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Great fun just bring your ipod and lay down in a field in the middle of summer. All your worries just melt away Listening to music is very relaxing especially when you had a bad day or are bored.


Petting cats is a good pastime. Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash. A pastime Note the spelling with one s.

Also: a practice commonly indulged in. You pass time with your pastime.

Top 10 pastimes

It is past time for you to do your pastime. The nerd passes time reading comic books. It is past time that the nerd read his comic books. The jock passed time beating up nerds.

It is past time that the jock stops beating up nerds. Erin Servais is a book editor and author coach at Dot and Dash LLC, a publishing services company focusing on independent and self-publishing authors. Learn more about hiring her for your next project: dotanddashllc.

Dear Grammar Party Organizer: As always, well said. Or that they trust spell check too much. Like Like. Thanks for your comment, FS. Perhaps you should try finding out if you are right before leaving snarky comments.

Are you a racist or something? Wow, oppressed a bit were we? This is a fairly common metaphoric comparison.

That would make her a stereotypist, which she may be as she likely uses both hands on the keyboard. Are you a twit or something?

Nice post, loving the condescension. Thank you for the answer.

Up now (it’s free!)

I always have difficulty with words that double up consonants: missspell, pasttime, etc. They do not look right according to all the spellings to which I am exposed and then I get confused. You are dead right: people, who know, devalue information coming from people who do not bother to take the time to learn basic presentation. As for the etymology criticism….

To-day and to-morrow were accepted spellings in my grammar school days, but they are unused today. If, by extension, proponents of archaic grammar prefer association to Neanderthal language, then so be it.

It does not take a hipster to communicate effectively. Pingback: No chocolate, no footy, no problems. One Traffic Light.

Pastime vs past time

Thank you for clearing up the word pastime. I was giving a heading to my blog and thought it better to look it up. Thank God I came across your explanation. The word passtime is correct, and can be found in any English dictionary.

Not sure about American spelling, just English. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Pass time vs. past time vs. pastime: what’s the difference?

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Look up a word, learn it forever.

Notify me of new posts via. Search for:. Like this: Like Loading I was thinking the same! And that all Jocks beat up nerds… Bit of a generalisation. A very informative Post.

Pass time, pastime, and past time: what’s the difference?

Thanks Erin Like Like. I think that this is very useful and helpful. Thank you Like Like. Gregory Chandler Like Like. What about pass-time?

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