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Dreams are commonly explained as a way for our subconscious thoughts to grab our attention, to send us a message that we would normally ignore when awake.


Dreams about marriage are very common for women. They are among the most common dreams for single ladies and women who recently got married. These dreams have positive meanings. You can search the meaning of dreaming of a wedding as a related term to getting married.

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Dreaming of getting married to someone you have already married Happiness and love. This dream symbolizes upcoming happiness in your existing marriage.

Dreaming of getting married to your ex This dream has two meanings and it can be interpreted in the following way:. Dreaming of getting married to someone you know This dream symbolizes upcoming happiness.

Dreams about marriage when you’re single

It is possible that you will be satisfied with a choice of your partner and that your marriage will be as you have always imagined it. Your loved one will plan surprises for you which will show you how caring they are. Dreaming of getting married to a stranger If you marry a stranger in a dream that symbolizes misfortune.

It is possible that you will make a decision too soon instead of thinking everything through. Because of that you will suffer your whole life while people from your surroundings will not be of much help, since they will constantly remind you of mistakes you have made.

Dreaming of getting married for money This dream suggests that you care about yours and financial status of people from your environment.

If someone wants to be your friend, they need to fulfill certain expectations. You like visiting exclusive places where people can see you in company of influential men.

Dreaming of getting married to an enemy This dream suggests that you are not able to judge people correctly. You think that everyone is kind and harmless as you are.

You often talk about details from your life which people later use against you. You are not able to keep some things to yourself and protect yourself from mean comments. Dreaming of getting married to a friend If you marry a friend in a dream that symbolizes true love.

Dreams about marrying someone you’re not interested in

You will like them more each day and you will feel safe around them. Dreaming of other people getting married You think that your time has passed.

You will probably have an impression that everyone around you is successful and happy while nothing happens in your life. You will feel that it is too late to start a new relationship, while fear of getting hurt will stop you from meeting new people and making news friendships.

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Dreaming of marrying an older man If a man is older but not old as a grandpa then a dream symbolizes safety and prosperity. Dreaming of marrying an elderly man can have two meanings:. Dreaming of marrying another man If that man is younger but not too young the dream will symbolize love or sexual dissatisfaction.

If a man is actually a boy the dream will symbolize upcoming positive and nice changes in your life. Dreaming of your daughter getting married Happiness, good health and joy.

Same letter dreams

Interpretations above will also provide more information, since it depends if she marries a younger, older, familiar or unfamiliar person. Dreaming of your friend getting married This dream symbolizes unplanned financial expenses that will affect your budget. A wedding dress in a dream If a wedding dress represents a special motif in a dream, search for the meaning of dreaming a wedding dress.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you got married recently that has definitely made an impression on you.

In dreams, it may not be the person we want, but their qualities

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To dream that you are attending a marriage foretells that you will receive good news from those close.


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But if visions of veils, suits, rings, tacky bridesmaid dresses, open bars, and rehearsal dinners are dancing in your head as you slumber, what is your subconscious trying to tell you?