: As mentioned the beer bars have the cheapest drink prices, most of them sell beer for Baht a bottle.

Lady drinks are generally Baht the closer you come to Beach Road, but if you are going out towards Soi Buakhao and Naklua a price of Baht is more common.

Similar for the bar fines that more and more places charge Baht, however again if you are going beyond Second Road or even Jomtien then Baht is still the standard. Prices: If you are out for a happy ending, then you would choose either a Thai Massage usually Baht or Oil Massage usually Baht. This gives you one hour with the girl of your choice in a private room or a public one divided by curtains which is quite the same.

These prices are lower than in Bangkok where the standard is Baht for a Thai massage. In some areas where there is big competition you can get a Thai massage for as low as Baht! A happy ending in form of a hand job will usually cost you Baht negotiable.

You can find more than a dozen massage parlors spread around town. They are usually divided into two groups and prices: fishbowl girls being employed by the parlor, about 1, Baht and sideline girls sometimes also called models, not being employed by the parlor and generally more attractive and white skinned, about 2, Baht.

The price includes 1. There are currently 15 bars specializing on oral sex and you can find them all in the guide to blow job bars in Pattaya. Well Pattaya is, along with Bangkokthe best place in Thailand to do so with plenty of choices:. The common price for a short time with a Thai ladyboy hooker is 1, Baht. If you want to save that money you may want to use Thai Friendly Ladyboy Dating. If you want to meet girls in Pattaya who are not primarily out for money, then you would either talk to employees in the malls, restaurants etc.

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However, even these nightclubs are full of hookers, including girls with normal day jobs like 7-Eleven or shopping malls come here to supplement their salary. You would not come here alone but rather with a few friends and share a table as well as a bottle of whiskey 1, Baht like everyone else. This makes it the most convenient way to get laid but with rates at 4, Baht per 2 hours also one of the pricier ones. And you get 2 shots which is not really common for a short time.

And if you compare it to Bangkok they got a standard of 5, Baht for 2 hours.

Even though you may get quoted 1, or even 2, Baht for short time, if you do some small talk for a while and get warm with the girl then the going price is still 1, Baht. If you want to stay informed on what is going on in town then I recommend you to check out the Pattaya News section of my friend Andy over at Pattaya Funtown.

Go go bars in pattaya

Have fun guys! Disneyland for adults. What happens in Pattaya, stays in Pattaya.

Sin City. Girly Bars in Pattaya The girly bars are by far the most prevalent entertainment place in Pattaya.

See also: 5 Ways to Meet Ladyboys in Pattaya Night Clubs in Pattaya If you want to meet girls in Pattaya who are not primarily out for money, then you would either talk to employees in the malls, restaurants etc. Where To Do It. Best Free Thai Dating Site.

A guide to bar girls, freelancers and their prices in pattaya, thailand

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A clear distinction between Pattaya girls and regular Thai girls needs to be made if you value your mental health, your finances, and your reputation.


What it costs to hook up with girls for fun while vacationing in Pattaya for the famous Pattaya girls, sex, and nightlife scene depends on certain variable factors.


But knowing the standards rates helps you to get a better deal.


The sheer scale of it can also be overwhelming, with Walking Street alone being about a kilometre long from end to end and containing a dozen nightclubs, 80 go-go bars and countless beer bars.