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Shop Guns. Browse our inventory for special offers on ARAR styleand hunting rifles. We have hundreds of semi-automatic rifles for sale, both new and used, in a variety of calibers and with numerous options.


Update: The Coronavirus crisis has decimated stocks. So click the direct links here. We limited the searches. If you can see it, you can buy it now. You can also sort by price etc. Prices have gone up, too, so just be warned. Or check here for more expensive guns that we like. Start with the cheap and cheerful AR for sale. Then progressively talk yourself into more expensive weapons. After the divorce, you can just say screw it and order a custom AR for sale as nobody is the boss of you anymore.

Semi automatic rifles

Basic American defense. We had to stretch the budget in these troubled times too. You can try these places and whenever you can, bulk purchase, right now. You might not get another chance…. The Smith and Wesson is one of the benchmarks. It sometimes falls into the optics-ready budget class, but normally we have to cut it some slack to get it in here.

But the basic 5. There are State compliant versions too. You get a decent flash suppressor, a Magpul folding sights, aluminum upper receiver and lower receiver. They include Blackout uppers and conversion kits. You can even turn yours into a big bore hunter.

Plus all the customer service benefits that go with a household name. We totally get it. Even if you have to pay a little more. At least it is until normality returns and we have to give props to Brownells and Primary Arms for keeping the supply chain alive in difficult times. The Texas company makes most of the Radical Firearms AR in-house, and has built a formidable reputation. You can source an upper from Radical and strap it to your old lower for an entirely new kind of buzz.

They have a complete upper assembly for you in a variety of intense bullets. They include the Bushmaster, and increasingly popular Blackout. Value for money lies at the heart of what it does and the company has built a devoted following. Now it churns out upper receivers, muzzle devices and matched lowers in BLK and 5. This is seriously specced up for a cheap AR Right down to the lightweight adjustable stock and handguard and M-Lok rail that you can turn into a quad rail system. The flash hider is an A2 unit, which means anything will go on there when you are ready.

The handguard and low profile gas block are premium features in this sector. Or get something cheaper. Still, find the extra money if the rifle is there. It is normally within spitting distance of the price limit and the AR is just better. Ruger feels like a heavyweight name in this bracketbecause it is. There are reasons. Discount assault rifles black polymer and stock feels tighter and better than the competition. It gets 4. View the reviews for yourself. This multi-purpose rifle is a perfect Discount assault rifles of aggressive pricing and solid engineering. The low-glare gas block is carbine-length for better balance.

At this price point, this is an absolute bargain in the semi-automatic rifle sector. An elevation adjustable sight up front and a rapid deploy folding rear sight mean you can rely the old iron sights. Most people would want a reflex sight up top these days.

As it is this is our choice. Get one while you still can! Prices have gone up though. If you need one, pay the premium and suck it up. If you need it cheap, buy a build kit. On paper at least. So we have to give them credit as well. Yours will work reliably, it just might take a bit of fettling. We can safely attribute quite a lot of those failures to user error.

A lot of the parts are pure quality too and you can upgrade to a heavy barrel or other mods. They can include Magpul furniture that you might well use again when you finally upgrade.

12 cheap ars for $ – april

The gas blocks are decent. The highlights include a forged T6 Aluminum upper and lower receiver. This is a decent AR for sale for cheap AR money. PSA Owners love their guns and if you order yours now, you probably will too. The company is famous for customer service, too, so they will help if it goes wrong. Check out the kits on PSA right now and buy guns. Diamondback Firearms is another company making a name for itself in the budget sector with aggressive des and keen pricing.

Is it as good as the rest of these affordable ARs? This is a gut feeling then, but you might well be happy with your DB This works for home defense, basic hunting and improving your shooting technique at the range. Update: We know this price is batshit nuts.

A Wylde Chamber is always a good start.

New addition to ar rifles

Inevitably this is a Colt M4 tribute act. The synthetic black stock is a five-position collapsible stock system. You get a threaded muzzle, a properly staked and sealed gas key and a of other premium touches.

We look forward to the rest, because this is a good start. The Omni Hybrid is a stock black, optic ready rifle with polymer receivers. Oh Lord I can just see the comments…. Pretty much everything on this firearm that can be a composite material, is a composite material.

The upper receivers and matched lowers can be bought separately. That gives a final weight of 5. The money, though, is the real headline here. This polymer AR rifle undercuts everything here by a serious margin.

There is a Glock-esque commitment to removing dead weight and maintenance. And a non-Glock-esque commitment to passing on the savings. You get gunporn things here too, if you look. They include a proper Wylde chamber that opens up the possibility of using.

A fully patented inter-lock hammer and trigger pin retainer provide another layer of safety. There is an enhanced trigger guard and a slick charging handle.