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Used felder k s for sale

Forum Rules. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? Thread: Price of Felder K S. How much discount can be negotiated off of the list price? Reply With Quote. Google Sponsor Google Sponsor.

Date Dec Posts 3, Which size do you want to order? I bought a Hammer K3 last winter, and it is an amazing saw. Is the Felder available in single phase?

Looks like if they would make it 5 hp single phase, they could sell a lot of that model. It has " stroke. Date Dec Posts Originally Posted by Wakahisa Shinta.


Date May Location black river falls wisconsin Posts Can afford Date Aug Posts Why not buy used? Felder runs some specials during the year but doesn't discount a lot- generally. They often run a Christmas promotion on selected machines.

The is much heavier than the Hammer. If you aren't tied to single phase, there are lots of used sliders out there for cheap. I'm a big fan of Felder but 12K buys a used Martin and a phase converter. It's used but looks brand new and since Felder advertises it, you know it's been sold through them.

They indicate it's been well maintained. Several years ago, the price was the price. You could get nice discounts on the options though if they were bought with the saw. IIRK, which is a big if I'll second what Rich said about the used one. I really doubt anyone is going to wear a K out even in constant daily use, and most of these are probably bought by retired affluent old gentlemen who really don't use them hard.

That used one will be like new. Date Mar Location Va. Posts There are occasional promotions and as indicated, you can often sweeten the deal on accessories and options, depending on the manufacturer.

Felder k s plus

And you can sometimes negotiate a little if the time is right. This is not limited to Felder When I bought my MiniMax equipment, I took advantage of opportunities, such as trade shows and other limited promotions to reduce my cost slightly, including picking up two machines from shows after they were used on the floor for static demonstration purposes.

My slider was shipped via truck and I picked it up at the trucking depot with my utility trailer since there's no way to get a semi into my property nor an available forklift and it was too big for a shorter lift-gate truck. Timing and planning are what helped with my machine cost.

Woodworking sliding table panel saw (k s)

One listing had a Hammer tablesaw, bandsaw and ter surfacer combo, so you could buy most of your shop tools at one time. As long as you can inspect and test running, and feel comfortable the "seller" isn't a swindler, you should do fine.

As Dave mentioned, I've recently seen several Martin saws locally in NY area for temptingly reasonable amounts. That plus a rpc and you're "off to the races.

The standard for efficiency in the used machinery marketplace

Or all three. Jim resurrected my old thread.

I agree with his post above. The industrial equipment does not go on sale. The deals are for accessories, whose total cost can become quite high. In the end, space was the limiting factor. A Felder K S with a 9' sliding table and cross-cutting outrigger takes up my 2-car garage floor.

Used felder k s

My wife green-lighted it, but I couldn't justify this for a hobby. So, I continue my struggle with a Rigid R, whose granite top left wing broke recently. Originally Posted by Rich Riddle. Well choosing between the two you mentioned is a "false dichotomy" situation. Many other options exist between those extremes.

Felder k s for sale

Are you pondering one of those other options? Chris Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening. Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors.

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