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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Author's Note -- This is just a story. Please don't make it out to be anything more than that.

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Also if you are after hot sex only, you might want to jump ahead to the end as most of the story is setup. I hope those of you who read it with an open mind and just looking for entertainment or a good story will find it. Jason Robinson stirred awake, feeling the affect of the night's drinking.

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He had made it through. Had survived hell night and was now a brother within Theta Chi. He amazingly remembered that his big brother, Mark Klerk, wanted to talk with him as soon as he felt up to it today.

See a problem?

Jason rolled to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Jason staggered to his feet in his dorm room and grabbed his toiletries bag. He found the aspirin bottle he kept in his top dresser drawer, grabbed his towel, and walked across the hall into the bathroom.

The first thing he had to do was take a wicked piss. His bladder ached, it was so full.

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He fished his flaccid cock from his gym shorts and aimed at the bowl. As he started to piss the immediate relief of pressure to his bladder was clearly pleasurable.

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Next Jason popped three aspirin and then stripped down for a shower. He hoped a good hot shower along with the aspirin would have the desired affects and clear his head. He shed his t-shirt and gym shorts and climbed into the warm water of the shower. Jason was on the college swim team, making varsity as a phenomenal breaststroker and butterfly swimmer.

His coach thought he had chances to set many school and even conference records.

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His hands soaped his strong arms and muscular shoulders and then down his slim lower body. He definitely had a swimmer's build: broad upper chest, long arms, slim waist and long strong legs. He had big hands which also aided his swimming. His girlfriend in high school had told him more than once, big hands means big cock. She was right in his case.

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He didn't know if that was true generally. He finished the shower by soaping his short blonde hair and shaving. He had a light beard and shaving in the shower had Erotic cherry poppers. worked well for him. Quickly finishing in the bathroom he went back to his room to dress. It was already ten thirty and he needed to meet Mark before eleven thirty since he had to be at his new job by noon. Mark had helped get him a desk job at the infirmary, registering the patients, and pulling records for the old woman doctor, Dr. She was retiring at the end of the year. For some reason, which seemed odd to Jason, Mark was worried about her retirement.

He grabbed his jacket as it was still cool in spring in New Jersey and headed for the frat house. It was a five minute walk across campus and around the lake that separated the frat houses from the rest of the school.

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He knocked on Mark's door right at eleven. He could hear a TV inside the room, so he knew Mark must be up. The sound on the TV went down and then Mark opened the door inviting him in. Mark told Jason about the history of their frat family. He went back forty years to a guy named Douglass Caulfield.

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It seemed Caulfield had come from a very wealthy family in New York. Something to do with Wall Street, from what Mark remembered. Caulfield had come to Princeton and pledged early in his freshman year. Theta Chi was a new fraternity on campus then, so he was nearly one of the original brothers.

The year Doug ed Theta Chi was the same year Dr. Jennifer Whitfield had entered Princeton as the new infirmary doctor.

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She was a pretty lady of twenty-five then, still single, and Doug took a fancy to her when he went to get some medicine for a cold once. He certainly didn't need the job but took it to be close to pretty Dr. It was during the Vietnam War. Caulfield was disappointed that his close proximity to Dr. Whitfield had not blossomed into a relationship but he discovered something incredibly interesting in her record keeping practices. She would put an asterisk by the birthday of each girl patient that was a virgin.

He had discovered this through a process of learning about the different medicines being prescribed, it was only on women's charts, and the infirmary had thin walls. He could also tell when the asterisks were added and removed thus knowing when a girl had given up her virginity. One particularly pretty virgin with bad monthly menstrual cramps came to the notice of Caulfield. Using his money for flowers and cards, he pursued Margaret Wilson eventually Erotic cherry poppers. her to agree to a date.

Caulfield was quite the charmer apparently and his money allowed him to impress women with gifts, nice dinners, and shows.

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He always got the front row tickets to plays and other social events. Somehow his charms allowed him to eventually bed the lovely Margaret and take her virginity. The relationship lasted only a few short months and fell apart over the summer recess. Doug kept his job with Dr. Whitfield as a sophomore. It was only a month into his sophomore year when he began to focus on another virgin with allergies.

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Once again, his courting skills, money, and good looks got him a date. Polly Johnson proved to be a real challenge for Caulfield to bed. The story is not completely clear after all these years, but the belief is she used other means to please Doug, but always stopped short of allowing him intercourse. It took him till Christmas and an expensive piece of jewelry to finally get Polly to give up her cherry. Caulfield seems to have loved the challenge of the conquest more than the prize as he again broke up with Polly during spring recess.

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The records indicate he found two easy targets the remainder of that year, bringing his total for the year to three and his total virgin conquests to four. Why was this important to tell? And one of our Theta Chi family members has held the job you now have for over forty years, since our great benefactor, brother Douglass Caulfield, started it way back then.

We're not sure how things might change after Dr. Whitfield retires, but the real message I must tell you is this. You were chosen to carry on our tradition very carefully. We relieve women of the burden of their hymen, freeing them to enjoy life more fully," Mark said. Our family line within Theta Chi has been working at and recording the conquests of virgins for all these many years.

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Caulfield, we have relieved hundreds of women of the burden of their vaginal barriers. We are the sources of pleasure to Princeton's virgins. He told Jason more about the trust fund which was created as a contest. Douglass Caulfield upon graduating had put one million dollars into trust and has added a million more every five years since. With interest the fund was currently over twenty million.

Upon Caulfield's death the fund will pay out to all brothers in our family. The pay out is based on s of virgin conquests on a percentage basis. The top virgin killer also gets a bonus of one million dollars.

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Whitfield's medical records as reference to identify potential conquests? I have seventeen scores.

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The record was set five years ago at nineteen. No one has ever broken twenty," Mark said, with a laugh.

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