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Unique wedding dresses have become a bridal mainstay in recent decades, as variations in silhouette, fabric, and embellishment are more diverse than ever. Planning a themed celebration? Unique wedding dresses are the perfect complement for a vintage-inspired, pop culture, or specialty party concept. For example, an all-black gown is a fabulous choice for a gothic, Halloween, or Victorian wedding; a billowing ballgown is oh-so-enchanting for a fairytale-inspired aesthetic; and lush crystal embellishments lend well to a Roaring 20s or disco theme. For boho brides, alternative wedding dresses are all about romantic silhouettes and unique fabrications.


Unique wedding dresses are something that many girls think of, but only a few brides dare to wear something extraordinary to their weddings. It can be a beautiful dress, but with some interesting details, like the unusual color or unique decorations. Now, we are going to show you some astonishing examples of beautiful unique wedding dresses, which can make every bride look unforgettable at her wedding. Though fringe is most associated with vintage gowns, it can be also a great decoration for modern dresses.

This sheath strapless wedding gown, covered with lace and decorated with long fringe, looks very unusual. It will be great at the beach ceremony with those fringe pieces flowing in the wind at the ocean, sea or river shore. It looks light and natural and is brilliantly combined with flowing fabrics. But it looks very cool when the whole dress is covered with it.

21 unique wedding dresses ideas for brides, who don’t want to adhere to traditions

The gown may also have some transparent parts and slits like on the image above. If you seek for something simple, you can have a look at cheap unique wedding dresses. Sometimes, you can find pretty cool dresses at affordable prices. The example is the Fun wedding gowns gown above. And, of course, the special attention is paid to the dresses.

If you have a vintage-inspired wedding, a gown, which is similar to the ones worn almost a century ago, is a good way to look cool and stylish. Fun wedding gowns, transformer wedding gowns and the ones with detachable skirts are very convenient. They are suitable for brides, who want to look luxurious at the ceremony, but want to have something more convenient for the reception. This beaded mermaid wedding gown in white and red is an amazing example. Moreover, after your wedding, it can be easily turned into one of cool unique dresses for wedding guest and be used for other occasions as well.

Some wedding dresses unique may feature interesting variants of skirts. We love this mermaid gown with a ruffled skirt. If you have beautiful body curves, this gown will accentuate that. The special chic is added by a trendy blush color. You can find fantastic short unique wedding dresses with ruffles on the skirt.

The gowns like on the image above are great if you have narrow thighs as the volume skirt will make your body look more curvaceous. Moreover, the V-neck will make you look taller and slimmer. Wedding gowns with basque are chic and elegant, even if they are short. The basque is a great way to add volume to the thighs as well as make the waist look slimmer.

Moreover, a basque can help to hide the pregnant belly. If you like basque but are pear-shaped, we recommend to add some volume in the upper part of the dress, for instance on shoulders. The fans of straight silhouettes can also find something interesting.

The straight wedding dress, which consists of several layers, is rather simple, but, at the same time, has its zest. A cute idea is to wear such a gown with a detachable skirt or train. The gowns with lace always look romantic and tender. Though lace is a traditional material for wedding dresses, there are dozens of ways of how to make it look creative.

For example, a high-low gown, which combines tulle with two kinds of lace, is a marvelous variant if you want to have a light and romantic look. At first sight, the gown on the image above seems to be a traditional a-line wedding dress. However, if you have a closer Fun wedding gowns at it, you will see that its hem is pink. The slight gradation from white to pink is one of the examples of ombre effect. The combination of any other colors can be used instead. Though this gown is traditional, the creativeness is added by that pink hem.

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The unique casual wedding dresses often have a sheath silhouette. Though silk can hardly be called a cheap material, it can be used for a simple dress. Its glossy texture will add a bit of luxury to any dress. This gown has an open back and cap sleeves, decorated with beautiful beaded applications. If you think about having a colorful wedding dress, you can seek for the proper variants among prom, evening dresses and the gowns for bridesmaids.

Delightful wedding days

If you choose a colored gown, we recommend to give preference to pastel colors. However, the bright gowns are great if you have a thematic wedding or the one, dedicated to a certain color.

When you opt for a wedding gown of an unusual color, you can make even the most traditional wedding gown silhouette look in the other way to say nothing about gowns from unusual fabrics and featuring creative decor. Here are several marvelous variants:. When the brides opt for unique colorful wedding dresses many of them give preference to the shades of pink and peach colors. They are very girlish and make the image tender and romantic.

Moreover, they are great in combination with each other as well as with traditional white and ivory colors. If you like these colors, you will surely like the blush wedding dresses.

This color is at the peak of popularity now and is a great alternative to traditional pink. In truth, blue and lilac wedding gowns remind the dresses from fairytales. They look amazing on girls with blue and gray eyes. They are also great in all sizes, including plus size unique wedding dresses.

The lilac wedding gown above is a marvelous example of a dress from a fairytale. Red wedding dresses are chosen by self-confident and daring brides. They are a really cool way to become an unforgettable bride no matter what silhouette you choose. Such gowns may look rather provocative on a Western wedding. A red gown is great for the second wedding as well. The combination of white with silver gray is a fresh idea for a wedding gown.

However, as a result, you will get an astonishing and stylish wedding dress, which will leave nobody indifferent.

Because it's your wedding

Such a gown will look great if you add some silver decorations or choose the silver or platinum accessories. Only a few brides make up their minds to wear black for their wedding. As a rule, they do that for weddings in gothic style.

In fact, there are so many ideas of beautiful black dresses that they can be worn even if you plan a traditional reception. Of course, it will be very extravagant, but if you want, do that.

As an alternative, you can look for unique black and white wedding dresses. They are more traditional and there are many variants for sale.

Nowadays, ombre patterns are very popular and it means that there are many variants of beautiful fabrics, featuring it. This white and yellow wedding dress is just one example from hundreds of variants of marvelous wedding dresses with ombre effect.

They can look brilliant with wedding dresses as well, especially in spring and summer. Flowery prints look very feminine and romantic. They are ideal for various types of outdoor weddings, including beach, country and even garden receptions. Flowery gowns can be sewn from a fabric with ready pattern. Or, the flower applications can decorate the monotonous wedding dress. Unique colored wedding dresses featuring all the colors of the rainbow are definitely the most creative. If you like this idea but are afraid of looking like a clown, you can have something similar but in pastel colors.

Or, you can use not all the colors of the rainbow, but only a few ones. There are much more unique wedding dresses in all possible styles and colors. Moreover, if you want to have a dress, no one else had, has or will have, you are free to de your wedding outfit yourself. Hi everyone! My name is Lesly White. I am the chief editor at Fun wedding gowns. I am obsessed with wedding dresses and everything related to weddings.


In my posts, I like to share the ideas of wedding gowns and accessories as well as provide brides with tips on how to prepare for a wedding. Unique beach wedding dress. Macrame beach wedding dress. Vintage wedding gown with long sleeves.

Twenties-inspired wedding dress. Mermaid wedding dress with detachable skirt. Unique blush mermaid wedding gown. Black and white short wedding dress.

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