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If you are applying for an Alberta Divorceyou can benefit from these 4 time and money saving tips, even if your situation is contested. Some of the tips found in this article may not benefit you or produce the you desire.


How to get a divorce in alberta: 4 tips to save you time and money

Fairway has guided clients through this pivotal life change sinceso our mediation experts have many of the answers. If you still have questions or want to request a consultation with our mediators select the office closest to your home.

A separation agreement usually accompanies a divorce application. While it is possible to apply for divorce before you have a ed separation agreement, it is not common unless there are no assets or children. The separation agreement is the agreement that captures all the decisions you and your spouse have agreed to either by consent or court order.

The separation agreement will address, division of property, spousal support, child support and parenting. The separation agreement is a culmination of all the negotiations you have made with your spouse. There are a few ways you can get to a consensus on the terms in your separation agreement. The divorce process in Alberta may take approximately months before the court enters a divorce judgment.

This allows time for:. To file for divorce, you can either do it yourself or you can solicit a service to file for divorce for you. Divorce documents will be filed with the clerk of Court of Queen's Bench.

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Self-representing in matrimonial issues is common if the couple is unable to mediate or negotiate together and they do not want to hire a lawyer to represent them. A person who chooses to self-represent is acting on behalf of himself or herself before a court.

This information explains how to make an application in court in Alberta. Representing Yourself In Family Court. There are many misconceptions about the term common law.

Uncontested divorce

This booklet explains what constitutes an Adult Interdependent Relationship in Alberta. Adult Interdependent Relationships. Child support is the legal right of the. The parent who the child lives with the majority of the time is entitled to receive child support from the other parent. If spends time equally with both parents, the parent with the higher income will most often be responsible to pay the other parent child support.

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These guidelines follow certain rules that the courts use to set child support amounts. The amounts are based on how much the payer earns annually and how many children the payer is paying to support. Each province has its own calculation this is the table for support in Alberta.

Use the Federal Child Support Guidelines to calculate the amount of child support to be paid monthly. For a quick calculation try the child support calculator. To figure out the correct child support amount in the Federal Tables, you need to know the paying parent's annual income. The income for determining child support in Alberta may be different from the income for determining taxes.

More information can be found on how to calculate income in this Step-by-Step Guide. Under the Federal Child Support Guidelines, the table amount is determined by:. When parents separate, the parent who claims the child for tax purposes receives this UCCB payment. The Universal Child Care Benefit is not always included in guideline income. This benefit is not included in the income calculation when:. The Federal Child Support guidelines do not assist those parents that are not making use of the Divorce Act. It is desirable to Getting a divorce in calgary sure that all children are treated the same for child support purposes.

Therefore, the Alberta Guidelines were created as part of the Family Law Act to be used in all cases where the Divorce Act may not apply. Child custody and parenting information: this booklet explains what constitutes an Adult Interdependent Relationship in Alberta. Spousal support in Alberta is defined as financial support to assist with living expenses that is paid to a former spouse under an agreement. If parties are applying for spousal support as part of a divorce, the court will apply the spousal support provisions of the Divorce Act Canada. The court will apply the spousal support provisions of the Family Law Act if:.

The objectives are to:. Both statutes say that the misconduct of the parties is not to be considered when deciding whether or not to grant spousal support and the amount to be paid. The Support Advisory Guidelines can help spouses figure out the amount of spousal support that should be paid. The guidelines take into the income of both spouses, length of the marriage, and whether children are involved. MEP is a government program that can monitor payments and can take action to assist in receiving spousal support payments. Support Advisory Guidelines.

Financial support information: this booklet explains the law around financial support in Alberta around child and spousal support. Financial Support PDF. All provinces have rules regarding the division of property; however, each province is different. Be careful reading that you are looking at information that is specific to Alberta. If you are married and separated on December 31, or before, the Matrimonial Property Act will apply.

Divorce and separation

In Alberta the total value of the property should be split equally unless it would be unconscionable to do so. This does not mean that each individual item is split such as splitting a vehicle in half but rather, the party who is not keeping an asset would receive half of the value of that asset in another form of payment. There are items that are not part of matrimonial property in Alberta and are therefore not divided.

These include items such as:.

Divorce in alberta

It also depends on a of factors including:. There are two types of pensions: private pensions by employment and the Canada Pension Plan. Some pensions may have legislation that determines how the pension will be divided when a marriage is ending. Property division information: this booklet explains the law around property division when a relationship ends in Alberta. Property Division PDF. Divorce mediation is a speedier and less costly way to dissolve a marriage than going through the courts and is mandated by the Divorce Act. With the help of a neutral third party such as Fairway, you and your partner will sit down together or perhaps apart to figure out an agreement encompassing all aspects of your divorce, from property division and spousal support to child decision making responsibilities.

There are two types of divorce mediation, open and closed. Open mediation may be disclosed, while closed mediation is strictly confidential. Most family mediations are closed. Divorce resolution through mediation requires teamwork. The mediator acts as a facilitator and guide, keeping the conversation moving forward and ensuring that all topics are covered. However, he or she will not provide legal advice. Therefore, it is best for both parties to seek legal advice from an independent lawyer before ing any final binding agreement.

Successful divorce mediation in a non-binding, written agreement, that will be drafted into a binding separation agreement and then filed with the court. Upon court approval, it becomes legally binding. Enforcement may be sought in exactly the same way as a court order. Divorce mediation can be challenging, as cooperation is essential. Through our proprietary process, though, which involves multiple professionals, we have helped many very contentious couples and financially complex families negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

Whenever possible, divorce resolution through mediation should be attempted, as it is much faster and less expensive than a court battle. Deals with divorce, as well as claims for child and spousal support, and custody and access, in divorce cases. Federal Divorce Act. The Act is part of the Alberta Justice's Family Law Strategy aimed at creating a simple, integrated and effective family law system that promotes the well-being of children and families.

Alberta's Family Law Act. The purpose of the MPA is to make sure that property is divided in a fair way between spouses when they separate.

The MPA starts from a presumption that property and debts acquired by either party during the marriage are to be shared equally. The Maintenance Enforcement Program MEP collects court-ordered child support, spousal and partner support, and enforces as needed. Maintenance Enforcement Act. Request a Consultation Book Consultation. Divorce Blog Locations Contact Search. Get a Divorce With Fairway Contact.

Divorce in Alberta Divorce in Your Province. Fairway Solutions We have five offices in your province and offer remote mediation across Alberta. See a list of all our locations here. What do I need to do before I can file for Divorce?

The divorce procedure

You and your spouse can use the traditional approach of hiring lawyers to fight and litigate on your behalf. You can do it yourself if you and your spouse are in agreement on everything. Mediation is more commonly used now, given that the changes to the Divorce Act requires alternative dispute resolution, which may include mediation, unless it is inappropriate ex.

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Uncontested divorces are also referred to as no contest divorce , t divorce or desk divorces.


Separation is when you and your spouse have lived apart for at least 1 year before a divorce judgment is made by the court.


The topics in the Dial-A-Law series provide general information on legal issues within the Province of Alberta.


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