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Total 0 votes. Her lips wrapped around my cock, gliding across the swollen veins until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I stroked her hair gently as she gave my cock an expert sucking. She slid her hands up my chest and teased my nipples, sending electric waves of pleasure careening down my body and causing my cock to swell even thicker. I reached down, grabbed her pig tails and pulled her mouth off my cock.

She loved having her hair pulled. It was summer, back when my summers were times for adventure and wanderlust.

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I decided to visit my friend John who was living in Athens writing for an English-language newspaper. We were to spend a week on Skopelos, a sleepy Greek isle in the Sporades island group, famous for its wine.

John and I were both single guys in our 20's who were wine-drinking buddies from college who still liked to hang out together. Category: Group Sex. Can a woman be a flirt and still be a loving wife? I say, yes, because I'm married to one! Barb and I have been married for many years. We were high school sweethearts and married young.

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My Barb is tall, slender, attractive, and very vivacious. She meets people easily and has seldom known a stranger.

Part of what drew me to her was her flirtatious manner. Category: Anal Sex. Lois wrapped her hair in a towel and put on a robe. Alan hardly looked up from his newspaper as she walked into the kitchen. Another minute of silence as he read. Then, "Coffee's ready.

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Alan read the Sports section. Lois closed her eyes for a minute and gathered her thoughts. Thursday sales meetings suck, she thought. The Chairman of the Board of Argent Inc. He looked, when he came through the door of the hotel suite, like both.

Loving wives stories

A bear and a bully. Anil, Usha and I bowed. It was the great man's first time in Singapore. We were staying at the Shangri La Hotel. We had the Moonlight suite. The slide show was set up in the bar alcove, off the dining area. The projector sat on the bar itself, the screen against the opposite wall.

Category: Lesbian Sex. It had been months since that afternoon at LeAnn's.

Neither had spoken about it and they had carried on as if nothing had ever happened. LeAnn had only been practicing her newly learned massage techniques The activities had got them both more Erotic stories loving wives a little aroused. Maybe LeAnn had been a little too intimate. Maybe Laura had overreacted to the attention. After high school, I enlisted in the Army and did four years as an enlisted man ased to the Third Army. That made me four years older than the other freshmen at UNC, when I started college after my Army enlistment, but I quickly made three life-long friends. Nora and Adele were roommates.

Starting in our sophomore year, Adele and I became lovers. We moved in together. I thought it would last forever but she met a glad-handing football jock in our senior year and I never saw the break-up coming. Sex with my wife had been as hot as ever since my first massage with Alex. I wouldn't say the experience has directly made our sex life any better or worse but I do feel a more confident.

My concern that is would alter my sexuality was unfounded. I still found my wife extremely attractive and arousing. My wife has a great body and I look upon it with lust every time I see her. I was comfortable that I wasn't gay; despite having had what one would have to admit was a gay experience.

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Category: BDMS. Friday night.

I am secured in a standing position, naked and spread eagled. My ankles are secured to a spreader bar, my hands to restraints attached to new hooks she has attached to the ceiling. My wife's mouth surrounds but does not touch my pulsating cock. I tighten my groin muscles to make contact. She pulls away.

This was my wife's idea, and I'm not really sure where it's going. I'm standing awkwardly next to a guy I know kinda casually, but just recently learned a lot more about. I already knew he was a few inches taller than me, but I just learned that he's a few inches longer, too. Were both naked, and our wives are rubbing mineral oil on our backs.

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