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More Resources on Biblical Financial Stewardship. Nobody should use a personal computer, phone, or other device with Internet access that is not protected from the evils the world, the flesh, and the devil make easily available on the Internet. The companies below offer both Internet filtering and Internet ability from a Christian perspective. That is, while I am in no position to affirm or deny that the employees of the companies are genuinely born again, they base their filtering from the Biblical premise that nobody should view pornography, nudity, sex, fornication, sodomy, or other abominations, rather than the worldly premise that only children should avoid such evils while adults can indulge in them. What is more, these companies do not just offer filtering but ability.


Why a Christian Filter is a better idea. We filter from a Christian perspective. Phones answered in the USA By our own people.

Affordable christian internet filter and ability providers

Keep U. The owners and staff of True Vine Online are all Christians. Individually, we belonging to a variety of different denominations.

What we all share is a solid belief in the principles stated in the Apostles Creed and a commitment to live our lives to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Christian families need to use a Christian Internet Filter. Secular filters often try to be "politically correct" and may tend to block conservative Christian sites.

A christian internet filter will protect your family

Our Christian Internet filter is deed and programmed with Christian families in mind. The world has become overly liberal and doesn't get offended very easily. We get very offended and do our best to filter Internet adult sites before they home. Since we have provided our Christian Internet filtering to families who ask us to "take out the trash" We run our company according to Christian principles.

1. set up parental controls with a christian internet filter

We answer to God first and then to the families we serve. It works.

Our customers are the most loyal in the industry. Try our Christian Internet filter and protect your family.

Balance is the key to Christian Internet filtering. Filtering the Internet is always a matter of blocking the highest percentage of the dangerous content while not interfering with the legitimate use of the Internet.

A filter that constantly blocks legitimate sites will cause families to go without any filter at all.

Benefits of using a christian internet filter

A filter that doesn't catch a high percentage of the bad content leaves a family at risk. Over 14 years we have continually improved balancing our Christian Internet filter. We begin with our balanced set of rules but we don't stop there. Adjustments can be made to accommodate your family needs.

Every family has different filtering needs. We can customize your Christian filter for you. Yes our Christian filtering system is well balanced as we said above but no two families are the same.

2. keep the computer in a conspicuous location

Try our Christian filtering with our balanced rules then consult with our filtering specialists to tweak it to your family needs. This is NOT a one size fits all system. With your feedback we can change anything you need to change. A medical student may need a lighter setting.

A pornography addict may need it very strict.

One family may want a password to bypass the filter. Another family may view having a password as dangerous. Whatever your family needs, our staff can help. We can make our Internet filter work the way you want it to.

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It filters internet addresses, links and key word searches by routing what you have typed or clicked on through the external server where it gets checked against a pre-generated access list.


Each of us is tempted in different ways.


We must be diligent about protecting our homes!


In the age of the internet, we have access to just about anything without a Christian internet filter.